Speculative prices for tickets for the 2018 World Cup beat all records

To get tickets for the World Cup 2018 is still real with speculators. But they are more precious than gold.
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Today at the Moscow stadium "Luzhniki" match Russia - Saudi Arabia will be given the start of the World Cup 2018. Not all interested persons managed to buy tickets for mundialya games through the FIFA website. But there is still a chance to be at the stadium. Treasurers actively sell speculators. True, the average mark-up for resellers is 300%. Also interest in the World Cup 2018 is fueled by FIFA partners who arrange tickets.

FIFA Policy

The only legitimate way to get tickets for ordinary fans is to buy them on the FIFA website (tickets.fifa.com). There were several stages of sales. At first, the fans submitted applications for random tickets, then they got into the electronic and live queue. Now there is a third stage, which is called "at the last moment". It will last until July 15, that is until the end of the 2018 World Cup. FIFA at times throws in the remains of perforations, but they are swept away immediately.

Organizers of the World Cup-2018, it seemed, did everything to block off oxygen to speculators. Tickets made nominal, fixed on them fixed prices. Only one sold not more than four. And for resale imposed fines of up to one million rubles.

And, nevertheless, the secondary market exists. According to analysts of Eticket4, the dealers had 5-7% of tickets for the 2018 World Cup (this is over 140 thousand passes).

What speculators offer

In RuNet on request "tickets FM-2018", in addition to the site FIFA, you can find dozens of resources with proposals to purchase penetrations. They are easy to accept for official distributors of the World Cup because of the symbolism, the availability of call-centers and courier services. Some resources call themselves "reseller agencies" FIFA and offer to buy tickets for any match in any quantity. True, at prices significantly higher than official prices.

So, for the opening match, resellers offer to get on the cheapest category tickets for at least 30 thousand rubles, with the price on the FIFA website at 3200 rubles. Tickets of the first category (on the central stands) sell and 110 thousand rubles, while the FIFA released them for 33 thousand rubles. For the second match of Russia against Egypt, the price varies from 35 to 60 thousand rubles.

On the game of the group stage with the participation of Brazil and Costa Rica the cheapest tickets from speculators go from 60 thousand rubles (at 12,600 rubles from FIFA), for the match England - Belgium - from 40 thousand rubles, for the match Germany - Sweden - from 30 thousand rubles .

At the finals of the 2018 World Cup, the prices of resellers start from 157 thousand rubles (at 7040 rubles from FIFA), and in the most simple lodges reach 3.5 million rubles.
Resellers assure that their tickets are original, "redeemed by quota from FIFA." A number of services say that they do not sell tickets directly, but provide the site to individuals, that is, they act as intermediaries between the seller and the buyer, earning only commissions. All you need to do to get a ride is to spend money on an account or sign a contract and give cash to the courier who will deliver the ticket. The latter option, however, is often available only to residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

What do private traders offer?

In social networks and on the ads sites, too, the "black market" is thriving. Offers on the sale of tickets can be found on Avito, in public "VKontakte" and Telegram. However, even here tickets are offered at least three times more than the face value.

For example, one of the users is ready to sell a second category ticket for the Russia vs. Uruguay match for 33 thousand rubles (the official price of the ticket is 9900 rubles). "Third category. One ticket to the final. The issue price is 250 thousand rubles (the FIFA has 27300 rubles). Re-registration of the ticket and the passport of the fan I guarantee ", - it is indicated in the explanation to the other lot.

Speaking of re-registration, sellers use a loophole in the rules of FIFA. The Federation authorizes the sale of tickets purchased by the package and intended for guests. If a person bought a pass for a match for his loved ones, he can re-register a ticket to someone else not later than three days before the game. According to FIFA requirements, it can be relatives or friends. It is difficult to verify this relationship, which is what dealers use.

Still there are social networks in private, where they exchange tickets or sell them at face value. Moderators in such communities are representatives of football communities, which without unnecessary conversations remove speculators. Supervision of one of these publishes are representatives of the association of fans of the capital's "Spartacus".

Can I get Fan ID on a "foreign" ticket?

To get to the stadium, it is not enough to have only a ticket for the match. You still need to get Fan ID - the fan's passport. This is a personal card of the viewer with a photo and other personal information, which will have to be attached to the turnstile to enter the arena. The presence of Fan ID also gives the privilege - free transfer, and for foreigners also visa-free entry to Russia.

Organizers of the World Cup-2018 remind that tickets for World Cup matches are registered. In this connection, the question arises: if you bought a "strange" ticket, how do you "synchronize" it with your Fan ID?

Organizers of the World Cup-2018 remind that tickets for World Cup matches are registered. In this connection, the question arises: if you bought a "strange" ticket, how do you "synchronize" it with your Fan ID?

Brokers assure that the discrepancy between the name on the ticket and the Fan ID is not a problem: when registering a fan's passport, you only need to indicate the number of the ticket purchase order. Fans with experience recall that at the Confederations Cup no one was involved in reconciling data to avoid queues. Most likely, they will not do this now.

However, the owners of "other" tickets are hoping that their ticket was not previously issued another Fan ID. On the other hand, in the course of the World Cup 2018 there will be more sponsorship, not mentioning the name. There are a majority on the above-mentioned sites of resellers.

Donations of sponsors and affiliate programs

FM-2018 has a whole pool of sponsors and partners. The largest of them - Adidas, Coca-cola, Hyundai and Budweiser. There are Russian companies - Gazprom, Alfa-Bank, RZD.

Sponsors offer to win tickets for the matches. So, Hyundai needs to pass the test drive of the new car, then register on the site and score the most balls in the online game.

Otherwise, Bud is looking for luck. The action of the beer company involves the collection of lids from bottles of the same name and registration of codes on the site.

In turn, Alfa-Bank urges to issue a credit card and accumulate points for different purchases. According to clients' calculations, in order to win a ticket to the 2018 World Cup finals, it is necessary to collect 40 thousand points, that is, to spend over 1.3 million rubles.

Finally, coveted tickets for matches can be obtained through sports federations and clubs, including regional ones, which are allocated certain quotas. But for this you need to have good connections. If they are not, you can still try to get a job as a volunteer to get to the stadium for free. However, the application for volunteering had to be submitted two years ago, to be trained, to work in the Confederations Cup. Although on HeadHunter there is still an announcement about the search for volunteers.

What in the end?

With lottery sponsors FIFA need luck. Volunteering is also understandable. As for the secondary ticket market, there is nothing wrong with it. He gives the opportunity to get to the event at the last moment or, on the contrary, to give your ticket if you can not go to the match. However, the purchase on informal sites has serious shortcomings.

First, it is a substantial overpayment. Secondly, there is a risk of a ticket not getting. Thirdly, even if it is available, it is not a fact that you will go to the stadium. The passage may be a forgery or other technical problems may arise.

The author of this material was at two European FIFA championships - in France in 2016, as well as in Poland and Ukraine in 2012. Problems with the purchase of tickets have not arisen even once. The easiest way was to make a deal directly at the stadium - there tickets were often given at par. So, for the match of the England-Russia group stage in Marseille two years ago it was possible to check and buy a ticket for 25 euros (about 2 thousand rubles). Passports fan has not existed yet.

Now FIFA has complicated the rules, and it is more reasonable to buy a sap beforehand. Whether to turn to speculators for this is a private matter for everyone. The FIFA states that tickets purchased through unauthorized channels will be canceled. However, how this is going to be done is a mystery.