State-owned companies strain after luxury

Mini-bars of gold, elite alcohol, Versace scarves — that's only a small part of what the state agencies and state-owned companies spend tens of millions of rubles on amidst the crisis.
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Economists widely believed that in the premium segment of the crisis will not suffer. "News" was convinced of this, and came to a disappointing conclusion that the crisis has not forced the employees of state agencies and state-owned companies to abandon the questionable and often daring costs. Golden bed for MIA (known scandal in 2009) and the like grotesque procurement professionals already quite well hidden - but controversial tender enough. The editors discovered the "anti-crisis measures" with the public procurement website: luxury gifts, alcohol, useless projects, super-expensive car rental, as well as intelligent outsourcing.

Mammoth tusks to "maintain the image" and mini-bars

Souvenirs and gifts - a reliable way to please staff, especially leading. A subsidiary of the largest Russian company "Gazprom" - "Gazprom Transgaz Surgut» in December announced the purchase of "souvenirs and gifts for the members of the Board of Managers", along with the purchase memorabilia for the ordinary staff of the enterprise in the competition won (tents, sets of fishing). according totender documentation, it is about 39 smartphones iPhone 6.

Fall in the eyes of business partners is not permissible for the company: in January 2015, "Gazprom Transgaz Surgut» announced the direction of more than 15 million rubles to "maintain the image," as stated in the terms of reference (TOR). The procurement specifications including 13 luxury portfolio by German company Montblanc ($ 50 thousand. Rubles each), 13 Montblanc pens with platinum or gold plating, inlaid logos and individual serial number (on the 24 th. Rubles). The sculpture (1.2 million rubles) will be purchased within the same program. Brass miniature "Legends of the North - the Khanty 'office remind employees about their native city: the ToR explicitly states that we need" a small copy of the sculpture of the same name, set in Surgut in the alley next to the building Gazovikov LLC "Gazprom Transgaz Surgut». Modified manually composition will include a "platform, sledges, human figures, and the skeleton of the plague." To be more convincing employees of the company will distribute 600 trinkets from deer antlers and top managers would get 10 "thumbnail Ivory MomsNTA ".

The prestigious company like a book, and "maintain the image of" the program includes the purchase of four copies of the book "Heritage of Russia" - in "bound gold embroidery handmade, gift box made of wood with gold embroidery lining handmade" worth 38 thousand rubles each.. It may be noted that a more modest version of the book "Heritage of Russia" is available in the online stores for 8 th. Rubles. Next - 6 books "Hunting" bound in genuine leather rough dressing, "emphasizing the simplicity of life of hunters and representatives of the brutality of the craft" (quote from the TOR), to 23 thousand rubles..

«Gazprom Transgaz Nizhny Novgorod" ordered as gifts to employees as of February 23 175 scarves luxury brand Trussardi and 60 blankets of sheepskin and cashmere. On March 8 presents no less exquisite: 16 luxury pens Montblanc (BP Princesse Grace de Monaco Unlimited) 60 thousand, 60 cubs from Swarovski crystals for 6 thousand each, and 25 mini bars of "pure gold"... On the two holidays it has spent a total of 6.2 million rubles.

The press service of "Gazpromm Transgaz Nizhny Novgorod "and" Gazprom Transgaz Surgut "requests" News "have not responded. In the fall it was reported that "Gazprom" intends to receive funds from the National Wealth Fund to finance the construction of a gas pipeline to China (estimated construction of 770 billion, China's CNPC refused in advance), but the company did not confirm this. In addition, as reported in "Izvestia", "Gazprom" had to revise its investment program for 2015 and to reduce the investment in production assets ( However, the chief financial officer Andrei Kruglov, the company told the news agency Bloomberg, that "Gazprom" has a financial "cushion" of $ 20 billion this month why the leadership of the group there is no need to be distracted by consumer mischief of their daughters:. Indeed, in the information management of "Gazprom" " Izvestia "on the request of the relation to the listed procurement and control needs of their units responded as follows:

- Parent company negotiates larger purchases of subsidiaries.

Haberdashery - young power engineers, vedictator - plaque

No less sophisticated love of souvenirs found in many state-owned companies. For example, operators of power grids - family IDGC companies - it subsidiaries "Rossetti" holding. Thus, by "MRSK North Caucasus", this month has compiled a list of over 900 names gift luxury "for the needs of the executive office of the company." The list can be found bags Cerruti, pens and cufflinks Montblanc, Versace scarves, vases, umbrellas, walking sticks, art albums, phonograph, golden red Quran, interior perfume, a pair of Tula samovars, branded kits "FSO" vodka, "FSB" "The prosecutor's office", as well as Bio Fireplace - all 4.1 million rubles. In September 2014 "MRSK North Caucasus" has already bought souvenirs for 7 million rubles for the needs of the executive office. In February 2014 IDGC IC leadership has already changed due to inefficiency.

In "MRSK North Caucasus", "News" reported that the purchased souvenirs will be "used as part of activities commemorating the 70th anniversary of Thrashdy in the Great Patriotic War. "

"IDGC of the South" in December ordered a souvenir "for the needs of the executive office" of 7.7 million rubles. Among the gifts - luxury Dupont bags with symbols of IDGC (cost from 50 thousand rubles.), Table clock El Casco, writing sets with Swarovski crystals cufflinks and tie clips, gift set of "Happy Life" of 27 coins, "covered with gold 999 th sample ", and other gifts. Probably also for veterans.

Strange looks and order from January 2015 for the supply of souvenirs again "for the needs of the executive office and branch" "IDGC of the South" by 9.5 million rubles. Among the suspected goods - gift baskets with purses Nina Ricci, handles made of brass with gold, silk scarves, gift set "Spanish battle" (stylized chess), a set of "Ilya Muromets" (knife, water bottle, cutlery, wooden glasses), cases of calfskin, and many others.

Press-service of "IDGC of the South" has sent this answer:

- In 2015, souvenirs acquired by JSC "IDGC of the South", will be used as part of, the villageyaschennyh celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. In the area of ​​operations of JSC "IDGC of the South", the city-hero Volgograd city of military glory and Rostov-on-Don. Energy will be actively involved in all activities related to the anniversary of the Victory, in all areas of the company's presence.

None of IDGC was not informed of that energy will give veterans bought - but they will create the proper atmosphere of an important celebration, "using the products within the" Victory Day. Veterans of the company is ready to allocate a plaque.

- Souvenirs is also used for the promotion of employees "IDGC of the South" who showed high professionalism during the elimination of accidents, emergency situations, as well as in addressing critical tasks and to ensure the work of the Council of young specialists, working student construction brigades, - confessed to the "IDGC South ". - "IDGC of the South" for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War is planning the installation of a memorial plaque in honor of Energy, who fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, and a hard workers rear.

- Production souvenir with corporate logo is used in order to maintain the business's image and improve the status of the company and is the custom of business turnover, - bluntly summed up in "IDGC of the South".

As reported by Deputy Energy Minister Vyacheslav Kravchenko, the North Caucasus is on the first place on the payment discipline of negative electricity. In most MRSK SK is regularly confirmed: February 19, press service, for example, has announced that in January the inhabitants of Kabardino-Balkaria, illegally consumed electricity worth a total of 2.74 million rubles. These and other statements about the poor discipline of the population - part of the argument before networkers generating companies: debt structure, "Rosset" run into billions of rubles.

Alcohol or profits

A variety of gifts and other obviously controversial category - alcohol. Purchase of "IMZ" (produces rifles, pistols and so on.), which is part of the concern "Kalashnikov" Here, out of the total number of stands. December 25, 2014 the company placed an order for alcohol RUB 16.8 millions. Companies needed 82 126 bottles of alcohol. In general, the state of the plant is about 7 thousand people -. Almost out of 12 bottles each. In the list of 110 names:. 53 thousand bottles of vodka and elite alcohol - all sorts of balms, brandy, whiskey, liqueurs, brandy, wine in Russia and abroad (full list -

If factory workers are not bought so much alcohol, their chance to make a profit in 2014 would have been quite real. February 13 it was announced that the net loss of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant in 2014 amounted to 22 million rubles (for the 2013th - 192 million rubles). The concern "Kalashnikov" from commenting on alkozakupki refused. The press service of "Rostec" to the question "News" about the reasons for the purchase of IMZ alcohol at 16 million rubles have not responded.

One of the structures of "Transneft" - Khanty-Mansiysk of "workers 'supply management' Sibnefteprovod" purchased in December and January, "wine and liquor products wineproducing" 3.8 million rubles. Almost the same amount of alcohol otovarilsya Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Management of office buildings"the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation (3.5 million rubles). In "Transneft" and the Ministry of Agriculture refused to comment.

State budget scientific and artistic institution of the Krasnodar Territory "The Kuban Cossack Choir" purchased in February of alcohol at 146 thousand. Rubles. The order includes not only the Dagestani cognac and Krasnodar wines, but also of Jameson Irish whiskey, French cognac Hennessy and Remy Martin. At a hundred choir members is obtained, however, a little bit. Institute of radio, radio develops military and civilian purposes, at the end of December 2014 ordered alcohol per 444 thous. Rubles. The order includes a luxury whiskey Glenmorangie 10 Year Old (60 pieces), cognac Henri Mounier VSOP (150 pieces) and 50 bottles of sparkling wine Gancia Prosecco. Institute staff - 120 people.

imperceptibly nanoslovar

During the period of economic instability, government agencies can not in theory afford to idle or useless applications for mobile phones and computers. For example, it did not bring any effect development "student Diary" app for the St. Petersburg State University tehnnologies and Design of 496 thousand. rubles, ordered in December 2014. The application should appear in the app stores for mobile platforms by 31 January, but it did not happen.

A typical situation with a "dictionary system", "Rosnano", also known as "Nanoslovar" - site periodically goes offline and is evident profanation. As the images of the resource from the Web Archive (, since 2011, when it was launched this resource, it is only two new terms added (now 592), and more than 300 terms were still "in the work of the authors ". Last comment on the service dates back to the year 2012. It does not interfere with "Rosnano" spend "Nanoslovar" money only for 2014 th and the beginning of 2015 he spent more than 600 thousand rubles -. And in content to the technical support service. Contractor - known IT-company "Softline".

Anti-crisis performance standards

In February, Russian oil companies - "Lukoil", "Bashneft", "Tatneft", "Surgutneftegas" and "Gazprom oil" - asked the President to reduce NenaOgooue load to improve the economic situation. Among the measures called reduction requirements for the utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG), the establishment of the liquidation of funds, waste management. For example, the company offered to discuss the reduction of fines for excessive gas flaring for 2 years for those companies that have developed plans to reduce the excess of combustion.

According to oil industry, including the management of "Gazprom oil" (Chairman and CEO Alexander Dyukov), the Russian producers have been hit hard by the crisis and sanctions, and the state in the current environment should go towards business. At the same time the top management of "Gazprom oil" is not going to abandon the purchase of services for renting luxury cars. Sum concluded in February contracts for the vehicle maintenance for the top managers of the company "Gazprom Neft Shelf", which is a 100-percent "daughter" of "Gazprom oil" has made 204 million rubles.

Since March of this year to the end of February 2018 of the company leased 23 cars with drivers. Of these, 18 cars will obslALIVE St. Petersburg and Moscow. Among the ordered cars appear Lexus Ls 460, Toyota Camry, Toyota Prado, minivans Volkswagen and other prices of the new Toyota Camry is 1.2 million rubles, Lexus Ls 460 -. About 5.5 million rubles, Volkswagen Caravelle - 1,7 million . it could be around 31-32 million rubles Buy fleet on the terms of reference. Chauffeur Service is usually no more than 80-100 thousand. rubles per month, including gasoline, and 3, the company would have spent on the drivers about 84 million rubles. As a result, the purchase of cars and hiring drivers would have cost us at 120-130 million rubles. This is significantly less than that "Gazprom Neft Shelf" paid for the lease. All purchases winner listed company UAB "Arctic Building Services". According to the register, the founder of the company was listed Cyprus offshore Greenberg Enterprises, according to recent data from the Federal State Statistics Service Base "Spark" - are co-owners of JSC JSC "Gazprom" and LLC "Gazprom Neft Shelf".

How to prepare anti-crisis government plan

How do I find "News", in the development of anti-crisis government plan, which was presented at the end of January 2015, took a certain parts scholars, who received for his work 380 thousand. rubles. According to the public procurement website, the Ministry of Energy to outsource research "on counteracting the negative challenges of the national economy, including fuel and energy complex of Russia analytics and forecasts of development of Russia in the conditions of sanctions." The report should include information on the pricing of energy resources, competition in the oil market, the development of innovative technologies in production, etc. This tender for 8.5 million rubles December 15, 2014 won the Analytical Center of the Russian Government.

Next December 16 the center has placed three orders for the implementation of research projects - three sub-contract "Development of proposals for the further development of the fuel and energy complex of Russia in connection with the new geopolitical conditions", "Evaluation of Russian macroeconomic development in the context of foreign economic sanctions" and "Analysis the global macroeconomic situation and forecast of its development in the long term. " The first tender price of 6 million rubles received Energy Research Institute of RAS. With respect toI second and third purchases (in the amount of 231 thousand. and 150 thousand. rubles, respectively), in each of the "winner" of documents on their outcome in the graph appears a kind of "natural person".

A source in the Energy Ministry said that the work on the development of fuel and energy used in the development of the final plan of the government anti-crisis measures - in terms of forecasting oil prices, energy development, economic development in Russia in cooperation with the energy sector.

On the question of "Izvestia" about names, regalia and achievements of anonymous scientists won the tender, the press service of the State Organization "Research Center of the Russian Government" did not respond, limiting words that under Art. 7 of the law on personal data center can not name the names of experts. The procurement procedure is guided by the center's own regulations. This is not the first requirements of the analytical center cast "anonymous scholar." In 2014, it was given at least 11 tenders worth a total of 20 million rubles, the only provider whose data can not be opened.