"Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" did not cease to be unprofitable

But losses in 2017 decreased tens of times compared to 2016 due to the almost record-breaking supply of SSJ100.
The Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCU) reported that in 2017 it produced 34 SSJ100 aircraft and 30 delivered to the airlines. The deliveries of the SSJ100, the first Russian civilian aircraft, began in 2011. The GSS's performance was better only in 2014, when the company produced 37 aircraft and delivered 31.

In 2017, before the GSS, it was for the first time in history to break even, three people who were close to the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the state holding uniting Russian aircraft construction, including the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, told us. This was not achieved, two people close to UAC, and the top manager of the leasing company working with the GSS, state.

"Losses were very seriously reduced: with a revenue of 56 billion rubles. the loss will be about 1 billion rubles. The plan to break even in 2017 was three years ago, but this is not an easy task, "said a man close to the UAC. In a record for the production and supply of aircraft in 2014, the loss of the GSS was 8.6 billion rubles.

GSS has come to the brink of break-even, the interlocutor in the leasing company says. "The production of aircraft is working more or less normally, although the new management of the GSS and conducts serious work with suppliers at prices, it is possible to establish a dialogue with the French Safran, which produces engines for the SSJ100, - before deliveries of engines were not coordinated with the production of ships, but they were superfluous ", - the interlocutor of" Vedomosti "remembers. The main thing, he rejoices, the non-production expenses that are being formed in the Italian "daughter" of Superjet International (engaged in customization and deliveries of SSJ100 for export) are starting to decline, unnecessary people are being reduced.

In the autumn of 2017, the then general director of the leasing company Ilyushin Finance (also part of the UAC) Alexander Rubtsov was appointed president of the SCA. This was the third change in the president of the GSS since 2016.

"Now the GSS is going out on decent selling prices. "Superjets Aeroflot under the first contract were delivered below the cost price. A good demand for planes, though with the help of the state budget, is formed by the State Transport Leasing Company, "explains another person close to the UAC.

The GSS representative does not comment on the financial results for 2017.

As of the beginning of December, according to the GSS, a total of 135 SSJ100s were produced - in the light of prototypes, vessels on storage and forthcoming for delivery in operation, 107 airlines were in service. The largest operators are Aeroflot (33), Mexican Interjet (22), Gazprom Avia (10), Iraaro (9), Yamal (8), Irish Cityjet (6).

"The break-even GSS can come out in the future three years: the company only this year need to invest 5-7 billion rubles. in the system of after-sales service of ships. We also need to invest in the development of new SSJ100 modifications necessary for the market, "says a person close to the UAC.

In 2017, the first flight of the SSJ100 with wing tips was completed, which will increase the fuel efficiency of the aircraft by 3%, according to the GSS release, additional fuel tanks are certified that will allow the business version of the aircraft to be delivered with a range of 7000 km. Certified and modification of the aircraft В100 with increased engine thrust, allowing to take off from short runways and high-altitude airfields, the company writes.

In 2018, the GSS plans to produce 25 aircraft and put 28 - taking into account the rolling cars, and if it is possible to solve the issue of providing engines, it can be launched for several more vessels, says a person close to the UAC.

For regular work with a profit to produce 30 or even 40 aircraft a year is not enough, the new management of the GSS will have to seriously work on reducing the cost price and new commercial orders, said another person close to the UAC.

The largest manufacturers of regional aircraft in the world - Brazilian Embraer and Canadian Bombardier - in 2016 (there were no data for the last year) delivered 108 and 86 airliners, respectively. In addition, they produced 117 and 163 business jets, respectively.

"The success of the [development SSJ100] program, including export deliveries, depends on solving technical problems, the aircraft must fly rather than stand on the ground. In particular, it is necessary to avoid the repetition of last year's history, when part of the park did not fly because of fatigue cracks. SSJ100 is no longer a child's age, but childhood illnesses persist, "says Fyodor Borisov, a leading researcher at the Institute of Transport Economics. And of course, the Achilles' heel of the SSJ100 remains after-sales service, complains the expert.

First of all, due to the shortage or long-term supply of spare parts, the average SSJ100 flight in 2016 (more recent data yet) from Russian airlines remained extremely low - 3-3.7 hours per day: foreign-made planes fly an average of 9 hours in day.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft JSC

Manufacturer of regional passenger aircraft SSJ100. Shareholder PJSC "Company Sukhoi" (a member of the state United Aircraft Corporation) 100%. Financial indicators (IFRS, 2016): revenue of 48.7 billion rubles, a net loss of 29.7 billion rubles.