Superjet flew into the budget

Mikhail Pogosyan is released from his position of the President of United Aircraft Corporation. 
Yesterday the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov confirmed premature resignation of the president of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Mikhail Pogosyan. This post will be appointed the current deputy lord Manturova Yuri Slusar. The reason for the personnel decisions were both shortcomings, opened on the results of inspections Corporation Prosecutor General's Office, and the problem with the main commercial project OAK - SSJ-100 aircraft. Sources "Kommersant" claim that the real cost of its development and constant refinement actually hiding, and the budget underestimated the cost of the project.

About the upcoming change in leadership KLA Mr. Manturov said, answering the question "b" at a briefing. According to him, it was decided to enter into separate corporations as General Designer. It should take and Mikhail Pogosyan, president of KLA and becomes the current Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Yuri Slusar. According to "Kommersant", the government's directive on his candidacy has been signed yet December 30, 2014 Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. And 16 January KLA board should advance Terminatedtit presidential powers to Mr. Poghosyan Corporation (although the term of his five-year contract expires in February 2016).

According to a government source, "Kommersant", the first time the issue of changing the head of the KLA was raised a year ago, after the joint board of the Prosecutor General, Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which discussed the results of the prosecutor's check the aircraft industry (see. "Kommersant" on 30 January 2014 ). Then the representatives of the supervisory authority reported that, in spite of the "unprecedented measures of state support" in the amount of 70.5 billion rubles, the financial condition of enterprises aviation industry did not improve:. Total debt of the corporation exceeded 260 billion rubles. (November 2013), the authorized capital of the KLA because of the impairment of assets of subsidiaries decreased by 30.7 billion rubles.

Prosecutors also called attention to the fact that regularly collected from subsidiaries dividends housed KLA for income on deposits, while the aircraft building enterprises themselves were forced to take more and more commercial loans. Interlocutor "b" uterzhdaet that if the head of the KLA has been given time to correct the deficiencies, but that did not happen.

Positions Mikhail Pogosyan significantly weakened and "skewed towards the KLA military orders", according to sources, "b" in the industry and the Ministry of Industry. Against the background of regularly supplied the Russian Air Force Su-34 bombers, Su-30cm and Su-30M2, combat-capable trainer aircraft Yak-130, a line advanced civil aircraft KLA limited to medium-range airliner MS-21 (still being developed) and the short-haul SSJ-100.

That situation became SSJ "at a drop" for making personnel decisions, saying the sides "b", and at one point had the impression that the government and the presidential administration deliberately misled about the project. They argue that almost from the very beginning it was clear that the stated payback SSJ too far from reality, and the real cost of research and development and revision of aircraft (including the budget) are underestimated or deliberately understated. Commercial results of the project is confirmed that the sale of the aircraft are not worth aprime cost of its production. On the Rights of the launch customer "Aeroflot" I have received a significant discount: in 2013, the airline reported that the price of the aircraft was approximately $ 18.6 million at the stated value of the catalog 2012. $ 35.4 million of other airlines planes also supplied at prices below production costs.. "Kommersant" source in one of the aircraft building enterprises said that SSJ program could only be recouped in sales of hundreds of airplanes, and then under the condition that the income from each pawned at least $ 2-3 million.

Despite the loud statement that the SSJ production during the years of their release has increased ten-fold, the real figures are much less optimistic, the interlocutors "b" mark: the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (GSS) has not yet reached the promised pace 60 aircraft per year (in 2014 there were only 37 made).

At the same time the real performance of the SSJ hardly justify the price offered by the manufacturer (even reduced), and among its operators were companies with financial uncertainty, he saysone of the "Kommersant" sources. So, customers SSJ were now ceased its activities "Muscovy", "Armavia" of Malev Hungarian, Indonesian Kartika and Sky Aviation, Lao Central. Six aircraft finally refused "UTair" bankruptcy which now requires a number of lenders. According to senior vice president of development and after-sales support GSS Nedosekina Andrew, just as of mid-December last year, only 36 were operated aircraft (13 of them in the "Aeroflot"). was $ 1.6 billion, and $ 68.3 million of short-term volume of long-term loans GSS - - $ 1 billion In the first half of 2014 total net loss amounted to $ GSS 144.1 million, the loss from operating activities..

Now, to understand the situation and correct it would have Yuri Slyusarev. Sources "Kommersant" in the industry point out that a lot of time to adapt to the new head of the corporation is not required (Mr. Slusar supervised aviation industry is in the Ministry of Industry). The fate of Mr. Poghosyan, despite the fact that it is for the left post designer general corporations have not yet fully resolved. According to "Kommersant"Denis Manturov when discussing the personnel issue in the government proposes to immediately deprive the current head of the KLA in general all positions, but this option is not passed: Mikhail Pogosyan is still to pass the case successor and try to at least partially to complete the ongoing projects. However, none of the officials interviewed yesterday did not assert that Mr. Manturov after some time will not come back to this idea again.

What is known, Mikhail Pogosyan

Private bussiness

Mikhail Pogosyan was born in Moscow on April 18, 1956. In 1979 he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute aircraft. After his studies he worked at the Moscow Machine-Building Plant named after Sukhoi (then - JSC "Sukhoi"), has gone from design engineer to the First Deputy General Designer. In 1995-1999 he served as chairman of EDB Board of Directors, then to 2007 - the general director. At the same time in March 1998, he became CEO of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Aviation military-industrial complex" Dry "," in September 2003 - the general director created on its basis of JSC"Aviation Holding Company" Sukhoi "." Also in 2007, he was appointed first vice president of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). In 2009-2011 - the general director and general designer of MiG. On February 28, 2011 - President and Chairman of the Board of the KLA, a member of the board of directors of the corporation. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation and the Government Prize. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his contribution to the creation of the Su-33.

The famous Yuri Slusar

Private bussiness

Slusar Yuri born on July 20, 1974 in Rostov-on-Don. He graduated from the law faculty of Moscow State University (1996). In 1996-1999 - the general director of OOO "Company UBS '(trade), in 1999-2003 - the head of OOO" Monolit AVK "(trade of technical information carriers). He was the founder and principal owner of a recording studio "Monolith", led by the National Federation of the board of directors of producers of phonograms. In 2003-2008 - Commercial Director of JSC "Rostvertol" (Rostov-on-Don), led by his father - Boris Slyusarev. In 2005-2007 - gAv Committee of the "OPK" Oboronprom helicopter programs. "" In 2009-2010 - Assistant to the Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Khristenko. In 2010-2012 he headed the Department of Industry and Trade of the aviation industry. Since May 5, 2012 - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. Ph.D., thesis - "The cybernetic approach to the organization of management in enterprise systems."

Who and what claims are shown KLA

case history

April 1, 2011, President Dmitry Medvedev demanded to renew the fleet of civilian aircraft, which should be "really compete" with foreign samples. According to him, the aircraft manufacturers have to "work hard and do not require money."

July 12, 2011 Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, in response to Dmitry Medvedev for the delay in the conclusion of contracts within the framework of the state defense order, called the main problem of pricing, and the KLA - one of the problematic suppliers. "We, unfortunately, can not accept the figures that we represent industry"- He said.

September 26, 2012 Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich on the results of the meeting of the civil aviation industry to make a complaint to the quality of domestic aircraft. "Carriers say they need refinement, and, possibly, the development of improved models," - he complained.

November 23, 2012 the new head of the Ministry of Defence Sergei Shoigu also criticized the pricing in the aviation industry. He noted that aircraft prices rose more than twice.

March 28, 2013 Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said that some state corporations became "in Vorovaiki": "Upload UAC huge public investment, hundreds of billions of rubles, anyone can respond to society - and where aircraft Where is the money.?"

January 29, 2014 Prosecutor General briefed the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Industry and the scan results DIC, the results of which UAC and USC's 48 criminal cases related to theft and intentional bankruptcy. It was noted that, in spite of the "unprecedented" government support, the KLA total debt exceeded 260 billion rubles.

3 FebruaryTo 2014, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) to make a complaint to the quality of the KLA aircraft. In particular, the IAC has threatened the suspension of the certificate of the Tu-204 "in connection with the autopsy defective power regulator design." It was also noted "a significant increase in the number of aviation incidents" with the Sukhoi Super Jet 100.

How to come from the government led by state-owned companies


May 30, 2001 Chairman of the Board of OAO "Gazprom" Alexey Miller became, in July 2000 held the post of Deputy Minister of Energy.

October 24, 2003, First Deputy Minister of Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, moved to the position of First Vice-President of JSC Russian Railways. On June 14, 2005 - the President of the Russian Railways.

October 4, 2004 ex-minister of transport (1998-2004), Sergei Frank, who worked then assistant to Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov, became CEO of "Sovcomflot".

November 28, 2007 German Gref, in September the same year left the post of Minister of Economic Development and Trade, became president, the chairman of the Board of Sberbank.

December 12, 2007ode Sergei Kiriyenko was appointed general director of the state corporation "Rosatom". Prior to his appointment, he led the federal agency of the same name.

June 2, 2006, former First Deputy Minister of Communication and Information (2002-2004) Aleksandr Kiselev, then worked as an assistant minister, was appointed general director of "Svyazinvest". In 2009-2013, he headed the "Mail of Russia".

April 10, 2009 the general director of "Aeroflot" Vitaly Saveliev was appointed, in 2004-2007 worked as Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade.

May 23, 2012, Igor Sechin, who served since May 2008 as vice-premier, moved to the position of President, Chairman of the Board of "Rosneft".

December 26, 2012, Yuri Isaev in 2002-2004, who was the deputy minister of economic development and trade, became CEO of the State Corporation "Deposit Insurance Agency".

June 5, 2014 Deputy Head of the Industry and Trade Ministry Alexei Rakhmanov (since 2012) was appointed President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation.