Svyaznoy turned out to have new ties

The assets of the group can be acquired by Musa Bazhaev's structures. 
Maxim marigolds found an alternative scheme for the restructuring of its business to pay its debts. Alternatively, the largest lender in the face of ONEXIM contender for the retailer, "The Messenger" and Enter your company can become Musa Bazhaev and its structure. In exchange for an option on the assets they are asked to solve the financial problems of the bank is now Coherent. Implementation of the scheme has already begun, but is opposed to Onexim and easy way out of the conflict there.

About how way the owner of GC "The Messenger" Maxim marigolds trying to resolve the situation with the loss of a significant part of its assets in favor of Onexim as payment for the debts of the Civil Code in front of him, "Y" told several sources familiar with the situation. According to them, did not sign the document on the transfer of a consortium Onexim and NPF "Welfare" mobile retailer "The Messenger" and Enter company Mr. Marigold is negotiating a similar deal with the same asset with the co-owner Finprombanka Anatoly Goncharov and related businessman - old friend and partner, the owner of the group "Alliance" Musa Bazhaev. "Andwithout success, "- said one of the sources of" Kommersant "According to him, it is in negotiations about a possible option for 90% Trellas Enterprises Limited (owns." The Messenger "and Enter) in favor of Messrs Bazhaev and Goncharova." While the final agreement is not reached, but that negotiations have dynamics indicates the fact of the Maxim Nogotkova funding from these entities and related structures for the bank in the amount of 600 million rubles - b "," another source says. "

According to "Kommersant", this funding is issued in the form of a subordinated loan Svyaznoy Bank.

The fact of receiving subordinated loan "Kommersant" confirmed predpravleniya Bank liaison Eugene Davidovich. "It's about a six-year loan in the amount of € 11 million under 6.5% per annum, - said on.- On Central Bank agreed a deal last week Thus, the overall adequacy of the bank's capital will rise above 11% (from the current 10.69% 1. November at the Central Bank required minimum of 10% .- "b"). " According to estimates Mr. Davidovich, have received subordinated loans to banks will be enough for a few months for regulatory complianceCentral Bank's capital adequacy. Discuss who made the creditor, as well as the structure of the transaction and its possible consequences, he refused, saying only that in the scheme of bank ownership has been no change and the principal owner is still Maxim marigolds, and addressed to "Y" for an explanation for it. Mr. Marigold confirmed that liaison bank has a new investor in the person of co-owner Finprombanka Anatoly Goncharov. According to him, Mr Goncharov sign it, because in the summer led the discussion on the synergy of its asset and Enter Wikimart. Further comment, including with regard to negotiations with Moussa Bazhaev, Mr. Marigold refused.

However, the sources of "Kommersant" insist: namely Mr. Bazhaev is a party to the ongoing negotiations. Link masters Goncharova and Bazhaev indirectly traced even from official information. Earlier, Mr. Bazhaev was one of the co-owners Finprombanka and the number of its board of directors. According to the bank disclosed earlier suschfaktam, January 9, 2013 CJSC "IC" Alliance Capital "," group company "Alliance & quot; Musa Bazhaev, sold a 18.2% stake in the company "Sibtrans", which is a beneficiary of Anatoly Goncharov. At the moment, according to information on the bank's website, Mr Goncharov owns 1.5% of shares directly and another 18.4% - through LLC "Sibtrans". In the same year, Mr. Bazhaev left the bank's board of directors.

The loan of 600 million rubles - a part discusses Maxim Nogotkova financial arrangements. According to "Kommersant" also discusses the recapitalization of the bank and from the same sources for a few months in the amount of more than 3 billion rubles. The money for this, as well as to pay off creditors GC "The Messenger" if mobile retailer and Enter, burdened with large debt load before ONEKSIM and a number of banks (Sberbank, Promsvyazbank, ICD), still depart him, Herr Bazhaev there . In the fall he sold the NK "Alliance" (a company engaged in the extraction and refining), the president of the Independent Oil Company Eduard Khudainatov. Market participants estimate the deal at about $ 3 billion.

In controlled by Mr. Bazhaev "Alliance" group to officiallysituation is not comment. However, the sources of "b" in the "Alliance" confirms that interest in the assets of a number of Maxim Nogotkova he has. "The bank does not interest him, but investment in retail can be justified," - said one of the interlocutors "b". In this situation, the bank's financial support on account of the possible options for a retailer's understandable, "b" indicate the sides. It is in the interests of Mr. Nogotkova, who did everything to retain the bank. According to one version, it was the cause of the conflict between master and Nogotkova ONEKSIM. Banking structure called the last among the bidders for the bank sanitation Messenger.

What is happening clearly disadvantageous ONEKSIM, an agreement to which the transfer of the retailer's "The Messenger" and Enter to pay for the debts of Mr. Marigold has not yet been fulfilled, although, according to "Kommersant" has already expired. As reported by "Kommersant" on November 13, it was the structure of Onexim, which is the largest creditor of the Civil Code, "The Messenger," expected to receive assets. And for that reason to be in November, it became known that on this loan of about $ 100million company defaulted (see. "Kommersant" on November 10), the result of which began and has not made arrangements to transfer the same 90% Trellas Enterprises Limited.

Given that part of the Trellas Enterprises Limited incorporated on loans structures Onexim, it very likely will fight for their rights as a mortgagee, because to get control over the assets is much more effective than stand "Kommersant" sources point to the creditors queue. Contact the head of Onexim Dmitry Razumov and the head of the NPF "Welfare" Yuri Novozhilov failed. However, it is unlikely they were not aware of Mr Nogotkova negotiations with potential new investors. In any case, co-owner and member of the board of directors controlled ONEKSIM Bank "Renaissance Credit" Evgeny Yurchenko - in his own words, "an old friend" owners Finprombanka - knows about it directly from Anatoly Goncharov.

Sources familiar with the situation indicated that the discussion of the parties can go to a more aggressive and even mainstream public at the end of this week. At the same time, according to "Kommersant", with artRhone Onexim not excluded claims for foreclosure of collateral in the form of shares Trellas. In this situation, a new contender on the main prospects for Mr. Nogotkova asset possible deal with whom he opposes a deal with ONEKSIM, obvious. However, the most Trellas transfer of shares to a new recipient of the pledge does not preclude, says partner "Yakovlev and Partners" Igor Dubov, until these shares are not foreclosed.

In addition, the situation is complicated by the fact that Mr Nogotkova structures should not only ONEKSIM. Transfer to anyone 90% Trellas Enterprises Limited means that the recipient of the controlled structure of assets and liabilities will be transferred to other creditors. For such a transfer need their consent to the transaction. According to unofficial data, the debt to Sberbank, Promsvyazbank and ICD exceed 20 billion rubles. In the Savings Bank and MKB declined to comment. According to sources, "b", a number of lenders are aware of the new deal and do not mind. The PSB said that while the proposal received only one potential buyer - the alliance NPF "Welfare" andNEKSIMa.