Tatarstan is Russia's torture warehouse

After the last year's shocking story of the Tatarstan police officers raping a 52-year-old man with a bottle, thus causing his death, new cases of tortures in the republic have been found. 
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At this time the abuse suffered arrested on charges of arson of churches.

"The actions of the police officers seen signs of an offense under Part. 3 tbsp. 286 of the Criminal Code - abuse of power with violence, "- said senior assistant prosecutor of the republic Elvira Zaripov.

Earlier it was reported that the lawyers and Airat Zaripov Rafael Galeeva brought to the intensive care unit of the police, can not meet with clients without the permission of the central district hospital in Nizhnekamsk.

It all started with the fact that on 12 December MUP Federal Security Service of the Republic of Tatarstan group of residents of Chistopol was arrested, suspected of setting fire to at least two Orthodox churches in the country.

"The detainees - young people aged 22 to 35 years, professing radical Islam. According to them, the idea of ​​setting fire to the churches they came back in September 2013, the year, and a decision on its final incarnation was made in mid-November, "- said on its website the Ministry of Interior in Tatarstan.

The next day, 13 December,in the intensive care unit of Nizhnekamsk central district hospital was the second arrested on criminal charges of arson of churches - Airat Galeev. Islamist was hospitalized from the temporary detention of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Nizhnekamsk and underwent surgery, but doctors do not inform the lawyer about the diagnosis.

The hospital is also a second suspect Rafael Zaripov, who told his lawyer Ramil Galimov of torture and electric shock TN "Swallow" (the position at the feet of the binding and tightening the legs to the arms) by the operational staff. Doctors have recorded in Galimov signs of bone fracture spinalis 11th vertebra and break the walls of the bladder.

Note that from the torture of "Swallow" in September this year, again in Tatarstan killed 43-year-old deputy director of the Kazan Railway College Pavel Drozdov, unable to withstand abuse.

Islamist lawyers appealed to human rights organizations and the public prosecutor's office that conducted the test. As a result, it was found out that the Tatar police still use illegals methods. The data is now transferred to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for criminal prosecution for abuse of power with violence. "Inquisitors" faces up to ten years imprisonment.

Human Rights Commissioner Vladimir Lukin, indicates a high degree of racism and xenophobia in society. According to official figures, there are about 150 "extremist groups" with over 5000 members in Russia.

Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights every year coming from 200 to 250 complaints, which involve questions relating to violations of religious freedom, as a rule, to groups of believers who represent different denominations: Orthodox (not belonging to the Moscow Patriarchate), Old Believers, Muslims, Protestants and others . And when people are radicalized, becoming extremists scared. But when the police, which should be on guard of law and the Russian Constitution, use torture to get even worse.

In Tatarstan for 2013 7 burned churches and those who have participated in acts of vandalism and virtually live "inciting" religious hatred Doljus to be punished, but the police lynching least worst and, unfortunately, crime is widely practiced in Russia, which should be strictly prevented, of course, if we live in a legal state.