Tatler as a mirror of life of the Putin's elite

Reading about the life of Russian officials' children is more useful than studying their income declaratons.
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In the last week in state propaganda, new potential victims: the glamorous world in general and the Tatler magazine in particular. Pro-Kremlin bloggers have suddenly picked up the cry of indignant public on the Internet in a completely non-political (seemingly) topic. A certain Baibakova Maria, the daughter of the head of "ONEXIM-development" Oleg Baibakova, wrote in a glossy magazine column on the theme of relations with a servant in the "real homes of the rich", entitled "The servants have to fire quickly and in front of witnesses."

From the column, in particular, it indicated that the same table only son of a tutor can be started with them from the servants, but not the daughter of the governess, the order in the house and organic quinoa in the refrigerator should keep a special butler, and so on. The public was virtually solidarity that Baibakova instead claims to aristocracy turned tasteless vulgarity. It would remain small household joke if the Kremlin propaganda is not caught in the discussion of bloggers. First, the former press secretary of "Nashi" Kristina Potupchik demanded sue Tatler case under article 282 for "inciting social discord", and on Friday already and "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published a rather clumsy libel against the "golden youth", which is hard enough love Russia.

In fact, if you read of Tatler, armed with exclusively social discord, cause for anger there you can find plenty: this magazine - generally only about the life of the rich and sometimes famous (most of the characters of the Russian version - it is usually someone's children or wife, known to a wide range of only by the society pages). However, if you get a grasp of it as a new encyclopedia of life of the Russian elite, you can find a lot of interesting. And it turns out that all the same on the basis of Tatler reading more questions we have a not to him but to the Kremlin and to Putin's elite.

For example, a lot of Tatler and lovingly writes about the get-together of children zero elite (same Baibakova one of them), who grew up in the West, working, of course, gallery owners and developers, but practically speaking in Russian. It would seem, and here Putin's elite may be, it is solely for the oligarchs children?

From the text on all tth same Baibakova, we know touching details about her "childhood friend" Ekaterina Vinokurova (full namesake of the author of this text, as it happens - Ed.), daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. "Masha sucked in artistic matters and his childhood friend Kate Vinokurov, the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. Now Kate is in the interests of Moscow, the London gallery Haunch of Venison. Girls helped his friend, Volker Dilyu open in Moscow gallery Diehl + Gallery One. The girls have experience working together - at school, they were engaged in charity work in America, "- so he speaks with the naive simplicity of Tatler about everyday life of the daughter of a large official, which, as we well know from other secular publications, almost all my life spent on the decadent West and says in Russian with an accent. The rest of the characters in this party, "Do not try to pretend that the native Russian language", - children Forbes list of participants, usually the owners of the commodity business, directly included in the very elite of Putin, that our national leader so good mindt around to consolidate itself.

Another important material of this magazine locking lifestyles of high officials - is an interview with the ex-wife of Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov. From this interview we learned that the daughter Peskov went to school not in the blessed Moscow, and in France, where parents could afford to take her to a permanent apartment in Paris, as well as the fact that the former Madame Peskov now lives in Paris, in a large apartment in a luxury area, and in what does not deny.

The main interest are the heroes of the scale smaller. For example, here's Ksenia Skvortsova, the daughter of the Deputy Director General of the state corporation "Rostec" Sergey Skvortsov, which "do not miss a single ball Tatler ...». "Plans for a living? The following year, Xenia flying gait proceed either to the magistracy of faculty of law of native high school, or in the Paris Institute of Sciences Po, forge the global political elite. " Actually, after reading the material pile row Tatler realize that MSU is probably now go solid Lomonosovs from the village.

Interesting and Publications section of the "baby of the Month" or & LAQuo; It-boy of the month. " That daughter of St. Petersburg senator, a prominent United Russia Vadim Tyulpanov, Milan, recognizes that St. Petersburg can be seen in the light of the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theaters where it is, "go into the royal box" and that nothing like Christian Louboutin shoes there. This declaration of the Pope-income senator tells us about his annual income a little less than two and a half million rubles. For the king lies and media buying "lubutenov" it is not enough.

Ordinary workers, angry (by hypothesis state propaganda) in the capital's "kreaklov" in mink coats and foreign enemies of Russia, will, I think, it is useful to enjoy the pictures of the simple everyday life of Roman Rotenberg, son of Boris Rotenberg. Last Tatler recommends as "the honored coach of the USSR and a personal friend of Vladimir Putin." 29-year-old top manager of "Gazprom" is also studied in the West and in an interview with fashion magazine acknowledged that it was difficult to adapt to Moscow (the interview, unfortunately, so teeming with Rolex brand name and the names of expensive restaurants that even nothing special quote).

Another wonderful character & ndash; the son of the vice-president of "Lukoil" Fedun Anton, the owner of a five star hotel in London, setuyuschy that the CIS is easier to promote global, not unique brands. Western education: the United States, Australia, England, perfect English and - oh God - he even traveled to London in a taxi, not a limousine, a journalist enjoys Tatler.

At this point one might slip into a primitive Kremlin pamphlet "Putin call for the elite to the nail, and then unbelted" or more primitive 'of Tatler incites hatred and should be closed. " However, one and the other is meaningless. Closing this edition will at all harmful, so let's start with the second. It so happened that it was of Tatler, even at their level and with their misplaced enthusiasm, it seems, was the last Russian media, from which we can at least sometimes to learn the latest news about the real life of late Putin elite. Yes, life is somewhat strange for people just screaming about the corrupting influence of the West and the "Orange Revolution", but extremely entertaining. Publications Tatler tell us much more about the income declarationsah officials.

Secondly, if the state propaganda will continue to campaign against "rootless cosmopolitans", it will inevitably have to eventually fall not only on the ill-fated Baibakov, but also children of heads of state corporations and government agencies. And the parents of these children have not gone away yet. For this it will be entertaining to watch, because the parents will be extremely difficult to maintain in the face of an enthusiastic expression of loyalty, when the main media of the country call them children of national traitors.

Third, the most interesting result of fifteen years of Vladimir Putin - he is in the same magazine Tatler. Dead end. The "golden youth" of this magazine with Russian interests are not linked to virtually nothing, even though their parents and are obliged to Vladimir Vladimirovich literally everyone. The president chose a bad environment? Or what is it?

On the reasons for the Kremlin wants to take control of the last uncontrolled media, including gloss, has recently written a lot. There are also economic reasons related to the redistribution of the advertising market, behind which, as is commonly believed, is Mikhail Lesin, and interests"Gazprom-Media", and political reasons, in respect of which turned out to need a law to limit the share of foreign capital in the Russian media.

Finally, the gloss is becoming a major threat to the Kremlin in connection with the fact that one day he might fall into the hands of the already mentioned work. What if at the checkpoint "Uralvagonzavod" decomposed binder "of Tatler"? If that happens, the people of the Russian provinces, which Kremlin propaganda glorified in recent years, may start to ask questions, the answers to which in itself there is no propaganda.