Technopromexport needs turbines for Taman

The structure of the corporation Sergei Chemezov - "Technopromexport" - after the delivery of the "prohibited" turbines to Siemens, Siemens will announce a tender for the purchase of similar products for TPPs in the Krasnodar Territory. The seller will probably again be Siemens.
The Technopromexport LLC, a subsidiary of Rostek, announced a tender for the delivery of the first non-localized batch of gas and steam turbines for the construction of a TPP in Taman for 9 billion rubles. At the same time, there is a risk that the foreign equipment supplier will face the prospect of getting under sanctions. TPE Ltd. builds and TPP in the Crimea, where the turbines of Siemens were shipped, which caused a loud scandal. The second tender for the supply of 160 MW of Russian-made equipment will be announced by the company in the next few months.

OOO VO Tekhnopromexport (OOO TPE, part of Rostek) has placed the first tender for the supply of equipment for TPP Udarnaya in Taman: the company is looking for a contractor to supply two combined-cycle plants with a capacity of 177 MW (the capacity of the gas turbine unit is not less than 148 MW). The cost of the contract is 9.1 billion rubles, the delivery time is up to 16 months, the results of the competition will be announced on August 30. The contract will also include the supply of spare parts, installation supervision and commissioning.

In 2016, another Rostekh structure, OAO VO Tekhnopromexport (OAO TPE), announced its intention to participate in the first selection for the construction of the Taman TPP, but as a result no applications were received. Prior to the selection, OAO TPE purchased four gas turbines from German Siemens for the project. This purchase later provoked a loud international scandal: OAO TPE, undertaking a contract with the supplier not to supply equipment to the sub-Crimea, resold the TPE LLC turbines, not limited to such obligations. Now these turbines LLC is installing on Balaklava and Tavricheskaya TPPs (940 MW) under construction in Crimea.

OOO TPE won the right to build a TPP in Taman in late March. The station should be built by April 1, 2021. Participation in the selection was fraught with risks: the supply of electricity from the station will also go to the sub-Crimea (although not through direct contracts, but "implicated" in the total volume purchased at the wholesale energy market). According to the Ministry of Energy, in 2021 the total power flow from the mainland to the Crimea will be about 580 MW, in 2022 - 600 MW, and in 2023 - 630 MW. However, TPEs are already under EU and US sanctions.

According to the draft agreement, placed in the tender documentation, sanctions, restrictions on supplies from the UN, the EU, the US can not become a force majeure for the supplier.

If he terminates the contract, he will be forced to pay OOO TPE 25% of the penalty. At the same time, equipment already delivered at the time of the termination of obligations will be considered the property of OOO TPE.

Now TPE LLC purchases only a part of the non-localized equipment in Russia in the amount of up to 305 MW - the localization division was one of the initial conditions of the tender for determining the contractor. So, even for 160 MW, delivery of the Russian waste-heat boiler, steam and gas turbines, gas piston engine and generator is mandatory. TPE Kommersant has been informed that the tender is open and anyone can take part in it. "Preliminary interest in the supply of power equipment in Taman is large, including from foreign manufacturers," the company said, adding that the competition for the second part of the turbines is scheduled to be announced in the coming months. The main bidder for the second tender is also the United Engine-Building Corporation (UDK), which is part of Rostek. The UDK told Kommersant that they intend to participate in the second tender: two deliveries are planned - first two, and then four more gas turbine units of 25 MW each.