Texas authorities accused Gazprom of the campaign against shale gas in the US

Head of the oil and gas governing body of Texas David Porter asked the US Secretary of State John Kerry to take action against Gazprom, which, according to the official, conducts subversive activities against the US natural gas industry.
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Porter wrote a letter to Secretary of State, in which it accuses the "Gazprom" in the financing of organizations opposed to shale gas, public misinformation and propaganda in the media with a single purpose - to "harm the natural gas industry in Europe and the United States."

What does Gazprombank?

In 2013, at the Texas accounted for 29% of all commercial gas produced in the United States. "So you can understand my concern about the recent reports, from which it follows that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to harm the US gas industry to increase global market share of the state company" Gazprom ", - writes Porter, John Kerry.

Next Texas official explains what is meant by Gazprombank and reported that the bank has hired two former senators to lobby for their interests in Washington.

Based on the author's writing (Gazprom Bank), for the Porter difference between "Gazprom" and Gazprombank is not critical. "I am extremely concerned that got blacklisted government-controlled Russian bank may continuecampaign to weaken the US oil and gas industry ", - he says.

Gazprombank in July fell under the "sectoral" sanctions: it has lost access to the US debt financing, but its assets in the United States were not blocked, it is not forbidden to do business with Americans. In late August, Gazprombank attracted two former senators John Brough and Trent Lott to lobby for issues related to sanctions. The Bank is not included in "Gazprom" group (gas monopoly owns 35.5% stake in the bank).

"Gazprom" and the movies

Porter leads the media data, according to which "Gazprom" has concluded contracts with several international companies, PR-2006, including of Ketchum, "with a view to impair the gas industry in Europe and the United States." According to the Texan, "Gazprom" is sponsoring environmental organizations opposed to hydraulic fracturing technology fracturing (HF), or frekinga.

In addition, Porter refers to the documentary "Gas Country» (Gasland) American filmmaker and environmental activist Josh Fox. This picture, released in 2010,talks about the negative social and environmental impacts of shale boom, but Texas officer calls her "incredibly deceitful" and cites a rumor that "Gazprom" has helped the spread of the film.

The Western media have repeatedly written that the gas concern allegedly funding "antifrekingovuyu" campaign in Europe (in June 2014 the idea dropped even NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen), but this information is not received documentary evidence.

In February 2011, the newspaper The Financial Times conducted a Q & A session with the deputy chairman of "Gazprom" Alexander Medvedev, during which he answered questions from readers - many of them related to the "shale revolution" and the attitude towards it of "Gazprom".

FT correspondent Kiran Stacey, who conducted the interview with Medvedev, wrote in a blog publication: "In spite of all that he said in public, Medvedev sees a threat in shale gas." "I understand that his company wants to help with the promotion of the film Gasland, condemning the extraction of shale gas in the US", - he claimed the reporter. The creators of the fima denied any "Gazprom" participating in the financing and promotion of the picture.

"Allegations Porter - nonsense and blatant lie. no connection "between Gasland, and Putin - the author of the film by Josh Fox, said September 10. "Such shameless statements made in an attempt to blow up the scandal and to remove focus from the corrupt authorities, which he directs" (quoted by Texas Houston Press edition).

Texas ranger

Conservative Republican David Porter is one of the three commissioners of the Texas Railroad Commission (Texas Railroad Commission). Office name - a tribute to history: the Commission for a long time is not related to railways and regulates oil and gas industry of Texas, pipelines, coal mining in the state. Texas produces about 30% of the gas in the US and 35% oil.

In April 2014 the level of oil production in Texas for the first time since the end of 1970 exceeded 3 million barrels a day - the same amount of oil produced in Iraq. By the end of 2014 the staff can produce about 3.4 million bbl. / Day, which will make it the largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia, if cf.Vat staff with the OPEC countries. But in effect since 1970 a moratorium on the export of US oil does not allow to sell it abroad.

"Commissioner [Porter] is developing a package of measures which should reduce the negative impact on the Russian industry in Texas. Among these measures - a proposal to Congress to simplify the procedure for issuing permits for construction of LNG plants in Texas and open oil exports ", - reported the press service of the Railroad Commission.