The assets of a runaway banker George Bedzhamov will seek all of London

Investment company A1 offered London residents a reward for information on the assets of ex-banker George Bejamov.
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A1 investment company, a member of Alfa Group Mikhail Fridman F 7 and its partners, has expanded its campaign in London to collect information about the assets of former co-owner of Vneshprombank Georgy Bedzhamov, as reported by RBC. A1 offers residents of the British capital a reward for any valuable information about the assets of ex-banker and his sister Larisa Marcus.

The reward announcement will be placed in the London media, A1 indicated. RBC notes that it has already been published in the newspaper Evening Standard. The Knightsbridge area, where the Bedzhamov allegedly resides, is driven by a truck that also posted a reward announcement, the company said.

In the summer, A1 has already announced a reward for information on the assets of the ex-banker and his sister. In parallel, the company launched an advertisement on the screens of the Sheremetyevo International Airport and the Vnukovo-3 business aviation center. These are the airports through which "the main passenger flow in the direction of countries connected by personal interests and already identified assets" Bedzhamova and Markus, A1 reported.

In Russia, Bedzhamov was arrested in absentia in February 2016 on charges of major fraud. His sister, former president of Vneshprombank Larisa Marcus, was convicted in 2017 under “fraud” and “embezzlement or embezzlement” cases of theft of 113.5 billion rubles. The court sentenced Marcus to nine years in prison.

According to the investigation, Bedzhamov and Marcus organized a criminal group and stole money, giving out obviously bad loans to affiliated companies on forged documents, issued loans to customers without their knowledge, and also debited funds from depositors' accounts. The Central Bank revoked its license from Vneshprombank in December 2015. The audit found a hole in the bank at 210 billion rubles. In March 2016, Vneshprombank was declared bankrupt, and the Deposit Insurance Agency took up its liquidation. A1 collects debt in partnership with the DIA. A spending limit was imposed on Bedzhamov after a London court seized his assets by Vneshprombank for £ 1.3 billion ($ 1.7 billion).