The Black Sea Fleet revealed embezzlement during the repair of power plants

The Black Sea Fleet revealed theft during the repair of power plants.
As it became known to Kommersant, the Investigative Committee is investigating a criminal case involving Captain First Rank Yevgeny Gushchin, Head of the Black Sea Fleet Operation and Repair Service, and Sergey Shipitsyn, General Director of OOO Energoremont. They are charged with fraud in the repair and maintenance of power plants of warships. The work, according to the investigation, was carried out using used parts that were paid for by the military as new ones. At the request of the investigation, Mr. Shipitsyn was taken into custody, and the family of Captain Guschin arrested the Subaru Forester car for damages.

The Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (AFM TF) for the Black Sea Fleet Yevgeny Gushchin is suspected of committing crimes under Part 4 of Art. 159 CC, as well as item "in" part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud in a particularly large amount and exceeding official authority with causing grave consequences), and Sergey Shipitsyn is accused of fraud. According to the investigation, in 2013 Mr. Shipitsyn's company signed a contract with the Defense Ministry for the repair and maintenance of diesel engines of ships. Within its framework, previously used components were used in one of the small missile ships of the Black Sea Fleet. Thus, according to law enforcement agencies, Mr. Shipitsyn and his subordinates "created an appearance" of repair work for which illegally received in 2016 from the Ministry of Defense 59 105 334 rubles. payment.

The investigators believe that OOO Energoremont Company received unreasonable payment due to the assistance of the captain of the first rank Guschin. As the head of the Black Sea Fleet's operation and repair service, he signed acts of delivery and acceptance of completed works, which, according to the investigators, contained deliberately false information.

Initially, the criminal case was instituted against unidentified persons, and Mr. Shipitsyn passed through him as a witness. In this capacity, he several times came to the interrogations in Sevastopol, where the investigation is being conducted, but every time he returned after them to his home in the suburbs. They detained the businessman after he, according to the FSB, allegedly tried to put pressure on other witnesses who testified about his possible involvement in theft. Satisfying the petition of the Supreme Armed Forces of the TFR, the Sevastopol Garrison Military Court arrested the general director of Energoremont until August 9. The businessman's protection appealed to the North Caucasus District Military Court, offering as an alternative to the SIZO bail or house arrest, but the preventive measure was abandoned the same. Mr. Shipitsyn's lawyer declined to comment, citing the fact that in the beginning he needs to get the good from his client.

Captain first rank Yevgeny Gushchin, according to Kommersant sources, escaped arrest, but at the request of the investigation to repair the damage in the case, a Subaru Forester car was arrested, which was used by the military's spouse. The latter filed a complaint with the court, claiming that the car was purchased for family savings, and therefore only the share of her husband in the criminal case should be arrested. The machine as a result remained under interim measures. The press service of the fleet and the Supreme Armed Forces of the Russian Federation did not respond promptly to inquiries from Kommersant on this matter.

At the same time, it should be noted that the contract, which aroused suspicions among the FSB and the AFM of the TFR, provided for the repair of diesel engines produced by JSC Zvezda on ships of the Baltic and Black Sea fleets, as well as the Caspian Flotilla. OOO "Company" Energoremont ", executing it, received from the military department an advance in the amount of 330.212 million rubles. Subsequently, the Ministry of Defense was billed another 301.94 million rubles, which the military department did not pay. This amount with a state duty of 200 thousand rubles. in 2016 was recovered through the Arbitration Court of Moscow, but after the Ministry of Defense appealed the decision of the first instance court in the 9th Appeal Arbitration Court in 2017, the plaintiff withdrew his demands. In the same year, LLC tried to become a partner of the Feodosia Ship Mechanical Plant, giving him some of the contracts for repair of the Black Sea fleet, but the investment agreement was terminated, as local authorities considered it better to work with engine manufacturers by locating their branch than with repairmen.