The brothers Magomedov have built their latest development project in Moscow

Sitting in a jail on charges of fraud, Dagestan businessmen sold a project to build a multifunctional complex in Beskudnikovo, Seven Suns Development, controlled by the St. Petersburg clan Ryzhkov.
The structure of development company Seven Suns Development buys from the group "Summa" its only development project, told "Vedomosti" two people close to different parties to the transaction: a multifunctional complex with an area of ​​259,000 sq. M. m, of which 194 200 square meters. m - housing, and the rest - commercial real estate and infrastructure. This object is located in the production zone No. 49 Beskudnikovo on Ilimskaya street. The deal is already closed or will be closed soon, Vedomosti's interlocutors say. The representative of Suma declined to comment. The representative of Seven Suns Development said that the company is interested in this project: the developer in the near future is preparing to begin construction in the Moscow region and is developing several plots for building in Moscow.

The decision of the town-planning and land commission of Moscow said that the rights to the project in the zone "Beskudnikovo" belong to the firm of JSC "Everest"; in 2013, the tender committee reported that it sold 49% of Everest to GlobalElectroservice, which is part of the Suma group. July 19, Evgeny Kashintsev became the general director of Everest. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, he is a minority shareholder of OOO Seven Sans Development.

Seven Suns Development, according to its website, is building several residential complexes in St. Petersburg - almost all under the brand "Bright World": "The Bright World is a Quiet Harbor" and "The Bright World is a Romantic" on Vasilievsky Island, "The Bright World of Life "On the Moscow Highway, etc. The company's representative refused to give the owners of Seven Suns Development. "Business Petersburg" reported that the company was founded by the family of businessman Pyotr Ryzhkov, who for many years has been running one of the largest developers in Vologda - the firm Gorstroyzakazchik. According to the USRLE, the main owner of several companies associated with Seven Suns Development - Seven Sans Development Msk, Seven Sans St. Petersburg, etc. - Alex Ryzhkov. Two brokers who worked with Seven Suns Development in St. Petersburg say that this is the son of Pyotr Ryzhkov.

 How much Seven Suns Development paid for the site in Beskudnikovo, could not be found out. One of the realtors involved in the sale of this project, and one of the contenders for it, told that "Amount" plans to raise about 2.2 billion rubles for the site. Managing Partner of Colliers International Nikolay Kazansky believes that the market price for the site is just 2.0-2.3 billion rubles. Another 12-14 billion rubles, in his opinion, will have to be invested in the construction of a multifunctional complex. Only the construction of the residential part of the facility will require 11.5-12.5 billion rubles., Maria Metinia, the managing partner of the "Metrium", calculated. She believes that a new project on Ilimskaya Street will be in demand. "The main advantage is the accessibility of art. m. "Altufievo" and the station of the suburban railway communication Beskudnikovo ", explains Litinetskaya. The main competitors of the new complex, she considers large-scale projects PIK: "Rimsky-Korsakov 11" and "Polyarnaya 25".

The development project in Beskudnikovo is not the only asset of Suma, from which it plans to get rid. The group is negotiating with the structures of Dmitry Bosov on the sale of the terminal under construction in the port of Nakhodka, sources of Vedomosti reported. The representative of "Summa" denied this. The owner of the group Ziyavudin Magomedov and his brother Magomed since March 2018 under arrest. They are accused of creating a criminal community and stealing about 2.5 billion rubles. public funds.

The site on Ilimskaya street is put up for sale before the problems of the "Sum" group arise and all the agreements with the buyer were reached last year, says one of the people who participated in the negotiations. In addition to Seven Suns Development, the purchase of the project, he said, was also considered by some large developers, including the "Airplane" group, among whose shareholders are co-owners of "Russian Aquaculture" Mikhail Kenin and Maxim Vorobiev.