The bullet flew to Andrey Petrov from across the river

What happens at the scene of the murder of "the owner of Vyborg" and what route the killer could have taken.
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In the Leningrad Region, they continue to investigate the contract murder of a deputy of the Vyborg District Duma, a prominent businessman Alexander Petrov, who was killed by a sniper on the evening of October 24 on the porch of his own bathhouse. Petrov is one of the most influential businessmen in Vyborg, was elected a deputy several times, owns a garbage business, hotels and other enterprises. He did business with a well-known entrepreneur with interests in various fields, including energy and port business, Ilya Traber. The businessman is also known as the father of the first Russian Formula 1 driver, Vitaly Petrov. Today the correspondent visited the scene and made sure how well the killer prepared for the crime.

Alexander Petrov lived in a mansion near the village of Velikaya on the banks of the river of the same name. Only a part of the plot is visible from the road and it is impossible to get close to the merchant's house. Only one road leads to it, which is blocked by a security checkpoint. Around - a fenced area. Another thing is from the side of the river, which runs parallel to the road from the highway to the village of Velikaya. A huge, several hectares, plot is perfectly visible from the opposite bank. The main house, additional buildings, a descent to the water, a house by the river and a bathhouse, at which Petrov was killed, are visible. And all this is not fenced in any way. The river is a natural and only obstacle. By the way, this feature is observed in all houses in the village, both new, talking about wealthy owners, and old ones, lopsided: everyone has a fence only from the street side, and the passage from the garden or river is free.

However, as it turned out, getting to the point chosen by the shooter is not so easy. It is impossible to walk to it along the river bank, as in some places the bank is swampy, in some places it is overgrown with very dense bushes. To swim without attracting attention, most likely, is also impossible. The river is shallow and narrow, no more than 100 meters wide, and a boat in this wilderness would have attracted attention. But there is still a way to the point. It lies through a farm located on the other bank of the Velikaya River, opposite the Petrov site. A road leads directly to the farm.

You can safely walk through the territory of the farm to the pasture, fenced with an electric fence, and then go through the forest to the shore, from which you can see the bathhouse. It was this point that the killer chose, hiding among the stones in the gray thickets. From the place where the shooter was to the bathhouse in a straight line - 70-80 meters.

At the scene, a correspondent met three men with metal detectors. They did not introduce themselves, but said that they were working on instructions from the police.

“Yes, the bullet has already been found, but we continue to work, so I found a coin,” said a young man in a camouflage suit without shoulder straps and insignia. Apparently, they arrived from the other side, from the territory of Petrov, since a catamaran was moored nearby.

As previously reported by the Investigative Committee, Petrov was killed in the evening after he went out onto the porch of the bathhouse. The shot rang out at dusk, after which the offender disappeared. The most convenient way to leave the rocky and overgrown shore is to go through the farm, which is reached by a dirt road. Apparently, the operatives have already checked this version, because the farm employee immediately began to tell that he had not seen or heard anything.

“Yes, it turns out that he was somewhere with us, but we have everything fenced off, the territory is large, you can't keep track of everything. If a person needs something, he will do it, ”said the employee.

He has no versions of how the killer could have gone unnoticed. The territory of the farm is really large, in some places it passes into the forest, but the buildings are equipped with cameras that did not record anyone, there were no foreign cars at the checkpoint either.

“We have here yesterday or the day before yesterday, 100 people passed, the police with flashing lights, shoulder straps, everyone looked, asked,” said the man. “But we didn't hear anything, we didn't even hear a shot. We had three Uzbeks here. We were sitting in the house, and the windows there are good, even if you blow up an atomic bomb, you won't hear it. "

Another option is that the killer could leave the place by going north through a wooded area. This path is more difficult, but also more secretive.

An interlocutor close to the family of the murdered businessman, answering a question from whether relatives or friends are planning to make any statements in the near future, answered evasively: “Until the funeral, no one will say anything for sure, for everyone it is a shock and a surprise. The whole city is going through. Not only did we have half of the administration (Vyborgsky district - approx., but also that. This is already some kind of war. "

In recent weeks, Vyborg has been experiencing a political crisis associated with a criminal case of embezzlement of 700 million rubles from the regional budget (which is equivalent to the Vyborg budget for 2020). As part of the investigation, the head of the district Gennady Orlov and his deputy Alexander Boluchevsky were detained. Alexander Petrov has not yet appeared in the embezzlement case, at least publicly, but being a deputy of the district assembly and a major businessman, who was called the "owner" of Vyborg, he could not be aloof from these events. According to some media reports, today he was summoned to the TFR to testify in this case.

According to the administration of the Vyborgsky district, the coffin with the body of Petrov is in the main temple of the city - the Transfiguration Cathedral. Tomorrow and Wednesday morning, the townspeople will have the opportunity to say goodbye to the businessman. The funeral is scheduled for October 28th.