The case of fuze enemies

Five officers of the FSB were arrested at once.
As many as five employees of the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Moscow and the region were detained by officers of the central apparatus of the special services, and then arrested by the court. Two of them are suspected of taking bribes, and the rest are mediating in this. According to the military investigation, the Chekists expected to get money from the management of JSC "NITI im. PI Snegirev, one of the leading manufacturers of fuses for a wide range of ammunition. According to Kommersant, the FSB is currently conducting a review, which may result in the adoption of personnel decisions with respect to certain managers of the department.

According to sources, "Kommersant" in the FSB, under investigation were just five employees of the capital's special services, headed by deputy chief of the 7th interdistrict management Alexei Kruglov. Colonel Kruglov and operative Roman Nadezhdin are suspected by the 51st Military Investigation Department of the Moscow Military District for taking bribes in a particularly large amount, involving extortion (Part 6, Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). In turn, the head of the Department of the FSB in the city of Balashikha Denis Semenov, as well as operatives Alexei Vinokurov and Arthur Yusufov, the investigation charges incrimination of bribery (Part 4, Article 291.1 of the Criminal Code).

According to the investigation, the Chekists, checking the JSC "Scientific Research Technological Institute. PI Snegirev », an enterprise created more than 75 years ago in Zheleznodorozhny near Moscow and still one of the leading developers of mechanical and electromechanical fuses for a wide range of ammunition in Russia, revealed violations related to the design of its employees. Then, having informed Igor Grigoryev, director of the JSC, that he could become a person involved in a criminal case concerning a particularly large fraud or embezzlement (Article 159 or Article 160 of the Criminal Code), they demanded to pay several million rubles for each "dead soul" allegedly found on Enterprise.

Igor Grigoriev preferred to apply for extortion in the management of the FSB's own security. Then, already under the control of higher-level security officers, negotiations began between the enterprise management and the FSB officers, during which it was decided that the compensation would amount to 3 million rubles.

Transfer of the agreed amount was held in one of the McDonald's restaurants. However, instead of 3 million rubles. Colonel Kruglov, who was immediately detained, received a million less and a paper "doll." Then were detained and the other alleged extortionists, who were taken in the workplace.

Since the officers Nadezhdin and Vinokourov pleaded guilty and decided to cooperate with the investigation, the Moscow District Military Court, on motions of the 51st SCD, determined them under house arrest. Suspects are prohibited from using any means of communication and leave their apartments. Their employees are controlled by the Federal Penitentiary Service through electronic bracelets.

The remaining investigators who did not plead guilty, were sent to the pre-trial detention center by the court, where they will spend at least the next two months. Representatives of the defendants' defense declined to comment, referring to the nondisclosure agreements given to the investigators. In the JSC "NITI im. PI Snegirev "could not get comments - the company's executives were not at work.

Meanwhile, according to Kommersant sources, a large-scale anti-corruption check is being conducted at the FSB in Moscow and the region, according to which some of its leaders may be sent off. The fact is that the mass arrests of officers were preceded by another corruption scandal - for intermediation in taking a bribe of $ 100 thousand was detained, and then arrested one of the FSB officers Stanislav Goliev. Colonel, according to the investigation, extorted money for stopping inspections against the institutions of the Department of Culture of the Moscow government, while confirming that the dollars will go to his leadership. In the FSB the situation has not been commented yet.