The company of the former wife of the President of Russia owed the budget 320 thousand rubles

The bailiffs confessed that they "can not locate the debtor's location" and recover the debt from it.
The bailiffs got off their feet. Since the beginning of the year they are trying to find the assets of Lyudmila Ocheretnaya (in the previous marriage - Lyudmila Putina) to collect tax arrears, but in vain.

As the "Interlocutor" already wrote, back in 2014, immediately after the divorce, Lyudmila Putin under the maiden name Shkrebneva became the founder of the Moscow trading company "Interiorservice". Charter capital, however, modest - only 10 thousand, but there is own "daughter" - real estate firm "Meridian". As an intermediary, she earns on leasing premises of the Center for the Development of Interpersonal Communications on Vozdvizhenka, headed by Arthur Ocheretny, the current husband of Putin-Shkrebneva. For the center, such an intermediary is not very necessary, but by the end of 2016 (the last open accounting reporting of "Meridian" covers this period), almost half a billion rubles have been accumulated on the balance of this company. If it is compensation after the divorce, then very good.

The more unexpected it was to find out that one of the firms of Ludmila Ocheretna was formally bankrupt. December 28 last year, the Moscow Tax Inspectorate No. 10, which oversees the Presnensky district of Moscow, drafted Act No. 16338, according to which Interiorservice had a solid debt to the state.

On January 16, the bailiffs brought a separate action on this fact, but a month later the case was closed on the basis of Art. 46 p. 1 p. 3 of the Federal Law "On Enforcement Proceedings": "It is impossible to establish the location of the debtor, his property or to receive information about the existence of his funds and other valuables on accounts, in deposits or in banks or other credit organizations ".

The "interlocutor" found a debtor, too, did not work. At the official registration address on Hasek Street, there is no such company, and dialing in by phone number of "Interiorservice" is unrealistic (long hooters are replaced by short ones).

March 5 bailiffs have already started a new business, but with old prospects: Interiorservice did not have not only real estate or cars registered with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, but even ... bank accounts. So, it turns out, it also happens.

"What can I do?" - the bailiff Ilya Ilyin, who was ordered to beat out tax debts from the firm, makes a helpless gesture. - I do not even have the right to arrest. Apparently, in the coming days this production, like the previous one, will also have to be stopped.

It turns out that while one firm of the former first lady on the "state-donated" mansion on Vozdvizhenka earns hundreds of millions, another tax company makes out all tax non-payments that it is impossible to recover in favor of the state. And this is not the only oddity ... However, more about other puzzles of life and business of the former Putin's wife (and about the connection of these riddles with the current "friends" of the president of the country) - already in the next issue of "The Interlocutor."