The consolidation of "Pharmstandard" costed Viktor Kharitonin too expensive

Minorities of "Pharmstandard" have seized from the main owners of the company 540 million rubles.
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The Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region recovered more than 542 million rubles from the main owner of Pharmstandard, Augment Investments Limited. So much the company now has to pay five former shareholders for the forcibly repurchased shares.

The proposal for compulsory redemption of 1.05 thousand rubles was based on the report of the appraiser "Estimeyt", which one share of "Pharmstandard" estimated at 1.04 thousand rubles. Minority found this cost to be too low, and the independent appraiser, drawn, concluded that the stock of Pharmstandard cost almost four times more expensive - 4.026 thousand rubles, and the court agreed with these arguments. In total, with Augment Investments, therefore, more than 542 million rubles in difference.

In June 2016, Augment Investments offered 1,028 thousand rubles for one share in the compulsory offer of redemption. In October, when Augment had already more than 95% of Pharmstandard, minority shareholders were asked to buy back shares at a price of 1.05 thousand rubles apiece. The procedure of compulsory redemption was completed in November 2016.

A month later, claims for damages in connection with the "improper determination of the price of redeemable shares" filed with the Augment Investments Limited minority shareholders of Pharmstandard - first Valery Priselsky and Ruslan Avdeev, then Viktor Nikitenko, Alexander Zhilyaev and Alexander Tolin.

Augment Investments belongs to Viktor Kharitonin and his partner Yegor Kulkov. "Pharmstandard" announced its intention to again become a private company in 2015. As explained in the company, non-publicity will allow to better solve strategic problems and not depend on market volatility. Soon, Augment bought from the partner Kharitonin and Kulkov Alexander Schuster a 16.4% stake for $ 136.6 million.