The courts rejected the claim of Navalny and Anti-Corruption Foundation against the Prosecutor General Chaika and media outlets

The blogger was trying to involve the media outlets as defendants after they published a response of the General Prosecutor to his investigation film. 
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Today Ostankino and Gagarin court of Moscow refused to accept claims Alexei Navalny and his Foundation to combat corruption (FBK) in which a blogger trying to attract Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, and a number of media to account - after the supervisory authority with the chief executive has said publicly that opposition It is a puppet of US intelligence, and his film-investigation - their order, according to TASS.

Navalny and FBK filed six lawsuits in four capital ships. "Sue the Prosecutor General Chaika and RBC Gagarin district court in Moscow, Chaika and" Vedomosti "- in the Ostankino district court, on The Seagull and" Kommersant "- in the Tver district court, on The Seagull and" Rain "- in the Ostankino district court on Seagull and "Elephant" - in the Tver district court, on The Seagull and "Echo of Moscow" - in the Presnensky district court ", - said Navalny on 29 December.

He explained that he was "compelled to attract lawsuits media", referring to the decision of the Supreme Court, "who pointed out that in cases of defamation by the defendant can be and the media, and the author of the OSPARVai collection. " Navalny said that FBC "forced to make them (the media) formal respondent" to force the courts to accept claims.

Ostankino court of Moscow's refusal to accept their actions motivated by the fact that at this stage, "finds no violation of rights and freedoms and legal interests of the applicant." For the same reason Navalny and FBK refused and Gagarin court through which the blogger would involve, in addition to the Attorney General, RBC TV channel. Replies from Presnensky and Tverskoy District Court has not yet followed.

FBK December 1 published on its website an investigation about business sons Prosecutor General Chaika. As reported in the Fund's website, one of the sons of Seagulls allegedly owns a Greek hotel, besides the sons of the public prosecutor alleged are shareholders in two key companies of Russian Railways. The public prosecutor has called the accusations false and said that "customers of this film are the subject of Great Britain, William Browder and intelligence agencies behind it."