The Cyprus foundation of Rosnano involved in a criminal case

Investigators suspect that the management of Nanoenergo Fund Limited of illegal cashout of $ 90 million from the company.
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Metropolitan Police opened a criminal case of the possibility of multi-million dollar damages of "Rosnano". According to investigators, while the leaders of the Cypriot unidentified fund "Rosnano» - Nanoenergo Fund Limited - illegally transferred $ 90 million in favor of the five Russian companies, which were not returned, and as a result has suffered "substantial damage to the company." The missing money has been an authorized capital, which has contributed to Nanoenergo affiliated with "Rosnano" company - Fonds Rusnano Capital SA The latter has already tried to get $ 90 million in Cyprus on the basis of the fact that in a criminal case, it has been recognized by the injured party. Financial Investigations Center experts at the Financial University under the Russian government believe that criminal charges may be fabricated, and are already preparing an appeal to the law enforcement authorities.

According to "Izvestia", a few weeks ago in the center of the request came from Cyprus, in which the local lawyers asked to clarify the situation in criminal cases instituted in Russia. They referred to the Cyprus Nanoenergo Fund Limited Fund. Shortly before the courts Cyprusand received a claim of "daughter" of "Rosnano» Fonds Rusnano Capital SA (Luxembourg) for the return of $ 90 million, which Nanoenergo invested in five Russian companies.

- The justification for refunds have been named the revealed violations of investment procedures, - told "Izvestia" a source in the government. - The Court also presented a copy of the criminal files opened on this fact in Russia.

As it turned out, one of them was opened Main Investigation Department (CSO) Research Affairs in Moscow in April 2014 under Art. 201 of the Criminal Code ( "abuse of power"). Another case of art. 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud") was brought to the police department for the Central District of Moscow. The formal reason for this was an appeal to the police general director of OOO "Rusnano Capital" Irina Rapoport.

- The audit application was a criminal case against unidentified company executives Nanoenergo Fund Limited, in which the number of the representatives of "Rosnano" are not included, - told "Izvestia" in OAO "Rosnano".

In both cases we are talking about ation of the same stories. According to investigators, unidentified until company executives Nanoenergo Fund Limited, located in Moscow, performing the duties of the members of the Board of Directors decided to invest money in the five Russian companies - JSC "Composite Pipes", LLC "Rice high technologies", LLC "Sarmat" Ltd. " hydropower technologies »and« Coal innovative technologies. "

On account of these organizations opened with JSC "Bank" Relight "gratuitously listed a total of $ 90 million, which subsequently have not been returned. Investigators believe that these transactions were entered into in violation of an additional agreement between Nanoenergo Fund Limited and Fonds Rusnano Capital SA, according to which the Fund's board of directors has the right to make such decisions without the recommendation of the investment committee.

In a criminal case the injured party was recognized as affiliated with JSC "Rosnano" Luxembourg company Fonds Rusnano Capital SA

Cyprus lawyers have asked experts from the Center for Financial Investigation at the Financial University under the Government ofe Code (FAC) to clarify whether provided by the court of Cyprus ruling "judicial acts", not subject to cancellation in accordance with the Russian legislation they could be rigged or received representatives of the "daughter" of "Rosnano" illegally.

Within the framework of its powers, and public control center experts initiated a financial investigation into the circumstances of the story. Cyprus lawyers had sent the report, which says that the documents caused great doubts among experts. "Received in Cyprus regulations related to different criminal cases at different times, different investigative agencies and for different items, but they deal with about the same story. This may indicate that the case was fabricated and filed with violations. In addition, a copy of the decision could not be formally represented by the representative of the Cypriot court Fonds Rusnano Capital SA, since he had no right to receive it. The fact that the decision may be granted to a court of the Republic of Cyprus upon request only the court of this country within mezhdunarodnoga treaty with Russia only by the authorized body - the result of the body or the prosecutor's office ", - is written in the CFR report.

CFR Experts do not exclude the fact that we can talk about a major scam.

- If the application "daughter" of "Rosnano" on damage contains false information, the company may be subject not only to criminal responsibility, but also to the material in the amount of legal costs and other damages - said "Izvestia" a source in the CFR. - In the near future the Russian law enforcement authorities will be sent additional materials about the circumstances of the case.

International venture capital fund development of new technologies in the energy sector Nanoenergo Fund Limited was established with the participation of the subsidiary of JSC "Rosnano" - "Rusnano Capital", as well as a private investor in the person of the Criminal Code "Sberinvest", which manages the project.

Representatives of JSC "Rosnano" and "Sberinvest" refused to comment on the "News" the circumstances of the criminal cases, citing the interests of the investigation.

Recall hin 2011 the Audit Chamber to check the activities of "Rosnano" and concluded that the ineffective management it allows an interested party transaction, financed within the framework of nanotechnology Russian and foreign companies that are in the verge of bankruptcy, as well as implementing projects not related to nanotechnology or having a negative expert opinion.

State Duma deputies have demanded to institute criminal proceedings against the head of "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais and other managers of state corporations. According to them, their activities on the development of nanotechnology has featured at least nine of the crimes envisaged in the Criminal Code. The corresponding request to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to investigate thoroughly the activities of state-owned corporation, took him under his personal control, recently sent the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Oksana Dmitrieva. Ceychas Prosecutor General's Office checks the information on the facts of treatment State Duma deputy.