The Europeans will pull Baturina to pieces

The wife of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina, started frienzied but not very productive business activities in Europe.
Until now, the London court continues its litigation with the head Ruspetro Alexander Chistyakov, who does not want to return Baturina 4.5 million euros of credits, creating a mega-hotel chains stalled, and its new partners from the German RE-Pro businesswoman offered to invest tens of millions of euros "green energy" in the south-eastern Europe.

Most likely, the fate of these investments will also be unenviable. In September it was announced that the Austrian company Elena Baturina - Inteco Beteiligungs GmbH and the German company RE-Pro will build, operate and develop the parks of the "power" solar panels in South-Eastern Europe. While it is not known to what it will be for the country, but most likely it comes to the Balkans Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, as well as Romania and Bulgaria.

The exact amount of investment is not yet known, but in an interview with the Austrian edition Format Baturina gave details about his interest in "green energy", before referring to the initial contribution of 10 million euros . Most likely, the conquires more. Calling such investing money in business is difficult, most likely, we are talking about the next stage of "cutting" provincial business upstarts from northern Eurasia. In Europe, such as the Baturin prepared a myriad of exciting entertainment - buying pretentious and useless property, football clubs, disco clubs, residential complexes, hotels with a monstrous economy and things like that, which allow you to shoot with the naive Pinocchio colonial financial fatty chips.

Baturina, who fled from Russia immediately after the resignation of his patriotic husband from the post of Moscow mayor in 2010, over the past 4 years has failed in Europe show absolutely nothing of it, creating it OREA "mega-successful business-woman" in Moscow. Amazing, is not it?

The idea fixe entrepreneurs - creation of a mega-network of hotels in Russia, Austria, Ireland, the Czech Republic, the UK, Dubai, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and the Baltic countries, remained until the paper. In 2010 it was planned in 2015 have already been 15 such hotels. However, while only 4 Baturina Hotel: Grand Tirolia in the Austrianth Kitzbühel, New Petershof in Russia, the hotel Quisisana Palac in the Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary) and Morrison Hotel in Dublin, Ireland (bought in 2012 for 25 million euros). Trying to buy business gifts Veldenshloss lock was not successful in Austria, a mega-project to build the resort in Morocco turned tedious lawsuit with a former partner, and plans to invest up to half a billion euros in real estate in Europe Baturina did not stutter.

It's no secret that almost all real estate in Europe Baturina is either simply unprofitable, or does not generates adequate income. For example, Hotel Grand Tirolia Kitzbühel in recent years consistently show losses, and all attempts to increase revenues Baturina until the result is not brought in, despite her bravura statement of "good expectations". Recall that in order to obtain Austrian residence permit and citizenship Baturina built by his company this hotel, and then invested in the local economy tens of millions of euros.