The failure of glossy projects by Sergei Azatyan

From the scandalous head of the Inventure Partners fund, employees of his magazines scatter.
News agencies reported that the main editor of the Russian version of the magazine Esquire was a famous TV host and writer Sergei Minaev. However, this appointment was preceded by the scandalous resignation of former editor Ksenia Sokolova, which the new owner of the publication, managing partner of Inventure Partners, Sergei Azatyan, appointed only last August.

Then Xenia simultaneously conducted her election campaign, hoping to win in a single-seat constituency and become a deputy of the State Duma. But she lost, and this defeat is directly attributed to her cooperation with Azatyan's scandalous fund. Having been defeated in the elections and having understood its causes, which in many respects consisted in reckless communication with the publication that Sergei Azatyan bought, Xenia Sokolova literally fled from such an employer.

In order to somehow hide this scandal, Azatyan was forced to hastily search for the untwisted figure in the place of the chief editor of Esquire, regardless of the candidates' requirements and the corresponding costs. However, as they say in an environment close to Minaev, the TV host is unlikely to agree for a long time to play the role of a cover for his scandalous namesake Azatyan. And this means that the gloss business, which the head of InventurePartners started with the money of its investors, is doomed to failure.

The other glossy magazine of Sergei Azatyan - Cosmopolitan, which he bought in a pool with Esquire and other unnecessary editions, looks dying. To save the situation even a variety of promotions are not helping, which Azatyan tries to draw the attention of the audience to his publishing projects.

So, at the Cosmopolitan Country Club in the Royal Bar, Sergei Azatyan called all his familiar and languishing with the idleness hangout with the friends of his wife Tatiana. The report of the event said that guests drank the Balaklava brand wines, ate the confectionery house RENARDI cake, and also played prizes of such brands as FreyWille, SpabyMahash, Nika, Pandora, W StPetersburg, Electra. However, attempts to support the stunning "glossy business" due to fancy drinks, dishes and ornaments did not yield a result. It is no accident that for some time now, the unlucky magazine publisher of Sergei Azatyan avoids taking pictures with his guests on the same arranged hangouts. "Venture Combinator" understands that for the failure of "glossy projects", for which he collected a lot of money from trusted investors, will have to answer.

Last year Azatyan accepted investments from those wishing to do business on glossy magazines, from which the Finnish media group Sanoma got rid. For this purpose, the IndependentMedia company was created by the combinator, after which Azmian co-owner Rusmoda Oksana Lavrentieva, former vice-president of Gazprombank Anatoly Milyukov and other entrepreneurs invested in Azatyan. The deal to purchase glossy magazines from the Finnish group Sanoma in Russian Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Grazia in March this year pulled 18 million euros.

This is exactly the amount that Russian investors trusted Sergei Azatyan in the hope of quick dividends. Meanwhile, in just one quarter of last year, the net loss of the Finnish holding Sanoma, which published Russian magazines Cosmopolitan, Harper'sBazaar and Esquire, amounted to almost 15 million euros. In other words, the cunning Azatyan persuaded investors to make a profitable purchase of a losing and doomed business under the guise of bright glossy covers and impressive names. Judging by everything, the FinnishSanoma, which did not know how to get rid of such junk, could also turn back a "venture investor" for such a deal. After all, it's no secret that the market for glossy publications in the current crisis in Russia is openly stagnating. Relevant entertainment publications are closed now and then.

But Azatyan himself, as always, no longer cares about the fate of other people's investments in the next "Field of Wonders" invented by him. However, those who blindly believed in the "publishing genius" of the managing partner InventurePartners will soon be seen and will come to Azatyan with unpleasant questions about the fate of their money. Such Azatyan-deceived investors in various business spheres have already accumulated on a whole community, like the affected real estate investors and the thrown shareholders of the MMM and the "Lords". It's time to talk about the financial pyramid of Sergei Azatyan, who planned to compete in ingenuity with the notorious Sergei Mavrodi, Valentina Solovieva and other eminent scammers.