The fate of VKontakte is being solved in offshores

The war between the shareholders of VKontakte has reached the court stage.
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From now on, the fate of Russia's main social network in the hands of lawyers in Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands. Pavel Durov is trying to challenge the transaction, which resulted in the UCP fund bought a package "VKontakte" and put an end to his comfortable existence of an all-powerful, UCP decided to strike back at the messenger Telegram, which was considered a personal project Durov not directly related to the VC.

The conflict between the structures Alisher Usmanov and fund UCP Ilya ShCherbovicha unleashed because of the largest "VKontakte" Russian social networking continues to grow in the public space, and, if the parties do not joke, goes into the trial stage.

UCP report their claims to the company's founder Pavel Durov, who, according to UCP, used resources "VKontakte", including the possibility of technical director and his brother Nikolai Durov, for the development of personal independent project instant messengers Telegram, and Durov, in turn, reports the beginning of the judicial proceedings to challenge the transaction, which resulted in ShCherbovicha Fund received 48% of the VC.

Acuteness almost detectiveReed defectors, as well as the unpredictable Pavel Durov. When April Fool's message of resignation from the post of director general was taken as the news of the surrender, then followed two days later a denial did not seem seriously angry owners of the UCP, which had already a taste of victory. But Durov changed his mind, and for the extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors, which in the difficult fight two on two threatened to stand in the perpetual stalemate issue of a new leader, discuss it turned out nothing.

UCP Foundation, which, according to its representatives, although the share of 48%, practically can not affect the company's operations, struck from an unexpected quarter. Claims presented to the company, which was considered a personal project Durov - messenger Telegram. Logic UCP: Pavel Durov developed a new product, occupying the post of "VKontakte" director general, using "VKontakte" resources, employing his brother Nikolai Durov, at that time - full-time employee "VKontakte" with the rank of technical director. Consequently, the resulting product - the property "VKontathose "for which the UCP, which owns almost half will be to beat.

A method for controlling selected indirect, as stated in the Fund's press release, "in the context of measures to protect the interests of" VKontakte "... UCP acquired control of three companies that control certain aspects of the Telegram business, with the intention to transfer the company's VC, when he It determines that this is the right move. " Action proceedings opened in the British Virgin Islands.

Pavel Durov shows no concern about these steps Fund, and, even in the worst case, is going to get rid of small. Arguing that the UCP has gained access to the US companies that own trademarks Telegram and Telegraf illegally, the worst consequence he sees a maximum of the need to change the name in the United States: "The entire infrastructure, technology and project team under our to take control to outside companies USA". So press the assumption that for the registered at the end of March 2014 domain can stand Pavel Durov, and the Isle of Man in the domain zone is needed to avoid Pressureeniya by UCP, may be justified.

According to Pavel Durov that "Fontanka" the press-secretary of "VKontakte" Pavel Lobushkin, he once again became the victim of a defector. Trademarks Telegram and Telegraph in the United States Durov, he said, intended to translate to a non-profit organization, but Digital Fortress Manager (company developing Telegram) Axel Neff "instead of fulfilling its obligations to the non-profit project, he secretly gave these companies the Fund for an undisclosed money, and stopped responding to our emails and calls. " Durov promises to fight because "all signs of fraud."

Note that this is not the first time that former colleagues Pavel Durov change command and become the enemies camp. So, in the role of advisor UCP acts he left the VC in January 2014, former Vice President of Commerce VC Ilya Perekop. Return Move - an attempt to abolish the possibility of UCP at all to interfere in the activities of "VKontakte".

This Durov said on the social network on his page: "Last week in Arbitrazh lawsuit was filed, in case of success is 48% of the shares sold illegally "VKontakte" should be - according to all written and oral agreements - offered to existing shareholders at the time of sale for the price. "

This Durov did not say who and what arbitration addressed, and in the text, begun in the first person, suddenly started talking about himself in the third "founder" VKontakte "in the event of a successful outcome of the lawsuit will be able to return to the Board of Directors and co-owners of the company." On the basis of the claim, he said repeatedly, and repeated again: "The deal was made in violation of the existing agreements, according to which the sellers of shares" VKontakte "were obliged to first offer the shares to existing shareholders. Since then, I have often repeated it and I repeat today - the sale of 48% shares was illegal, and UCP fund is not a legitimate shareholder "VKontakte". That's just about the plaintiff and the court to which the complaint has been lodged, Durov said nothing.

To clear the air a message Company Bullion Development Limited, which owns 12% of VC (itself fully Bullion contiruetsya Mail.Ru Group, which bought it from Ivan Tavrina who purchased Pavel Durov asset). Bullion announces that filed a lawsuit directed against Blesmir Developments Limited and Palagon Limited, controlled fund UCP (Blesmir Developments Limited and Palagon Limited control 48% VK.Com Holdings Ltd, which owns 100% of LLC "VKontakte"). Bullion intends to seek the cancellation of the acquisition of 48% of the VC, the offending shareholder agreement. The company, however, it is too early to disclose the court in which an action is brought.

Against the backdrop of the military action, experts speculate about the reasons that prompted Ilya ShCherbovicha in April 2013 to acquire 48% of social network is obviously impossible to effectively control the management of the company.