The former wife of Arkady Rotenberg filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband to London court

The former wife of Arkady Rotenberg has initiated a lawsuit in London in order to get a compensation from the billionaire, RBC found out. The case will be examined in February 2016 and is complicated by the EU sanctions against the businessman.
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The former wife of Arkady Rotenberg, Natalia, whom he divorced in 2013, initiated the process in the UK with a view to sue businessman financial compensation follows from the British court, RBC studied. The case of the deductions in favor of the former spouses will be considered in February 2016. This information was confirmed to RBC Russian lawyer businessman.

Until the dispute between former spouses will not be fully resolved, Rothenberg has to pay his ex-wife, who lives in the UK with two of their common children, interim child support for the maintenance of her and the children. Their size was determined by the decision of the Russian court, which ex-wife did not appeal. Due to the sanctions imposed on the Rotenberg in July 2014 the European Union, the payment of alimony was difficult. The fact is that any transfer of a person under sanctions should be frozen as soon as the money comes at the expense of the British.

"Citizen R."

About conflicts around sanctions and alimony payments Rothenberg RBC learned from the published decision of the Appeal Court in London on 24Julia 2015. The Court analyzed the question of how the "Russian citizen R." (it does not disclose the identity of the court, indicating only the initial of the last name) fell under the EU sanctions in connection with the Ukrainian conflict, can legally pay for the content of his ex-wife and children dependent on her that live in the UK. The sanctions prohibit persons in the EU (including the UK) any transactions with financial assets defendants blacklist.

The Russian-anonymous individual in question, contested sanctions General Court of the European Union; He and his wife divorced in 2013 in Russia, and its interests in court are lawyers Pennik Lord and Maya Lester, said the decision of the Court of Appeal. These lawyers defend the interests of Arkady Rotenberg in the General Court of the EU, which is officially known, and Rotenberg - the only Russian citizen to seek the abolition of the EU Court sanctions (other claims - from companies).

Indeed, Arkady Rotenberg and Natalia divorced in April of 2013. The marriage was dissolved by the decision of the magistrate court plot №160 Tushino district of Moscow. Natalrd appealed against that decision to the Tushino court, but he confirmed the decision - it came into force in August 2013. After that, as Forbes wrote Rothenberg ex-spouse has filed a lawsuit on the recognition of the marriage contract invalid. If her claim was settled, the acquired married since 2005 joint property would be divided in half. Lawyer Natalia Voronkova Kyra Rothenberg of the company "Trunov, Aivar and Partners" does not exclude recourse to the London court, reported at the time of "Vedomosti".

Voronkov refused to provide RBC comments for this material. Rothenberg RBC failed Contact Natalia. British lawyers on both sides to respond to the request.

Businessman Arkady Rotenberg divorced his wife Natalia in 2013, however, found out RBC, she was dissatisfied with the decisions of Russian courts and tried to prove already in London, where she now lives with her two children, she owed much more significant part of the state of the former spouse. Russian businessmen are known for their long and costly divorce proceedings before the courts in the home andabroad. RBC remember which one of them was given considerable freedom to price

No division of property and compensation

"Indeed, at the moment in England are proceedings related to property claims by the former spouse", - has confirmed to RBC's lawyer Arkady Rotenberg Philip Ryabchenko. He said that Natalia Rothenberg initially claimed a share of the property entrepreneur, but in terms of division of assets by the court of England ex-wife has been denied. Now we can talk only about possible compensation, which Ryabchenko not taken to assess the size, but makes it clear that it will not be linked to the state of the businessman.

Counsel notes that the dispute is complicated by the presence of European sanctions, "which are also in a sense prevent the parties to negotiate." "We hope that a compromise will be reached, all disputes will be closed and settled in the nearest future", - says Ryabchenko.

Forbes magazine on August 6 assesses the state of Arkady Rotenberg in the $ 1.5 billion is now the main asset of a businessman -. It is 100% of the contractor 'Stroygazmontazh ". The proshlom year, being under the EU sanctions and the United States, the son of Arkady Rotenberg sold Igor from his first marriage 75.5% of shares of "Gazprom drilling" and 26% of shares of "Mostotrest". Arkady Rotenberg five children.

Two children from the second marriage by agreement of the parties reside with his mother outside of Russia (in the UK), he said in 2013 the lawyer Natalia Kyra Rothenberg Voronkov, "the father with them regularly seen." After a divorce, a British court ruled that Arkady Rotenberg has to make progress payments to the needs of ex-spouses and children. This is an interim solution soon businessman party will be appealed, said RBC's lawyer. And about last autumn Rotenberg does not pay child support, it follows from the recent decision of the Court of Appeal, - prevent sanctions. Money transferred to the account Rotenberg ex-wife in the British bank, should be frozen, unless the Ministry of Finance of the UK will not issue a license to defrost.

More London Court in October 2014 ruled that Rotenberg can transfer money to the ex-spouse on its Russian account, where it will be freeerevesti them at your own expense in the UK. But representatives of the businessman challenged the decision, arguing that such a scheme would be tantamount to illegal circumvention of sanctions would thus violated EU and UK legislation. On July 24, the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal Rothenberg lawyers confirming that payments in favor of Natalie Rothenberg on its Russian account should not be considered as a violation of the sanctions regime. And the UK Ministry of Finance has made it clear that will not block the subsequent transfer of money from its Russian accounts in the UK, follows from the decision.

Who disputes the EU sanctions in court

"The beneficiary of annexation"

Currently, Arkady Rotenberg is the only Russian, which is appealing to the European Court sanctions imposed against it. Council of the EU stated that Rothenberg is one of the direct beneficiaries "illegal annexation" of the Crimea: that he was a major shareholder "Giprotransmost" - the company that won the tender for the design and preparation of a feasibility study (FS) of construction tansportnogo passage through the Kerch Strait. Representatives of the businessman of his connection with the "Giprotransmost" repeatedly denied. In February this year, the EU Council announced that they would maintain sanctions against the Rotenberg, but with new bases. In March, the Council removed the mention of "Giprotransmost", replacing it with the argument that the Rotenberg owns "Stroygazmontazh", which was chosen as the general contractor for construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait to Crimea.

Banks and oil industry

In addition to the European Justice Rotenberg addressed Russian companies and banks against which the EU imposed sectoral restrictions. Sanctions contested Sberbank and its Turkish "daughter" DenizBank, VTB, VEB and its Ukrainian subsidiary of "Prominvestbank", "Gazprom Neft" (she had two separate lawsuit against various rounds of sanctions) and "Rosneft". Another case of "Rosneft" against the sanctions, which was considered by the High Court of London, has been transferred to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to clarify the wording of the sanctions. Claims Rotenberg, "RosOil "," Gazprom Neft ", Sberbank, VTB and VEB were filed in October 2014, but none of them has not yet scheduled a hearing. In the British decision in proceedings Rothenberg with ex-wife says that the sanctions proceedings may be authorized not earlier than the end of 2016.