"The gambling case" fell under the amnesty

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the near future may stop prosecuting the organizers of an underground gambling business in the vicinities of Moscow, including Ivan Nazarov.
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It is with this investigation and criminal saga began on the backing of illegal casinos prosecutors. None of the representatives of the supervisory authority and has not appeared before the court. And give them a bribe businessmen charged on that portion of the article of the Criminal Code, which fall under the amnesty adopted by the State Duma.

As a source told "Rosbalt" in law enforcement, even in December 2011, six organizers of gambling - Ivan Nazarov, Marat Mamyevu, Alla Guseva, Ivan Volkov, Vladimir and Vladimir Khusnutdinova Naumkin - were charged in the final version. All of them were charged with h. 2 of article 171 of the Criminal Code (illegal business, committed by an organized group and accompanied with the generation of income in a large scale), which is punishable by a fine of one hundred thousand rubles to imprisonment for a term of five years. Soon entrepreneurs began to study the case file, and they read it continues to this day - more than one and a half years. RF IC does not restrict the accused in this entertainingm process.

According to "Rosbalt", the investigators wanted to "gaming case" the courts have considered criminal cases against prosecutors who took bribes. At these hearings Nazarov & Co. to become one of the main witnesses. However, none of the representatives of the supervisory authority to the servants of Themis was not brought - Prosecutor General's Office refused to confirm the indictment. Now the need in the case of illegal casinos practically disappeared.

"When Nazarov and its partners finished familiarization with the case materials, all of them will be asked to agree to the application of the amnesty act adopted by the State Duma," - said the source agency.

In May 2011, amendments were made to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, in particular, there appeared an article 171.2, which provides a separate penalty for organizing illegal casinos. This article of the Criminal Code does not fall under the amnesty. However, an investigation into the suburban business was started two months earlier - in February 2011. So they just incriminated article 171 of the Criminal Code, which is present in the list of articles to the accused on toAmnesty may be applied torym.

"Nazarov and Co. have indicated that agree to amnesty" - the source said "Rosbalt". According to him, such a precedent is already there.

Now the production of GSM RF IC in the Moscow region is another major case of illegal gambling establishments. Their organizers, unlike Nazarov did not use conventional machines, and computers connected to the Internet. The other day the accused finished acquainted with the case, the investigator asked them to sign a document that they agree to the use of amnesty.

Materials case against Nazarov and five other defendants took a little over a hundred volumes. These are mainly reports of interrogations of manufacturers of gaming machines and software for them, the rank and file employees of underground casino, these confrontations, the results of examinations of the seized equipment, etc. Investigators have found that since the summer of 2009 to the beginning of 2011, income from operations 18 illegal gambling halls in 15 cities of the Moscow region amounted to 770 million rubles.

It is because of this investigation in a separate produdstvo it has been allocated a case against Mosoblprokuratury employees. According to the testimony of Ivan Nazarov, a part derived from the activities of the casino money is spent on daily needs: the payment of staff salaries, rental of premises, the purchase and maintenance of equipment, maintenance of restaurants, etc. And 80% of the remaining revenues were prosecutors, covers the underground business.

According to investigators, it was not all the time. Initially, restaurant and gambling entrepreneur Valery Kazakov supervised. He has extensive contacts in the different levels of government, the relationship with the prosecutors built on a parity basis. His assistant was Ivan Nazarov, who at the time was a civilian spouse Daria Jakubowski - the daughter of an influential lawyer Dmitry Jakubowski.

First August 2008 Valery Kazakov was demonstratively killed right on the doorstep of the Pushkin district prosecutor's office. Criminals in broad daylight fired several bullets into him, and then cut his throat. As a result, to manage casinos and restaurants was Ivan Nazarov. Initially, he also talked on equal terms with the prosecutors, sdruzhilswith many of them, especially with the head of department Dmitry Mosoblprokuratury Urumova. But it lasted until July 1, 2009 when gambling was prohibited except in special zones. As a result of all the casinos Nazarov became illegal, and the businessman turned to prosecutors in the "cash cow".

Nazarov was the leadership Mosoblprokuratury pay $ 180 thousand. Per month. The money he used to take Urumov buddy. He takes his share, and the most, according to investigators, passed the first deputy prosecutor Alexander Ignatenko region. A separate line in the list included bribes, prosecutors areas. They permanently receive from Nazarova for $ 30 thousand. Envelopes were given to employees and the Moscow region police, the Interior Ministry, etc.

Alla Guseva, according to investigators, is engaged in providing all the whims of prosecutors: organization of mass travel on holiday abroad, renovation of apartments and houses, buying expensive furniture, search for rare animal veterinarians, etc.

Instead, law enforcement officials warned Nazarova of Upcomingtions to combat illegal casino. If they still were held in a businessman institutions were busy that seized machines were returned back. Nazarov also Telegram machines seized from its competitors.

After the detention of the winter of 2011 Nazarov, mom and Gusev refused to testify. But then we started to cooperate with the investigation and entered into plea bargaining. Under these agreements Nazarov & Co. told all cases of transfer of money to law enforcement officials. "As a person who voluntarily reported paying bribes, they are exempt from criminal responsibility for this crime," - said the source of "Rosbalt" in law enforcement.

Based on the testimony of the organizers of gambling, RF IC began to arrest prosecutors. One of them - Dmitry Urumov - also began to cooperate with the investigation and spoke in detail about corruption in his department.