The High Court of London defended Boris Mintz from Mikhail Zadornov

However, the head of the bank "Otkrytie" can not withdraw his claims to the fugitive oligarch structures in Russian courts. This decision was taken by the Moscow Arbitration Court. If the "Discovery" does not stop pursuing Mintz, the state bank faces sanctions in the UK.
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The new leadership of FC Otkrytie, headed by Mikhail Zadornov, can not withdraw his claims to O1 Group Boris Mints structures in the Russian courts, even though the court in Britain ordered to do so. As reported by Vedomosti, yesterday the Moscow Arbitration Court dismissed Zadornov's petition to refuse claims against the structures of Mints about the transactions that took place on the eve of the reopening of the "Discovery". Because of these transactions, on the balance sheet of the bank, instead of secured loans, Mintz companies received bonds of its structure "O1 group finance" for 30 billion rubles.

The desire to continue the litigation was cooled by the High Court of London after the appeal of the companies Nori Holding, Centimila Services and Coniston Management (acted as mortgagor for the obligations of the O1 Group). The companies referred to the agreement between FC Opening and O1 Group, which provided for the resolution of all disputes in international arbitration. The High Court of London, the statement of Cypriot companies satisfied and ordered "FC Opening" to stop legal proceedings against companies in Moscow arbitration.

The order of the London court contained a warning about criminal liability in the event of its non-execution, a representative of FC Otkritie told. Therefore, the bank filed a petition for the refusal of the claim. At the same time, representatives of Nori Holding and Centimila Services petitioned that the court leave the claim without consideration or stop the proceedings. Yesterday, the Moscow Arbitration Court rejected this petition. The court adjourned the consideration of the claim and appointed the next meeting on September 10, calling the company Otkrie Holding as a third person of the former shareholder of FC Otkritie.

"Now FC Opening has two options, what to do. In the first case, the bank will continue the proceedings and fall under criminal responsibility in English jurisdiction, which may threaten him with the arrest of correspondent accounts in British banks. And in the second case, the bank can show the English court that it ceased to support the claim, and not to go to Moscow arbitration any more, "says Tertychny Agabalyan partner Ivan Tertychny, noting that due to the plaintiff's failure to appear, the court most likely will leave the claim without consideration.

Recall, Boris Mintz fled to London with a passport of Malta, received in 2016 under the program "Citizenship in exchange for investment." The minimum amount of investment required to obtain citizenship is 880 thousand euros.