The Hypocritical Empire

Russia's double standards as exemplified by the "Ukrainian campaign" are obvious. But worst of all, that it escapes the attention of the majority of Russian citizens.
Thirty years ago, Reagan called the Soviet Union an "evil empire." The current Russian government, restoring the Soviet regime, in the "empire of evil" does not pull. Not the swing. But on the "empire of hypocrisy" - quite.

March 1 The Federation Council gave consent to the use of Russian armed forces in Ukraine under the pretext that there are allegedly victims among Russian citizens in Crimea. Have the victims been denied even the Russian consulate in Simferopol - but permission to send troops remained in force.

Kremlin has vehemently denied the existence of the Russian special forces in the Crimea - clumsily disguised as "little green men." A month later, this obvious fact to the whole world had to acknowledge Putin - but the Crimea at that time had already been annexed.

The federal TV channels spoke of "hundreds of thousands of refugees" from the Ukraine to Russia. And this has been refuted, and the Russian Federal Migration Service, - but lie about "the persecution of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine" did not subside.

Hypocrisy and lies continued when well-armed citizens with carefully fugitivess, spectacular administrative buildings and offices in eastern Ukraine police and proclaim the "republic", - have been named by the Russian authorities, "the supporters of federalization, driven to despair."

What exactly brought them to "despair" - not due, including themselves "peaceful protesters." It does not explain where they come from the latest Russian assault rifles and grenade launchers, and for some it is the "federalization" they act, posting Russian flags and demanding that Russian troops. By the way, what is happening in Russia today in Donetsk and Lugansk not be qualified as "peaceful protests", but as a violent seizure of power (Article 278 of the Criminal Code) or an armed rebellion (Article 279). With the prospect of landing up to 20 years.

Realizing that the "popular protests" look poorly motivated (the new government could not have time to "bring to despair"), - the Kremlin began to tell, that in Kiev there was a "neo-Nazi coup" that have come to power, "fascists" and "Bandera", " pursuing Russian citizens "and" bannings Russian language. "

Not a single fact "fascism", "anti-Semitism", "persecution" and "ban" has not been given. But favorites of Russian propaganda channels - the "people's governor", "mayor" and "pro-Russian activists" - were or are wanted by Russian criminals, or the Russian neo-Nazi or anti-Semitic remarks by collectors. Militants "Donetsk People's Republic" arranged Gypsy pogroms and released the order for registration of Donbass Jews. A Russian saboteurs captured in Slavyansk launched TV Black Hundred was a kind, convicting "Zionists" and the name of the Ukrainian authorities to "Jewish junta." But it is on Russian TV, of course, they did not show: absolutely do not fit into the concept of "popular uprising against the fascist regime" ...

Finally, "the supporters of federalization" began to behave like ordinary terrorists - killing Ukrainian politicians to turn women and children into a "human shield" and take hostages, including -of the number of international observers, demanding that their exchange for their imprisoned activists (of which the Russian Foreign Ministry touchingly calls "political prisoners").

In response - the slightest perturbation of the Russian authorities, who assured before the world in its intolerance of terrorism. Russian TV channels reported that the Ukrainian "punitive" intend "Slavyansk erase from the face of the earth." After that, do not hide the joy, showed new hostages - beaten by terrorists Ukrainian officers directed to apprehend suspects in the murder of the deputy Volodymyr Rybak.

Favorite Kremlin accusations against the West - in "double standards".

This occurs there is no secret. But first, who writes about it, - the Western media. And the first who it said - Western politicians.

But Russian media and Russian politicians (with rare exceptions) the double standards of the Russian authorities did not say a word.

Meanwhile, tell them what it would be - because the Kremlin hypocrisy and lies crossed all conceivable limits earlier.

Consider this: the State toThoroe threw the army (including planes, missiles and tanks) to keep Chechnya within Russia, calling it "counter-terrorist operation" and denies the war crimes committed during the punitive actions in Samashki and Novye Aldy - now announces a "crime against the people" the use of the Ukrainian army against armed terrorists. Ukrainian politicians and human rights defenders have the right to discuss the legitimacy of these actions. But those who organized or approved of "carpet bombing", "cleansing" and the storming of the school in Beslan - not on the "outrage" no moral right.

A State which has declared an offense punishable by a 5-year term of imprisonment, any attempt to give a hint of secession from it requires the "right to self-determination" for the regions of Ukraine. If the armed citizens in the Kaliningrad region and Buryatia seized the administration declared itself a "republic", posted foreign flags and demanded a "referendum" - how many hours of Russian media have talked about "the unidentified bodies of terrorists"?
<br /> The government, accused the West of "support of the Maidan" and calls his opposition as "agents of influence", "enemies of the people" and "national-traitors" - sends saboteurs (do not hesitate to admit his origin) to lead Donetsk militants.

State where serving sentences dozens of real political prisoners go to jail "prisoners of the Swamp" dispersing peaceful protests and equating punishment for them to punishment for terrorism - require the Ukrainian authorities to "renounce violence", "release the peaceful protest leaders" and to hold "a broad dialogue with all political forces" ...

The saddest thing is that, judging by the level of government support, the obvious differences in their "internal" and "external" rhetoric and behavior escapes the attention of the majority of Russian citizens. And they are followed by the authorities are ready to notice only in a foreign country - and not in his, where it would be much easier - fascism, nationalism, the lack of freedom of speech, lack of federalism and the impossibility of implementing greatIslands to self-determination. Yes, the power of propaganda (as well as the degree of falsity) has reached unprecedented proportions. Even at the beginning of the second Chechen war, or "force Georgia to peace" was not observed anything like it. Yet susceptibility to propaganda - despite the fact that it is easy to find on the web alternative information - a symptom of a very serious illness of society.

She treated only one tool - called "freedom and democracy".

Another, by the way, helped. Those who had once "got up from its knees" and happy "gathering lands" and "correcting historical injustices."