The Khotin family collected more than a million

The businessmen gave away their offices for management.   
The two management companies - New Life Group and Sky Property - were the owners of Moscow and suburban business centers with a total area of ​​about 1.5 million square meters. m. As found "b", the majority of these objects belong to the structures close to the owners of oil companies "Dulisma" and Exillon Energy Yuri and Alexei Hawtin. Businessmen bought idle production facilities, which were built on the basis of the offices.

two new companies on the market management office centers - New Life Group and Sky Property, told "Kommersant" consultants in the real estate market. Based on the information on the websites of the companies under their control in Moscow and the Moscow region are business centers with a total area of ​​about 1.5 million square feet. M. The list includes Orlikov Plaza in Orlikov Lane, East Gate on Shchelkovo highway, The Cube at the Volgograd prospectus - these objects, as previously reported in the media belong to the owners of oil companies "Dulisma" and Exillon Energy father and son Yuri and Alexei Hawtin, whose state in 2016, Forbes estimated at $ 0.9 billion. at the New Life Group sites and Sky Property reported that these companies are the owners of the proposed rent office space. However, according to several consultants, the ultimate beneficiary of this property stands close to the family Hawtin company "Complex investment." The New Life Group and Sky Property not able to promptly provide comment. Interviewees "Y" consultants found it difficult to assess the value of real estate which is in the management of New Life Group and Sky Property.

If the information source "b" is true, then Hawtin gentlemen hold more than a dozen office buildings, as the general public did not know. For example, New Life Group and Sky Property pass the following business centers: Agat on Big Semyonov, Loft Ville Paveletskaya, "Suschevsky" on Suschevsky Val, "Ochakovo" in the Big Ochakovo street. Among the objects handed over by New Life Group, has a Center-T (28 thousand sq. M.) In Gamsonovsky lane. The owner of this office is LLC "Breeze-21", from the data USRR. The owner of the company, according to the register, acts Hope Kravchenko. It also owns OOO "Architectural bureau" Another city "", which was established "complex investments." The ultimate owner of the business center in the Moscow Bronnitsy acts Yuri Boucard, he also owns the "Mega-Travis," which was also created "complex investments."

Self Hawtin gentlemen officially issued any asset in the estate. Thus, East Gate is located on the balance of LLC "Elegy," which, in turn, belongs to the "Elite Estate", established by Olesya Astakhova. It is through a series of legal persons owns a share in the "ACC Copper foil" - the company is the owner of the business center Favorit electrolyte in the alley, which the media also mentioned as a family asset Hawtin. In addition, the business center at the Stendhal Novoryazanskaya street decorated LTD "Sorils" Alexander Nikitin and Svetlana Filinova. They laid their share of the bank "Yugra", where Alex Hawtin controls more than 50%.

According to the source "b", Hawtin family has converted the former offices at the premises of non-performing enterprises. So, in place of Agat business center was the plant "Littyazhmash", and in the territory of the office center "Krasny Bogatyr" - the production of rubber products.

Lord Hawtin by chance decided to unite all their office premises under the control of New Life Group and Sky Property. "This allows you to reduce operating costs," - says the regional director of department on work with corporate clients and commercial real estate Colliers International Faith Zimenkova. As a rule, the expert adds, in such cases, owner of the management company draws up a trust management agreement, under which the agent has the right to conduct any operations with real estate - up to its sale.