The Khrunichev Center was surrounded by 120 million of invited lawyers and accountants

In the case of fraud and embezzlement, the accused is the ex-general director of the enterprise.
The TFR has completed the investigation of the criminal case of the former Director General of the Center. MV Khrunichev Vladimir Nesterov and his alleged accomplices. The defendants are accused of fraud, waste and abuse of power. According to the investigators, the company entered into contracts and the provision of legal and consulting services and paid for them, although the work could be performed, and in one case, it was carried out by the staff of the center. The damage is estimated at about 120 million rubles.

The Main Directorate for the Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of the TFR has completed the investigation of the criminal case against the former General Director of the FSUE GKNPTs im. MV Khrunichev ”Vladimir Nesterov, chief accountant of the enterprise Mikhail Yakushin, as well as heads of two commercial organizations. “Depending on the role of each, they are accused of committing crimes under Part 4 of Art. 159, part 4 of Art. 160, part 2 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (especially large fraud and embezzlement, as well as abuse of power) ", - said the official representative of the committee Svetlana Petrenko.

According to the investigation, in 2007-2014, the defendants initiated the conclusion of two agreements to represent the interests of the Center. MV Khrunichev in the courts, as well as the provision of audit and consulting services for the needs of the accounting department. According to one of the contracts, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise monthly, regardless of the provision of services, transferred € 22,000 to the law firm, as well as 5% of the sums won in litigation with tax authorities over the collection of payments. At the same time, according to the ICR, the enterprise had its own legal service.

The second episode concerns the contract for the provision of consulting services. According to the investigation, the attackers entered into fictitious additional agreements and drew up fake acts on the performance of work with deliberately false information about the allegedly rendered services for the needs of the accounting department. In fact, according to the investigation, the works listed in the acts were carried out by the employees of the accounting department of the enterprise, the staff of which was more than 200 people.

Thus, according to the calculations of the TFR, as a result of the actions of the accused, the funds of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise were stolen in the amount of more than 120 million rubles.

Another accomplice in these crimes, noted in the TFR, is the former Deputy Director General of the Center. MV Khrunichev on economics, Alexander Ostroverkh at one time admitted his guilt and entered into a cooperation agreement. He has already been convicted of embezzlement in a special order.

Separately, the case indicates that in 2006, without the permission of the Federal Property Management Agency and Roscosmos, Mr. Nesterov gave consent to the American company Lockheed Martin to sell its 51% stake in the Russian-American joint venture Lockheed-Khrunichev-Energia and 50% in the joint company International Launch Services "offshore company" Space Transport Inc. ", registered in the British Virgin Islands and owned by a German citizen.

The enterprises, according to the ICR, were created with the aim of selling American Atlas launch vehicles and Russian Proton launch vehicles on the international market.

Thus, Nesterov waived the right of priority purchase of these shares and concealed this fact from the Federal Property Management Agency and Roscosmos. At the same time, their cost, as established by the investigation, amounted to 2.2 billion rubles. Subsequently, Mr. Nesterov, on the basis of the case file, misleading the Federal Property Management Agency and Roscosmos, organized the purchase by the Center. MV Khrunichev, the same shares held by Space Transport Inc. at an inflated price of $ 321 million (7.5 billion rubles). Thus, the unlawful actions of Nesterov caused significant material damage to the budget of Russia in the amount of over 5.3 billion rubles - this is the difference between the market value of shares and the amount paid for them as of 2006.