The last stand of Technosila

It was decided to close the retailer's Internet store.  
Contrary to the previously announced plans of the Safmar group of the Gutseriev-Shishkhanov family to keep the online store Technosila, it may be closed this week. Thus, the brand created in 1993 will completely cease to exist. The usual stores of the retailer are only five, they will change the sign until the fall.

The fact that the brand Technosila completely ceases to exist, told two sources of Kommersant on the retail market. According to one of them, the online store will stop working on August 1 - its visitors will be redirected to the site "Eldorado". "Technosila will cease to exist both offline and online," another interlocutor from Kommersant says, without specifying when this will happen. Indirect confirmation of this information is the announcement posted on the website of "Technosila" about the start from August 1 of the program for replacing the bonus cards "Technosila" on the cards "Club Eldorado". Employees of the retailer are dismissed, the team is working in a shortened composition, some of the employees are leaving for M.Video or Eldorado, some for the labor market, Kommersant sources say. The general director of Technosila Ilya Timchenko and the representative of Safmar (the owner of the retailer) declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Safmar said that it will keep the Technosila Internet store, despite the fact that the off-line objects will be transferred to the brands M.Video or Eldorado (both networks also belong to Safmar). Rebranding should be completed by September in accordance with the previously announced plan, such information is available to the source of "Kommersant", close to the network.

The "Technosila" brand is one of the oldest household appliances and electronics in the Russian market. He appeared in 1993. In the same year, the "M.Video" network began operating, a year later - "Eldorado".

Now on the site of "Technosila" there are only five stores in Moscow and Moscow region, at the end of 2016 there were 97 of them. The revenues of the network in the last year decreased by approximately 2%, to 15.6 billion rubles. (Without VAT), the general director of the agency "Infoline-Analytics" Mikhail Burmistrov estimated. According to him, the turnover of offline stores during that period fell by 15%, to 8.9 billion rubles. While online sales grew by 24%, to 6.7 billion rubles.

In the structure of online sales of "Technosila" almost 2.5 billion rubles. Accounted for, which this month was sold to its founders, continues Mr. Burmistrov. According to his estimate, of the remaining 4.2 billion rubles. More than 1 billion rubles. Brought sales in new categories: children's and sports goods, household goods, furniture and DIY. Thus, in online sales of household and computer equipment in 2016, Technosila had slightly more than 3 billion rubles. This is less than 7% of the total online sales of M.Video, Eldorado and Tehnosila, continues the head of Infoline-Analytics.

"Closure of the Internet store Technosila will be fully compensated by the growth of online sales of online stores M.Video and Eldorado in the second half of 2017," the expert said.

The president of the Association of Internet Trade Companies, Alexei Fedorov, notes that the site of Technosila generates a small but stable traffic: about 300 thousand people visit it a month, M.Video has about 25 million, Yulmart - 18 million According to Mr. Fedorov, against the backdrop of problems with payments to suppliers, closing the online store is illogical: "It would be more reasonable to sell it, but it can cost about 4 million rubles." At the end of June, the newspaper Delovoy Peterburg reported that Technosila had warned suppliers that it was impossible to pay them completely. To solve the problem, the retailer offered to repay part of the debt, returning the goods from the warehouses at cost, and part - to pay in installments in cash with a discount of 30-50%. According to SPARK-Interfax, since the beginning of the year 100 lawsuits have been submitted to Technosila for a total of 435 million rubles. Alexei Fedorov confirms that Technosila does not extinguish the debt, while not giving the suppliers their goods.