The medical project of businessman Alexander Mamut changed his address

The medical project of a businessman changed his address.
The fund of A & NN Investments, owned by Alexander Mamut, refused to build a premium medical center in the west of Moscow. A plot of 1.1 hectares, where it was supposed to appear, is planned to be sold. Instead of this medical project, the businessman will launch another: in partnership with the university hospital in Strasbourg, he will open a center in the international medical cluster in Skolkovo.

A & NN Investments fund Alexandra Mamuta intends to invest in the creation of a branch of the University Hospital Strasbourg in the territory of the International Medical Cluster (MMK) in Skolkovo. The corresponding agreement was signed by Mamut on July 19 with the general director of the hospital, Cristofor Gautier, the first adviser to the dean of the medical faculty of the university, Gilbert Vicente, and the head of the MMK fund, Mikhail Yugay. As told "Kommersant" in A & NN, under the management of the hospital until 2022 in "Skolkovo" is planned to build a multi-center with an area of ​​15 thousand square meters. He will specialize in the treatment of diseases in the field of oncology, cardiology, traumatology and orthopedics, urology, gynecology, ophthalmology, etc. By 2024, the second phase of the project is to be implemented, involving an increase in the number of beds.

Before, A & NN was going to create a premium medical center in the west of Moscow: the fund owns a 1.1 hectare site on Tolbukhin Street, where the historic residence of the Soviet marshal Fedor Tolbukhin is located, built in 1936. It was planned to preserve and make it part of the medical center under construction. According to A & NN's executive director Nadezhda Ermakova, the fund can now set up a plot for sale. His market value CEO "Geo Development" Maxim Leshchev estimates about 200 million rubles., Based on the possibility of building a medical center on it.

As explained by Mrs. Ermakova, A & NN adjusted plans for the construction of the medical center "because of the unique opportunities that MMK provides, creating a legal basis for the transfer of advanced medical experience to Russia." The project in Skolkovo will be designed not only for patients with high incomes, but also for a wider audience. The Fund will become a key investor: in partnership with the government of Moscow, it will create the necessary infrastructure, provide the center with equipment, and will conduct operational activities for the launch of the institution. The volume of investments has not yet been determined, but it will not exceed $ 100 million, which was supposed to be invested in the establishment of a medical center on Tolbukhin Street, said Nadezhda Ermakova. The co-founder of the project was supposed to be the former co-owner of the Novosibirsk medical center "Avicenna" (bought GC "Mother and Child") Boris Aizikovich. He received 40% in LLC "Medical Trust Holding", established to manage the premium medical center. Mrs. Ermakova says that for the center in Skolkovo A & NN also hopes to attract co-investors.

Several medical projects have already been announced on the territory of MMK, said David Melik-Huseynov, director of the Institute of Healthcare and Medical Management of Moscow. So, the first operator of the cluster in 2017 was the Israeli clinic "Hadassah", which is involved in the construction of a specialty oncology clinical and diagnostic building. The investor of the project is AFI Development Lev Leviev. In addition, the "Tashir" group Samvel Karapetyan participated in the construction and equipping of the South Korean hospital Bundang, ready to invest up to 15 billion rubles in the project.

Mr. Melik-Huseynov notes that A & NN will face a high level of competition in the implementation of all the above-mentioned projects in one territory, involving the provision of mostly the same services. "Solvent demand for them is small, so the return of investment can be expected in seven to ten years," the expert believes. Because of this, in his opinion, it will not be easy to find a co-investor in the project inside the country.