The MIA is checking the bargain of Sberbank and Alexey Venediktov

The leader of the "Green Alliance - People's Party" Oleg Mitvol hopes to institute criminal proceedings against the chief editor of Echo of Moscow.
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ATC on the South-Western administrative district of GU MVD of Russia in Moscow responded to the chairman of "Green Alliance - People's Party" Party Oleg Mitvol on previously sent them a request concerning possible illegal actions on the part of the chief editor of "Echo of Moscow" and the founder of "Education 21" Alexei Venediktov. In its response, the Interior Ministry reported that the information contained in the address information relating to Venediktov action and possible fraud with the Savings Bank money will be used for further operational and search activities.

Earlier Oleg Mitvol asked the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office to check legality of the Sberbank of Russia investments in 2011 of $ 20 million in the website PublicPost, partner-operator which was sold to OOO "Education 21" Alexei Venediktov. According to policy, the terms of the bank investment have damaged its depositors.

In addition, Oleg Mitvol noted that the funds provided by the company Venediktov three years ago, stood without security and financial feasibility studies.

- His answer to the Interior Ministry confirmed the fact of the operativno-search activities, for which, I think, will be followed by the initiation of criminal case. I am outraged by how cynical name for their afernoy office came up with a man who calls himself the "conscience of the nation" and "main opposition", - said Mitvol. - The name "Education 21" corresponds Venediktov plans for future activity in this industry. In addition, I would like to note the fruitfulness with which he rolled up about $ 10 million, including my own, since I am a shareholder of Sberbank, on banquets and exorbitant salaries of its employees.

In addition, Mitvol any questions and to create a "dabbler" historical journal, the money which, according to him, were identified as one of the state-owned companies.

To create PublicPost site, which, according to Mitvol, is no more than 1.5 million rubles spent on the orders of large sums. Thus, it remains unclear what funds were spent Sberbank.

State Duma deputy Alexander Sidyakin, which also pointed to signs of embezzlement Sberbank Alexei Venediktov, said that the investigation VPOcan not go to the criminal proceedings.

- I consider the information provided by Mitvol sufficient to to the organizer of the enterprise could be a criminal case, - Sidyakin said. - In the near future I will personally be interested in the details of investigative and investigative activities in relation to this story.

Editor in Chief of "Echo of Moscow" Alexei Venediktov, in turn, told "Izvestia" Oleg Mitvol in the near future may itself get sued for libel.

- I have no concern about the fact that I will have a criminal case. I met with the investigator of the Prosecutor General, who confirmed to me that in any securities transfer from the Savings Bank is not carried out, neither in the shares of Sberbank, nor in the "Education 21", - he explained. - All these notions Mr. Mitvol. When the scan is finished, Oleg Mitvol pay a heavy fine for libel. And the money that we have to seize it, "Education 21" will be a long and happy life.

Sam PublicPost, around which broke the scandal with moneyE Savings Bank, was conceived as the original site, which was a combined publication of professional journalists and ordinary Web users. Launched in November 2011, the project was closed in July last year.