The Minnikhanov clan ate the banking sector of Tatarstan

In Tatarstan, another bank left associated with Tatfondbank and the Government of the Republic, Tatagroprombank, went into the red.
The head of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov reached the peak of his career - he managed to destroy the entire banking system of the region. On the eve it became known that the Central Bank revoked the license from the Tatarstan Agrarian and Industrial Bank (Tatagroprombank). The regulator repeatedly applied sanctions to the bank, but as a result, the bank still completely lost its equity.

According to the Central Bank, Tatagroprombank regularly financed credit institutions that are part of the "informal banking group headed by PJSC Tatfondbank."

"Due to the formation of reserves for liabilities of PAT" Tatfondbank "and PJSC" Intechbank "in connection with the revocation of their licenses for banking operations, the bank's capital acquired a negative value of about 0.6 billion rubles," the Central Bank said. That is, Tatagroprombank managed to "pour" in the government Tatfondbank and Intechbank so much money that the capital was not just a "hole", and the bank's capital was in the red at 600 million rubles!

Legislation in the field of combating money laundering in Tatagroprombank was not observed for the simple reason that this is what the financial organization most likely was doing.

"The close connection and dependence of the bank's operations on PAT Tatfondbank and its ultimate beneficiary also caused a deterioration in the financial condition of Tatagroprombank," confirmed Olga Polyakova, deputy chairman of the Central Bank.

The most interesting thing is that in connection with Tatagroprombank, the same figure of the former president of Tatfondbank Robert Musin, who is now safely awaiting trial for billions of dollars in embezzlement, emerges.

For whom did Musin try?

On the same day, December 15, when Musin was removed from the post of the president of the TSE, it became known that this businessman had left the shareholders of Tatagroprombank. Mr. Musin was the owner of a 36.34% stake in Tatagroprombank through the company "New Petrochemicals". The company's share in the bank was reduced to 9.9%, but Ramil Safin became their owner through Nefteimiya.

Note that "New Petrochemicals" is the largest shareholder of Tatfondbank (a share of 20.2%). Actually, it was through the "New Petrochemicals" that Musin "sucked" money from the banking sector of Tatarstan. This company is a shareholder of not only the collapsed Tatfondbank and Tatagroprombank, but also owns 100% of the capital of Timer Bank! Yesterday it became known that more than two dozen applications from the depositors of "Timer Bank" already are in the republican prosecutor's office. The financial organization never returned the applicant from the deposits.

"The Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Tatarstan received 21 appeals from Timer's depositors. The study of appeals showed that they all relate to non-return of deposits and are not related to the situation when Tatfondbank acted as a sanator for Timer Bank, "the prosecutor's office told. On the sanitation Moussinsky Bank was sent on February 20. That's only with the conclusions about the lack of communication prosecutors may have hurried. After all, Musin's bank actually fell for the sanation of Tatfondbank, which at that time was subordinated ... to the same Robert Musin.

The Deposit Insurance Agency took on the recovery of Timer Bank only on February 20. Although in a good way, if not all assets have been withdrawn from the financial organization of Mussin, they should be sent as compensation for what, as the investigation believes, managed to steal Musin. By the way, as a result of the sanitation, which led by Musin rolled Tatfondbank, another financial organization - the bank "Sovetsky" - suffered. Instead of sanitation, the sanator took 15 billion rubles from the Soviets under the guise of getting a loan. The views of the shareholders of the sanated bank, as it turned out later, did not ask: Tatfondbank simply took advantage of its dominant position.

The shareholders were not asked in the literal sense of the word - the voting of the disinterested shareholders, which was mandatory in the case of issuing an interbank loan, was not conducted. Such a meeting was held later, when Tatfondbank sold a share in Sovetskoy associated with the son of an associate of Musin and a shareholder of the IKF Ilduz Mingazetdinov company. This office and provided the necessary Musin's vote on the vote. That's only the court holding the shareholders' meeting "hindsight" was not satisfied and demanded from Tatfondbank to return the loan. Now the TFB is trying to challenge this decision.

Musin, who is sitting in jail, today, April 6, became a suspect in a new criminal case. Recall, the first case against the banker was initiated in March this year. According to the investigation, in the summer of last year Tatfondbank, which was then managed by Musin, provided the Central Bank with fictitious information about the allegedly highly liquid assets. The bank under these guarantees received a loan of 3 billion rubles, but the money was transferred to the accounts of organizations controlled by Musin and kidnapped. The second criminal case is connected with illegal withdrawal of 847 million rubles.

"According to the investigation, Musin and unidentified officials of PAT Tatfondbank, aware of the insolvency of the bank and the possibility of revoking the license of the Central Bank of Russia, unlawfully withdrew the lien property of OOO Urman under four loan agreements with PAT Tatfondbank for a total of more than 847 million rubles, "- said on the website of the SU SCR.

Experts are sure that the investigation team will have to write more tons of paper, revealing details of frauds in Tatfondbank and other related structures. After all, the "hole" in the capital of the bank exceeds 100 billion rubles. Where did this money disappear? Or rather, in someone's pockets. But, most likely, Robert Musin will be responsible not alone, but in the company of the head of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, ex-premier Ildar Khalikov and some members of the regional government.

Minnikhanov "will sit down"

The Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers owns almost 50% of Tatfondbank's shares, and 10% of shares are held by Intesbank. Residents of the region trusted these banks in the first place, because these financial organizations are government organizations. And in the end, there were "holes" for 100 billion rubles in the first bank, and for 14 billion rubles - in the second. Shareholders have access to the financial statements of the bank, because the owner not only has the right, but also must be aware of the affairs of his assets. Moreover, if the asset - the state, that is, it belongs to the population.

Who as a non-shareholder should be responsible for the virtual theft of depositors' funds? And who, if not the head of the republic, should at least answer with his career for what is happening in the region? If Minnikhanova is simply dismissed, we can assume that the "tsarek" will easily get off. Perhaps, in some alternative reality, the head of the republic could not be aware of the fact that government banks for several years were taking tens of billions of rubles. But Rustam Minnikhanov could not not know this. And if he knew and was silent, then, most likely, he was not just an observer, but an active participant in this "feeder".

Worse than Shaimiev

After the collapse of Tatfondbank and Intechbank, the dismissal of regional prime minister Ildar Khalikov, the arrest of the main contender for the title of "thief of the year" Robert Musin, it would seem, is much worse? It turned out that it could be worse. Minnikhanov managed to preserve all the best traditions of government that have remained since the time of the last "Khan" of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev. This clan, the concentration of financial flows in one hand, corruption.

But Minnikhanov outperformed his predecessor, having managed to squeeze the banking sector of Tatarstan so much that she simply passed away. It is rumored that Minnikhanov not only could "feed" himself at the expense of bank frauds, but he also left a "feeder" for Shaimiev, who after the resignation continues to actually control the republic. Indirectly, this confirms the fact that until 2010 (that is, the year of Shaimiev's resignation), Tatagroprombank owned the Reserve Fund of the President of Tatarstan. After that, the fund withdrew from the shareholders, merged into the Republican Foundation for the Revival of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Mintimer Shaimiev.

The granddaughter of the former president of Tatarstan, Mintimer Shaimiev, was co-owner of almost 2% of the non-public business monster - the company "Taif". This office now controls 96% of the chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas processing segments of the republic. In addition, as early as 2015, the son of Mintimer Shaimiev Radik owned almost 12% of shares in Taif. By the way, in due time "Taif" was a shareholder of Tatfondbank. The company owned a stake in the financial organization through the firm Telecom-Management. However, back in 2015, Taif had less than one percent of the shares of the TFB. But the very participation of the Shaimiev company in Tatfondbank is quite indicative and suggests that Shaimiev Minnikhanov's successor, after his "accession" to the opportunity to "feed" the ex-president of the republic, did not deprive him.

But what was the shaft of claims and charges was not "hung" on Shaimiev, Minnikhanov's predecessor "surpassed". It seems that the current president of Tatarstan has completely overpowered. The consequences did not keep us waiting - Minnikhanov's appetites blew the banking sector of the republic.