The New Adventures of Italians in Russia

UniCredit Bank suffers losses and deceives itself.
The dispute over the property of one of the largest operators of the fuel market of Saint Petersburg - "Phaeton" bankrupt as a result of the international financial crisis 2008-2009 years, came to the international level. The fact that among the creditors of the company, which owned a network of gas stations, proved to UniCredit Bank, part of the Italian group UniSreditS.p.A.

After much litigation, the two pledged filling stations were put up for auction. But attempts to twice the market failed to sell them at a price, and as a result the bank took the gas station data on its balance sheet. It should be noted that the bankruptcy procedure provided another option - the public auction. However, as they say participants of the fuel market, it prevented the Bank consultant Konstantin Gubin, promising to sell assets quickly and most expensive.

Because to do so and failed, UniCredit Bank has issued property at the gas station. The bank failed to resolve disputes with other commercial structures over movable property to which the claim, including the State Agricultural Bank. In addition, preservesnyalas threat of withdrawal of gas station network engineering, designed for other entities.

As noted by sources familiar with the situation, UniCredit Bank has repeatedly addressed various organizations and operators of the fuel market with offers to buy out of the property and its effective use. But apparently, these proposals are not satisfied with the consultant Gubin, which is not surprising - after all, he is the co-owner (20%) and partner consulting company RBPartners, signed a Subscription Agreement for the implementation of the various assets of UniCredit Bank. So the longer the gas station is not sold, the more money you can earn RBPartners.

Meanwhile, the results of operations of UniCredit Bank also affect the profitability of the entire UniCredit Group. And with the advent of a new financial crisis in 2014-2015 the ruble has fallen dramatically relative to world currencies. For the euro, for example, the ruble fell by almost 2 times. Given that the market value of the two gas stations in St. Petersburg, according to experts, does not exceed 60 million rubles in 2013-2014 amount of the transaction could sostavit1,5 million euros, and at the current rate - is 0.8 million euros. Thus lossforeign exchange gain in this case - at least 700 thousand euros..

You also need to bear in mind that the content of such complex engineering structures requires sustained significant costs - equipment maintenance, staff salaries, payment of various taxes, etc., - that by quite difficult to evaluate. Moreover, in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, for the conservation of the property on its balance sheet of UniCredit Bank is obliged to form reserves - up to 75% of the asset value. These filling stations in the bank took the property in December 2013, in connection with which the reserves associated 57.7 million rubles., Which could be used for granting loans to individuals under 20% per annum (lending rates in 2013 ranged within 20-25 %). That is, the lost profit of UniCredit Bank amounted to an additional 23 million rubles. 2 years or 307 thousand. euro, analysts said the banking sector.

Overall, the bank's losses only on the availability on the balance of the two stations, without support of objects of expenditure could exceed one million euros. However, with high probability in the statements of JSC "UniCredit Bank" is not reflectedBecause Russian accounting are taken into account only the actual losses incurred. Thus it is possible that UniCreditS.pA not have a complete picture of the financial status of its Russian branch and went on to report on the profitability of its operations in Central and Eastern Europe compared with other regions.

Incorrect and misleading statements have become the scourge of the modern financial world. We should not forget that the global crisis of 2008-2009 broke out including due to problems in the financial statements and GoldmanSachs LehmanBrothers. But, apparently, the Russian branch of UniCredit leadership is not particularly worried about the goodwill of the parent bank - and in fact UniCreditS.pA shares fell by 75% over the last 6 years.

In June 2016, UniCredit Bank finally sold two gas stations of some of CJSC "National Fund" - and significantly cheaper than took the balance. At the same time the manager and one of the founders of the Company is none other than Konstantin Gubin. Needless JSC "National Fund" - quite a strange company: it does not lead in any activity. Moreover, its authorized capital wasyaet only 10 thousand rubles, and the main party -.. Ltd. "The new financial concept", which owns 80% of shares of the Company - was liquidated by the decision of the IRS in connection with the failure to deliver reports and tax evasion. That is, it is not excluded that the assets of UniCredit Bank were sold on the cheap firme- "pacifier".

Was this a personal financial interest of employees of the bank and advisor Gubin unknown. But be that as it may, the JSC "National Fund" was to offer the participants of the fuel market to redeem acquired from UniCredit Bank gas stations have a much higher price. At the same time, according to sources familiar with the deal, JSC "National Fund" has not paid off with the bank - the payment period under the contract exceed six months. We can only guess who will profit from a possible deal for the next sale of the gas station - but it is clearly not the UniCredit Bank.