The new plane Gulfstream cost Sergei Galitsky $ 70 million

To become the lucky owner of a long-haul aircraft Krasnodar billionaire was able two years after the order - the plane is very in demand, and even members of the Forbes list have to wait their turn.
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The founder of the network "Magnet" Sergei Galitsky acquired a new business jet - Gulfstream G650 with the onboard number M-YGLF (stands for "My Gulf Stream"). About this Forbes said a source who knows about the deal. The representative of Galitsky could not comment on this information.

Forbes interlocutor suggested that the billionaire could purchase the aircraft at the catalog price of $ 70.15 million. According to him, the business jet was produced in October 2017, and Galicia's Quantum Air company received it in February this year. How Galicky owns Quantum Air (directly or through a chain of other companies), it is not clear that it is registered on the Isle of Man, where information about the beneficiaries is not disclosed. But according to the data of the air register of the Isle of Man, Quantum Air did purchase M-YGLF on February 15, 2018 - it became the 998th aircraft registered in the register. According to the Forbes source, the company was specifically registered on the Isle of Man to control the aircraft. "She is in charge of management and everything related to its operation: the crew, the permission for flights, maintenance, repairs, etc.," he explains.

The plane made the first flight on February 16 and since that time it regularly happens in Krasnodar, where Galitsky lives, - this is confirmed by the data of the airtracking site FlightAware. For example, on May 26 the plane flew to Krasnodar (Pashkovsky International Airport) from German Friedrichshafen, and on June 4 flew to Milan.

According to the Forbes source, Galitsky ordered the plane two years ago. "In this situation, perhaps he would not have bought it - because of economic and political characteristics," he argues. Nevertheless, when a billionaire ordered a jet, he introduced a so-called non-refundable insurance deposit. This means that if Galitsky refused to take the plane, he would simply lose money.

"The G650 is a chic aircraft. This is one of the most ultra-long aircraft in its class, "- says the project manager Bizavnews Dmitry Petrochenko. This aircraft can fly non-stop from Moscow to New York, from Moscow to Dubai, from Moscow to Hong Kong. "This is one of the most popular aircraft for non-stop flights," he emphasizes.

According to Petrochenko, G650 is one of the most modern business jets of this level and one of the best-selling, despite the high price tag. "That is, it is the flagship of many wealthy people in Russia and abroad," he said. Forbes interlocutor notes that in the secondary market the aircraft is practically not delayed: if someone puts the plane up for sale, it is immediately bought. This explains the supply queue, even if a new aircraft is ordered - the production of Gulfstream is very busy. Petrochenko adds that the aircraft cabin is designed in such a way that it is comfortable and sleeping and working. "If you have Gulfstream 650 - then you have succeeded in life," jokes the expert.

The managing partner of the club "Business Aviation" Andrey Kalinin with a high profile of the business jet Gulfstream agrees. "The G650 is one of the most prestigious long-range aircraft, capable of flying up to 13,000 km without refueling," he explains.

According to Kalinin, the aircraft has excellent takeoff and landing characteristics that provide take-off distance in 1786 m. "The standard configuration includes an improved second-generation vision system (EVS II), a system for projecting instrument readings onto a transparent pull-out screen (HUD II), a system synthetic vision on the main flight data indicator (SV-PFD). In the cockpit - triple flight control system FMS, automatic emergency reduction mode and three-dimensional meteorological radar ", - lists Kalinin. He also pays attention to the dimensions of the vessel: the salon - the longest, wide and highest in its class - allows seating up to 18 people.

Gulfstream G650 is not the first Galitsky plane, it owns Challenger 604, which is now on sale. The businessman also owns the 104-meter yacht Quantum Blue (whose name is consonant with Quantum Air, for which the new aircraft is registered) with an estimated value of about $ 225 million.