The organizer of Galina Starovoitova's murder was found

The Federal Security Service has officially informed the lawyer Alexander Afanasyev, which defend the former State Duma deputy Mikhail Glushchenko, who had been charged for the murder of Galina Starovoitova on November 8.
Origin source

Now the main question: the FSB customer sees it resonant crime or just an organizer?

ostensibly organizer

According to Alexander Afanasyev, on presentation of Mikhail Glushchenko charges it has notified the investigator of the Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Alexander Nikitin. As the "Fontanka", he believes that in 1998, Mikhail Glushchenko organized murder Starovoitova, which has entrusted the performance of this crime Yury Kolchin and his friends (all of them have already been convicted for committing a murder Starovoitova). According to the lawyer, it is a presentation of charges under Part 3 of Article 33 and Article 277 of the Criminal Code (participation in the form of organization and the attempt on the life of a statesman or public figure, respectively).

The intrigue of this case today - proof that after such a long time after the commission of the crime has a resonance effect. Until about them can only guess. It is appropriate to assume, for example, that some testimony against Mikhail Glushchenko as a posszhnogo organizer of the murder of Galina Starovoitova gave the famous St. Petersburg businessman Sergei Shevchenko (speaking as a victim in the criminal case, where Glushchenko was convicted of extortion of family members Shevchenko 10 million dollars).

Still it is possible to assume that the interests of the investigation evidence was given Yuri Kolchin and his comrades, serving a sentence for the murder of Starovoitova. Not for nothing because the investigator of the St. Petersburg FSB Alexander Nikitin spent the last week of October in the Urals - say, visiting inmates. It is a pity that represents the interests of the lawyer Pavel Kolchin Petersburg Zhichkin flatly refuses to communicate with the "Fontanka", referring to the membership of the secrecy of the investigation.

But that - speculation. It is precisely in this case should be a document whose authorship is attributed to the late Vyacheslav Shevchenko called his suicide letter. This document begins in the best traditions of the detective genre: "If it's got a letter for you, then I was no longer alive."

Man, like Shevchenko

document containsum pretty 3 pages of small text, which is entirely devoted to criminal events initiated by the author's opinion, was Mikhail Glushchenko. So, after the words: "Here are some of the crimes committed by Mikhail Glushchenko," The given some list, one paragraph of which is directly relevant to today's events (spelling and punctuation - author):

"G. Deputy Starovoitova Gos.Dumu against her instructions to Misha came from ... a person's inner circle ... According to Zhirinovsky ... Starovoitova watered everywhere "mud" Liberal Democratic Party and its "leader", but the most important thing she did some investigations on the activities of the Liberal Democratic Party everywhere pry. By the time it was clear that the elections will have a serious fight, everything will be much more difficult than before. The murder of Starovoitova was a kind of payment for entry in the list of Misha's future deputies of the State Duma from the Liberal Democratic Party. He hesitated for a long time, I thought, who instruct, trying to attract people from outside, then to him constantly been asked to stand under the "roof" the various factions. Eventually he stopsl choice on Yura Kolchin, he did not have to pay a lot, enough to prepare ideologically for Misha was effective solution ... '.

Certainly the investigation are still some evidence of involvement of Mikhail Glushchenko to organize the murder of Starovoitova. Suffice it to recall that the letter, which is credited with authorship of Vyacheslav Shevchenko, intrigue ends: "For the credibility of the story I put some evidence confirming everything I wrote ..." In any case, soon we will know about it.

We ask the customer

However, the main - we can say, the political - the intrigue in this case: one, except Glushchenko, the Federal Security Service accused of organizing the murder of Galina Starovoitova and the customer will be called? The question is not idle: in fact even from a letter allegedly Vyacheslav Shevchenko is evident that the initiative of organizing the murder did not come from Mikhail Glushchenko. And common sense dictates: Galina Starovoitova hardly ever able to get into the sphere of interests of Mikhail Glushchenko.

Have situation and image side. The fact that Mikhail Glushchenko sooner or later accused of organizing the murder of Galina Starovoitova, the media wrote several years. Of course, it's great that after 15 years of investigation, the FSB was able to do it, but it will be shameful for such a reputable agency, when announcing the alleged organizer, its staff pretended the idea to organize such a crime Mikhail Glushchenko came from outer space.


Recall, the State Duma deputy Galina Starovoitova was murdered in front of house on the embankment of Griboyedov Canal November 20, 1998. The killers waited for her at the door of the apartment. Also, human rights activist Ruslan Linkov assistant was wounded. Appropriate criminal case was initiated in 1998 on a number of articles of the Criminal Code, including Article 105 (murder) and 277 (act of terrorism). In the case of the murder of Starovoitova City Court of the Northern Capital has issued a verdict against the eight defendants. For a real prison terms ranging from 11 to 23.5 years sentenced three of them, among them - the organizers and perpetrators of the crime.
After that, the investigation resumed on several occasions, but in the villageedny time, in March 2012, was suspended.