"The picture case"

A search at the Navalny's place has is no direct hit against the politician. However, the blow is directed against the investigations of the Anti-Corruption Foundation.
Already on Friday evening it became known that the Investigative Committee opened a criminal investigation into the theft of paintings confiscated from Navalny during the morning raid.

- The case concerns the bulk indirectly - it is clear that it is aimed directly against FBK and investigations, - he told the "New" lawyer Vadim Navalny Kobzev.

The artworks of Sergey honeycomb "bad good man," Navalny gave FBK employees, reported in his Twitter about two weeks ago, the day of the birth of Alexis.

"According to investigators, an unknown person secretly stole the painting" Bad and good man "posted for all to see on one of the central streets of the city of Vladimir. This picture belongs to one of the local artists. Damage from theft it is important for the author ", - reported in the press release of the UK, which is why the case was filed on the 2nd, the heavier part of the article.

"To the 158th article (theft - NC) is mainly engaged in investigatory management SK - this was not in history, the first time I hear such a life! It's Donebut not the article. Political motivation is obvious pursuit, "- says Kobzev.

- Formally, the purpose of the search was the search for and seizure of documents relating to the PCA case, but none of the seized - no picture, or military ID, or three of the invoice ( "Three leaf with old invoices that did not take even during the last search" as explained by bulk) - can never serve as proof for it. It is simply used as a tool of search, - said the lawyer.

George Alburi of FBC has joked on this subject in his "Twitter". It presented a picture of Navalny Alburi birthday.

"This is not a picture, it's a poster, - says Roman Rubanov, director of the Foundation to fight corruption. - These are two printed A4 sheet, pasted on cardboard. In this large-scale damage - it is the law of more than 300 thousand rubles. "

The novel told the "New", which two weeks ago, when staff reserves is home to a gift to Alex, you'll notice at the entrance waiting for them especially journalists with cameras - they are supporters of Joshuacial and Lifenews learned NTV correspondents. At the same time employees of FBK do not tell the press, where they got the picture, because the situation with the criminal case is too vague.

Search in Navalny's flat lasted from 06:05 am to 07:26 am Friday.

Lawyer Vadim Kobzev photographed seized during a search of an opposition politician picture:

Judging by the morning's press release on the website of the Investigative Committee, a search of Alexei Navalny held within the framework of the criminal case under investigation into the theft of funds of the party "Union of Right Forces" on the grounds of an offense under part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud"). And urgent investigative actions were due to give investigators information about the abduction of another's property.

Probably investigation sources pored bulk recording. 2 weeks ago, a politician, while under house arrest, published a post in the Instagram, which boasted of having friends from FBK gave him an original painting cellular - the same one which he admired for some time ago. The statement of the theft, hearthGoes Cellular artist to the police, I think, we had investigators in very handy. A search with the withdrawal could be held, and in the case of "theft in the ATP" ...

About artificiality selected reason for the search "New" and told another lawyer Navalny - Olga Mikhailova:

- If there was a statement about the theft of the paintings of the author, nothing prevented them come with a search already but new business, rather than coming up with excuses.

Mikhailov added that Navalny's defense will appeal the actions of the investigation.