The property of the Krasnodar bank "Krylovsky" was put up for auction

The property of the Krasnodar bank was put up for auction.
The Agency for Deposit Insurance (DIA) has exposed to the open toga the immovable and movable property of the Krasnodar Krylovsky Bank at an initial price of 167.6 million rubles. In August last year, the Central Bank canceled the license of the credit institution due to the aggressive policy of raising funds from individuals and the almost complete loss of its assets. As a result, liabilities to creditors, which fell on the shoulders of the DIA, amounted to 8.7 billion rubles. Creditors of the first stage were paid 183.3 million rubles. The agency expects the next receipts to the bankruptcy of the debtor from the sale of its property. Experts are sure that the auctioned real estate of Krylovsky will be in demand by buyers.

The Deposit Insurance Agency, which is the bankruptcy trustee of the Krasnodar Krylovsky bank, which has been deprived of its license, announced that it will hold open auctions on August 28 on the sale of the bank's property. Information about the auction is published on the Internet resource of the DIA. The auction put up eight lots totaling 167.6 million rubles. The first lot with an initial cost of 4 million rubles. is a non-residential premises on the corner of Mira and Kirov streets in Krasnodar (68.5 sq. m.). The second lot with an initial cost of 29.8 million rubles. - non-residential premises (521.9 sq. M.) In the Sochi village of Dagomys. The lot also includes a video surveillance system, ATM, automatic fire alarm and other equipment in a former banking office. The third lot is an apartment (29.6 sq. M.) In Sochi and is offered at an initial price of 2 million rubles, the fourth - a non-residential building (483.2 sq. M.) And a land plot (2493 sq. M.) In the village of Krylovskaya for 38.2 million rubles. The fifth lot is a non-residential building (1133.3 sq. M.) And a land plot (1047 sq. M.) In the Tomilino village of the Moscow Region, a collapsible armored operating cash desk, lands of settlements for an administrative office building and a bank branch. The initial price of the lot is 62 million rubles. The sixth lot is non-residential premises (126.4 sq. M.) In the city of Vidnoe in the Moscow region with an initial price of 25 million rubles, the seventh and eighth - the black Lexus LS600H and a silver trailer at an initial price of 6.6 million rubles. and 21 thousand rubles. respectively.

Ilya Volodko, general director of the consulting company MACON Realty Group, believes that real estate objects previously used by the bank are more attractive at the auction than warehouse or industrial premises. First of all, he said, this is due to the fact that banks always choose the right places for their offices: the city center, busy streets, good visualization and the central entrance. "In this case, the objects are liquid because of small areas and an adequate market price per square meter," the expert said.

According to the SPARK-Interfax system, the authorized capital of Krylovsky Bank, registered in 1999 in Krasnodar, is 160 million rubles. The bank is 66.4% owned by Mikhail Ruzin, who also owns 100% of Capital Holding LLC, which owns a 6.2% stake in the bank. The profit of Krylovsky after paying taxes for 2015 was 2.1 million rubles. The total volume of the bank's deposits was 2.59 billion rubles. As of July 1 last year, the organization was on the 360th place in the banking system of Russia.

Earlier, Kommersant reported that the Bank of Russia revoked the license from Krylovsky Bank in early August 2017. According to the regulator, in 2017 the bank conducted an aggressive policy of attracting funds from individuals. "The formation of the necessary reserves for possible losses on virtually absent assets revealed a complete loss of the credit organization's own funds," the Central Bank of Russia reported. In September of the same year, the SS of the SDR on the edge opened a criminal case on the falsification of financial accounting documents and reports in the JSCB "Krylovsky" in order to hide signs of bankruptcy. Also, a case was filed of embezzling money and property of the organization. To date, a preliminary investigation is being conducted in criminal cases.

In October 2017, the Arbitration Court of the Krasnodar Territory recognized JSC AKB Krylovsky as "bankrupt" and instituted bankruptcy proceedings against it. As Kommersant wrote, shortly before that, the bank repaid about 6 billion rubles. off-balance deposits, as well as formalized the necessary documents, as a result of which almost 100% of investors were able to claim insurance compensation, which, according to the DIA, was about 21,200 people. The Central Bank noted that the amount of liabilities to the creditors of Krylovsky was 8.7 billion rubles. According to the DIA as of June 1, 2018, 183.3 million rubles were allocated for settlements with creditors.

According to Bohdan Zvarych, a senior analyst at IK "Freedom Finance", referring to the accounts of the temporary administration at the time of the revocation of the bank's license, out of 8.7 billion rubles. which were in the "Krylovsky" funds of customers who are not credit institutions, 8.5 billion belongs to individuals and entrepreneurs and only about 200 million rubles. - to legal entities (about 2.3%). "The probability of obtaining legal funds by money is small, since they are the last in the queue of creditors," the expert believes.