The rise and fall of Dmitry Rybolovlev

The collapse of the former owner of Uralkali may hit important figures in the administrations of Russia and the United States.
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Until recently, Dmitry Rybolovlev seemed the benchmark of luck and luck. The story of his takeoff began in the "stormy" 90's. A young but promising entrepreneur, a recent graduate of the Perm Medical Institute, quickly oriented in the prospects for the privatization that had begun. His goal was to become one of the most valuable assets of the Russian economy, which, incidentally, was located in the Perm region, is the world's largest producer of potash fertilizers, Uralkali.

In the struggle for him, Dmitry did not hesitate in choosing the means. But I was not mistaken in the choice of prospective partners. At the first stages, he seemed to be unable to do without the help of organized crime, then quickly reoriented and found an ally in the person of the head of one of the Permian law enforcement agencies.

From the governor of Trutnev to Prince Albert

As already mentioned, Dmitry did not disdain anything in the methods of fighting for the potassium giant. According to the former opera of the Perm UFSB, the major in retirement Bessonov, Rybolovlev could have been involved in more than 15 murders. However, only one of them, as a result of which his business partner Evgeny Panteleimonov perished, the investigation was brought to court. The direct organizer of the murder Oleg Lomakin gave direct testimony to Dmitry Rybolovlev as the customer of the crime, who gave him weapons for murderers and promised 50 thousand dollars to performers. Rybolovlev received a conviction of the regional court. But ... luck turned to face him again. Money, friends in special services, links to bandits, pressure on witnesses - and now the main witness in prison is giving up his testimony, the Supreme Court cancels the verdict to the murder client, and Dmitry Rybolovlev is released. Now he is a billionaire who lives in the most expensive area of ​​Geneva, he has two personal planes, a yacht, his own model agency and, finally, Uralkali is an asset that brings fabulous incomes.

Tranquility and protection of the asset in Russia is provided not only by his confidant - FSB general Sergei Ezubchenko, but also Dmitry Rybolovlev's closest friend and partner in business, governor, minister of natural resources, deputy prime minister and presidential representative in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev.

Rybolovlev spends his time in the world of leisure and pleasure, accessible only to the powerful of this world: he buys elite real estate in different parts of the world, including Donald Trump, although the latter for some reason has a double price; collects works of art of world significance, spending billions of dollars on it; stable horse stable elite horses for his daughter, keen on equestrian sport; makes exciting cruises on his luxury yacht, accompanied by young models ... In general, life was a success.

Even from the responsibility for the technological disaster, as a result of which hundreds of people were left without property and shelter over their heads, Dmitry Rybolovlev managed to leave without any serious consequences. The catastrophe was caused by the predatory exploitation of natural resources and the lack of investment in ensuring the safety of mining operations at the Uralkali mines and led to the flooding of a part of the excavations and ground failures directly under the residential buildings and production facilities in Berezniki. All the consequences were neutralized by his faithful companion, then Minister of Natural Resources of Russia, Trutnev.

Luck did not leave Dmitry. Even in a situation of scandal and threat to the very existence of "Uralkali", he manages to sell the company at a market price and put another 7 billion dollars in his pocket. He also succeeds, with minimal financial losses, to get out of the high-profile trial of divorce from his wife Elena, having paid off from her the amount not comparable with her requirements of $ 5 billion. Rybolovlev moved to Monaco and decides to enter the European elite, having bought the football club Monaco for this. In parallel, he gains the glory of a generous donor, and with her friends in the highest light of the principality. Prince and his trustees from the highest hierarchy of the principality are present together with the host of the club in all matches. Photos of Dmitry next to Prince Albert - on the covers of European glossy magazines.

It would seem that everything. Rybolovlev went through a big and difficult journey from Perm prison to the presidential box in the stadium of Monaco, there is nothing to worry about. But…. Something went wrong.

Fate collection

Rybolovlev enters a private, it would seem, conflict with his own art dealer, well known in the circles of collectors and art dealers Yves Bouvier. He accuses Bouvier of deceit for more than a billion dollars in selling him paintings for the collection. It seems that Bouvier has no chance of winning. On the side of Rybolovlev there is a lot of money and loyal people, whose helpfulness is directly proportional to the money that they receive from him. And these people are not easy.

Among them, almost all the leaders of the law and judicial system of Monaco. Including Chief of Police of the Principality of Regis Asso and Minister of Justice Philip Narmino. As well as former Director of the Directorate General of Homeland Security of France (DGSI) Bernard Scarsini. Indeed, the network created by Dmitry Rybolovlev operates effectively. By order of the police, the Monegasque bank falsifies a letter accusing Bouvier of laundering money through his accounts. Rybolovlev calls the art dealer allegedly for talks in Monaco, where he is immediately taken into custody. The war with Bouvier looks like a victorious blitzkrieg. But only the war with Bouvier Rybolovlev was not limited. Feeling omnipotent, he paid the highest ranks of the law enforcement system of Monaco, even for evicting from the principality those persons who he personally did not like.

However, it seems, from this moment on, some mysterious forces begin to act against Dmitry. Bouvier quickly leaves the prison, and then unexpectedly wins the lawsuit in Singapore on the suit against him, filed by Rybolovlev. The court recognizes Singapore, where Bouvier resides, in inappropriate jurisdiction and addresses the lawsuit of Switzerland, where Rybolovlev's reputation is completely ruined and he has virtually no chances to win the case. In parallel, serious problems arise in people who rely on the oligarch. In April of this year, searches are conducted in the office of Scarsini, who is accused of abuse of office and corruption. Materials seized during the search, indicate his work on Rybolovlev.

Then the events grow at an astonishing rate. According to the court's decision, all messages, correspondence and the history of telephone calls are copied from Tatiana Bersheda's mobile phone - lawyer and trustee of Rybolovlev. Tatyana Bersheda is not only a lawyer, but also an interpreter, and also an actual accomplice in the collusion between Rybolovlev and the top of the law enforcement system of Monaco. All these materials mysteriously flow into the leading French editions, after which one of the largest - the Parisian newspaper Le Monde - publishes in early September the results of a journalistic investigation that shakes Monaco and dismisses Justice Minister Philip Narmino, the central figure in the network of influence of Dmitry Rybolovlev . The very Rybolovlev Monaco authorities recommend urgently to leave the territory of the principality.

Who are you, Mr. Car?

The last few years, the main person acting in the interests of Dmitry Rybolovlev in Europe, is a certain Charlie Car. Mr. Car is a "former" British intelligence officer who previously worked under the roof of the notorious private intelligence agency Kroll. Subsequently, Charlie Car organized his own firm, which provides specific services to wealthy clients. Rybolovleva he serves in all areas of interest - provides information about friends and enemies, intimidates opponents acting against him, provides operational support in trials involving Rybolovlev, etc., etc., etc. Most likely Kar is so diligent works not only for the money that Dmitry pays him.

Cooperation between such big businessmen as Dmitry Rybolovlev, who have stable ties in Russia, and Western intelligence officers usually represents a "two-way road". On the one hand, the client is given specific confidential services, on the other - from him receive no less confidential information of interest to the special services.

Dmitry Rybolovlev can have particularly valuable data for Western services, since his closest and most trusted person is his business partner - Yury Trutnev, deputy prime minister and plenipotentiary of the president in the Far Eastern Federal District, who has a duty to receive top secret information on his duty. By the way, recently Rybolovlev often expressed himself in a narrow circle that soon all his problems would be left behind, hinting at the close rise of his friend and partner. According to rumors circulating in the Russian-speaking community in Europe, in the near future Yury Trutnev should become at least the chairman of the government.

And another very strange circumstance. Three months before the detention and arrest of Suleiman Kerimov in the south of France, Kar sharply increases the frequency of his visits to this resort region. At the same time, he develops a great deal of activity in gathering information on Kerimov, making inquiries literally about all aspects of his life and his movements.

Here it should be recalled that the former main asset of Rybolovlev, Uralkali, was sold to Kerimov. Then Rybolovlev tried to buy it back at a much lower price. In Belarus, with the leadership of which Rybolovlev formed a trusting relationship, a criminal case was initiated against Suleiman Kerimov and the company's CEO Vladislav Baumgertner. Baumgertner was arrested in Minsk. However, the company's back buy-out at a low price to Rybolovlev was unsuccessful.

Russian special services had long been interested in Kar. Especially when you consider that in addition to Dmitry Rybolovlev, another confidential client is Oleg Deripaska. And the degree of his closeness with Charlie is such that Deripaska calls him directly himself, not trusting contacts to anyone. What information Kar collects from the Russian oligarchs can only be guessed. Strangely, if the Russian special services do not pay enough attention to a veteran of British intelligence, since such contacts are very unsafe. Or someone can seriously believe that, bargaining for their own security in the West, the oligarchs can be guided by their love for the Motherland? Rather, on the contrary - it can be assumed that for the sake of their security and the safety of their funds, they can make very dubious deals.

The clouds gather around Dmitry Rybolovlev not only in Europe, but also beyond the ocean, where he so loves to be. Dmitry became in the United States a real media character, constantly emerging as a suspicious connection between President Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The stories about Rybolovlev, hinting at the need to investigate his activities, appear regularly on the main American television channels and in the press. Of particular interest is NBC, the hero of the investigation of which Dmitry Rybolovlev became several times already.

Knowing how a bunch of media and law enforcement agencies work in the US, it's not hard to guess what further events may unfold around Rybolovlev in the near future. It seems that Dmitry understands this and himself and is preparing to disappear from the radar of the media and servants of the law. Otherwise, it is unclear why he sells almost all his property, from the collection of paintings and ending with the football club "Monaco" and real estate.

By the way, even in this field, it seems that someone actively puts him in the wheel. The last auction sale of the painting "The Savior of the World" attributed to the Da Vinci brush, for a record $ 450 million, is frozen. A number of experts who had not previously questioned the authenticity of the picture suddenly expressed their uncertainty about the authorship of the great Italian. Rybolovlev not only did not receive money, but he can not now get the picture back until a comprehensive examination of its authenticity is completed. Doubts about which have recently increased.

On the verge of collapse

The result of the last year and a half of Dmitry Rybolovlev's life is very sad. He was deported from Monaco and completely lost his status as a respectable businessman. Has gained fame behind the scenes business. I lost a significant part of my state. In France and Monaco criminal cases are instituted on the facts of corruption, to which Rybolovlev is a direct participant. Against his trustees in France and Monaco, criminal proceedings have also been instituted. In Monaco bribes the highest officials of the law enforcement system investigates the French investigating judge Eduard Levro, who has extremely broad powers. In the near future, it is obviously necessary to expect Dmitry Rybolovlev's summons to be interrogated either as a suspect or as a defendant. In the United States, the flywheel is developing its investigation into its ties with Trump's team, the consequences of which may be even worse for Dmitry than his problems in Europe. And all this catastrophic fall - just one and a half years? Only a very naive person can assume that everything that happened to Rybolovlev is a chain of random coincidences. Obviously, all of the above events are the result of a huge amount of work.

Such activities, including the collection and analysis of information on Dmitri's contacts, the identification of corruption links, the connection of official law enforcement and judicial bodies to the investigation of the facts of crimes in various countries, means that Dmitry Rybolovlev has crossed the road to a strong intelligence service with global influence. This means that in the funnel of the events around Dmitry Rybolovlev, not only himself, but all the persons who somehow helped Rybolovlev in his "schemes" or were part of his trusted persons will be dragged out. This applies to his lawyers, former and current officials, employees of special services, trusted financial persons, etc. It is unlikely that the Minister of Justice of Monaco or the former director of the French counterintelligence would have thought that what happened would happen to them. Now there is little doubt that the other "associates" Rybolovlev can share their fate.