The Rotenbergs left everything to the children

Arkady and Boris Rotenberg transferred the assets to their sons: Igor Arkadevich got 26,4% of Mostotrest, Roman Borisovich — control over Finnish Arena Events.
Arkady Rotenberg came out of the capital "Mostotrest", follows from the materials of the company: the owner of 68,5% Marc O'Polo Investments Ltd. (She 38,6% "Mostotrest") was Igor Rotenberg, and in late 2013 the same was 68.5% Igor and Arkady Rotenberg. (The remaining 31,5% "Mostotrest" belong to the beneficiaries "N-Trance" Nikita Mishin, Konstantin Nikolaev and Andrey Filatov, 29,4% "Mostotrest" - NPF "Welfare", the rest - a minority.)

The representative of "Mostotrest" confirmed that Arkady Rotenberg no longer have a stake in the company. Rothenberg representative declined to comment.

It is unlikely that output Arkady Rotenberg of "Mostotrest" is associated with sanctions (they entered the US and the EU against the Rotenberg brothers in the spring), says analyst at IFC "Metropol" Andrei Rozhkov: The company does not attract loans from Western banks, and its technology can find a replacement at the Asian manufacturers .

As of 2013, the reporting, the "Mostotrest" ratio of debt to EBITDA of - 4, the major lenders - Sberbank, VTB and Gazprombank, the total debt -. 4.5 billion rubles, negative net debt -22 billion rubles, the limit on loans -. 50.3 billion rubles.

It is believed if the company subject to the sanctions depends on many factors, said "Vedomosti" representative of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the US Treasury unit that tracks the execution of sanctions. If a person is under sanctions sells stake in the company, but continues to monitor it, it may still be under sanctions, she explained, and warned that her words should not be considered a commentary on the case of a sale of assets brothers Rothenberg.

Lawyers told "Vedomosti" that have fallen under the sanctions themselves must challenge their inclusion in the list. The procedure described by Eric Ferrari of Washington Ferrari & Associates law firm: it is necessary to send a petition to the OFAC, attach the documents that the sanctions imposed on the basis of inaccurate data or the basis for them has disappeared.

The US government has advised American individuals and entities with caution transactions with entities associated with the persons involved in the list in which the latter is not 50%.

This, in particular, Lakebeginning that the US person must carry out checks, whether the exercise came under the control of the party sanctions such organizations - and no matter how much of it belongs to the paper, explained Ferrari.

In July 2014, Arkady Rotenberg came from the capital of TPS Real Estate Holding, which owns 100% "SCC Real Estate". Its share of real estate assets passed to his son Igor, told two people close to the businessman: it's not just about the company "TPS Property", where the businessman owned about 33% stake, but also the "WP-Development", which reported in February, that Arkady Rotenberg - the main owner. Representatives from both companies declined to comment. The shareholders of the developer were the former owners of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port Alexander Ponomarenko and Alexander Skorobogatko. Arkady Rotenberg with them was co-owner of TPS Avia Group with assets in the airport "Sheremetyevo".

And Boris Rotenberg sold son Roman (vice-president of hockey club SKA) stake in the business in Finland: 50% Arena Events Oy (Roman Rotenberg - its CEO), which prshould Hartwall Arena, Langvik hotel and 49% of the hockey club Jokerit. This was told to "Vedomosti" Roman Rotenberg. Another 0,5% Arena Events Oy Roman Rotenberg sold Gennady Timchenko, reducing the stake to 49.5%, a spokesman Volga Group (Holding Timchenko).

An alternation of generations, but the transaction was at market terms, otherwise there would be no permit Finnish Foreign Ministry, said Roman Rotenberg, but the prices are not mentioned. The deal was planned a year ago, but due to the political situation has slowed down, we had to get coordination of different services and authorities, he continues: "To finance the buyback package I have to borrow money."

According to the CEO of CBRE Vladimir Pinaeva, Hartwall Arena cost is $ 100-135 million.

Arkady and Boris Rotenberg are the owners of "SMP Bank", said representative of the bank. According to SPARK 10 September, they remain owners and "Stroygazmontazh". the company was unable to contact a representative.