The Rothenberg family received in 2017 state orders for 600 billion rubles

The companies owned by Arkady, Boris and Igor Rothenberg, in 2016, received the masters almost 600 billion rubles.
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With such volume (if families were taken into account), Rothenbergs would confidently occupy the first line of the Forbes rating "Kings of the state order", published in 2017.

Most of these 577 billion rubles (or 546 billion, if you count on the effective shares of businessmen in each company) are the contracts of Stroygazmontazh by Arkady Rotenberg, the general contractor for the construction of the Kerch bridge. In 2016, the amount of contracts awarded or competitions won by him amounted to 416.5 billion rubles.

"Stroygazmontazh" was formed from the five Gazprom subsidiaries bought by Rothenberg in 2008. He united them into a single holding, which is now considered one of the main beneficiaries of Gazprom's construction projects. The proceeds of "Stroygazmontazh" since 2009 have grown almost threefold - from 100 to 276.4 billion rubles in 2016.

Gazprom is the main supplier of government orders for the company. Of all the contracts that Stroygazmontazh got, Gazprom accounted for 94%. More than ten contracts for almost 8 billion rubles - is the camp "Artek" in the Crimea, which is reconstructed by Rothenberg. Contests for repairs were not announced, Stroygazmontazh was simply appointed as a general contractor.

In all, about two dozen companies related to Arkady Rotenberg were recipients of state orders in 2016. In addition to "Stroygazmontazha", the "Enlightenment" publishing house boasts billions of orders. The state bought textbooks from him for 5.2 billion rubles. In 2017 a representative of Rothenberg reported that he sold his 25% stake in the publishing house.

Almost 2.5 billion rubles of contracts were received by ZAO TZK Sheremetyevo, which manages aircraft at the Moscow airport with the same name (about 70% in Arkady Rotenberg).

After the sanctions against Arkady Rotenberg were imposed, he got rid of his share in a number of companies. Thus, he announced the sale of shares in the same "Enlightenment," partly because of which, according to the motivation of the Council of the EU, he was included in the sanctions list - for the supply of textbooks to the Crimea. According to Forbes, the buyer was a certain DPK Investment Fund from the Cayman Islands, but the beneficiary is unknown. The real buyer of another asset of Arkady Rothenberg - the company "RG-development", which in 2016 received almost 500 million rubles of revenue, is unknown.

A member of the Board of Directors of the SMP Bank, for many years associated with the business of Arkady Rotenberg, Anton Obolensky, the shares of Rothenberg in the "National Gas Group", "Rusgazdobycha" and "Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizers Plant" - Rotenberg explained the sale "its heavy workload" on other projects.

The main assets of Arkady Rothenberg even formally remained in the family. After due to sanctions, the American oil and gas company Halliburton ceased cooperation with Gazprom drilling, Rotenberg, he said, sold the company to his son Igor at a market price. As a result, Gazprom Drilling brought Rothenberg, Jr., almost 95 billion rubles in state contracts in 2016.

His son, Arkady Rothenberg, after falling into the sanctions lists, also sold the company TEK-Mosenergo. She brought Igor Rotenberg another 1.1 billion rubles a year ago. On 50% owned by Igor Rotenberg, RT-Invest Transport Systems, operator of the Platon system, according to the draft concession agreement published earlier by Alexey Navalny, until 2027 will be guaranteed to receive from the budget 9.9 billion rubles. in year.

The main source of public money for Boris Rotenberg, brother of Arcadia, was the company GVSU Center - the former construction department of the Ministry of Defense. In the press it is usually accurately mentioned that Boris and Arkady Rotenberg are on the list of affiliated persons of GVSU or that Boris Rotenberg heads the board of directors of the company.

At the same time, according to Spark-Interfax, 97% of the "GVSU Center" belongs to CJSC Proffinance, which does not disclose its owners. However, in 2012 the Federal Antimonopoly Service published a message that was allowed by OOO Development-Stroy, already owning 25% of Proffinans' shares, to acquire the remaining 75% and become the sole owner of the company.

At that time, the owners of "Development-Story" were "CC Development" and Artem Obolensky - a member of the board of directors of the SMP Bank Rothenberg, he had 67.5% of the company. However, in December 2015, the share Obolensky almost completely passed to Boris Rothenberg, Obolensky remained 0.3%. Soon Boris Rotenberg became chairman of the board of directors of GVSU.

In 2016, the GVSU Center won contracts and concluded contracts for 51 billion rubles. Recently GVSU became a participant in the Moscow demolition program of five-story buildings and will build houses for immigrants.

"It is important to take into account that Rain did not analyze the contracts that could be obtained by companies belonging to people closely related to the Rothenberg family, but not officially belonging to any of the above three persons. In calculations, for example, all the companies of the long-standing partner Arkady Rotenberg, a little-known businessman Grigory Baevsky, who also receives large amounts of government orders, did not hit, "the authors of the calculations note.