The ruined Russian oligarch Paramonov and his villa

The wife of Mikhail Paramonov objects to the sale of their property in France.
In the process of bankruptcy of the famous Rostov businessman Mikhail Paramonov his wife Anna Didenko intervened. She stated the illegality of selling their villa in France to pay off her husband's debts, as suggested by his financial manager. Madame Didenko believes that the sale of the villa from the auction will violate her rights, because she is the co-owner of this property. According to the lawyer, the position of the wife of Mikhail Paramonov is justified.

In the arbitration case of bankruptcy of Mikhail Paramonov received the application of his wife Anna Didenko, in which she points out the illegality of the sale of their villas in France (the information on this can be found in the file cabinet of the court). His proposal was to implement this property to pay off the debts of a bankrupt entrepreneur, his financial manager Olga Belozerova. According to Anna Didenko, the villa can not be included in the competitive mass of Mikhail Paramonov, since he is not its sole owner. The disputed property is registered with both spouses, as Madame Didenko notes. She calls the villa jointly acquired property, and the repayment of her husband's debts through the sale of this property will violate her rights, says the wife of Mikhail Paramonov, referring to Art. 256 Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

According to Sergei Radchenko from the lawyers' bureau "South", according to the Russian legislation, the penalty for the obligations of one of the spouses can be applied only to his share in the common property. At the same time, he noted that the legality of actions with respect to the villa of the Paramonovs should be discussed according to the law of France, in which there may be some nuances.

The controversial villa is located at: France, Ile de la Loge, Bougival, Louveciène (western suburbs of Paris). Spouses of the Paramonovs acquired it in 1998 for 6.5 million francs. The real estate, which the financial manager offered to put up for auction, includes the villa itself and four plots of land with a total area of ​​slightly more than 1 hectare. The proposal of the manager will be considered by the Rostov arbitration on September 5. Date of consideration of the application of Anna Didenko has not yet been appointed.

It should be noted that VTB and Gazprombank sought a foreclosure on Mikhail Paramonov's property in France outside the entrepreneur's bankruptcy procedure (he owed them 7 billion rubles and 3 billion rubles, respectively). Anna Didenko in her statement informed the court that the procedure of compulsory alienation of the villa in favor of VTB began. At the same time she complained that the manager Olga Belozerova does not take measures to remove encumbrances from the villa to the bank and does not interfere with its implementation, thereby contributing to meeting the requirements of only one lender.

The former owner of the Taganrog Automobile Plant (TagAZ), Mikhail Paramonov, was declared bankrupt on September 5, 2016, at the request of the South Automotive Group LLC (a subsidiary of Sberbank) because of a debt of 4.4 billion rubles. Mr. Paramonov became a debtor due to the fact that he was at one time entrusted for loans granted to TagAZ. At present, the amount of financial claims of creditors to Mikhail Paramonov exceeds 19 billion rubles. Among the creditors are also Rosbank, Unicredit Bank, KIT Finance Capital.