The Russian Duma is outraged by the voyage of United Russia deputies to Antarctica during working hours

The absence of United Russia deputies Alexander Sidyakin and Oleg Savchenko during the working hours in the first week of the session caused outrage in the Duma. For Savchenko, the trip cost up to half of the declared official annual income.
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In the presidential administration, in principle, politicians are unhappy New Year's voyage to the far abroad. And close to the Kremlin Foundation publicly announced that it would adversely taken into account in their ratings of politicians travel abroad.

On Wednesday afternoon, 14 January, a spokesman Paul Sidyakina Sklyanchuk said that United Russia deputy Alexander and Oleg Savchenko Sidyakin not made contact from Antarctica before climbing to the peak of Vinson. Sklyanchuk told RBC that the deputies would like to set up on the top of the flags of Russia and Tatarstan and the Volgograd region - regions that are members of the State Duma. Assistant deputy stressed that both the parliamentarian - experienced mountaineers. "Conquer the tops of, but now there is a problem in the anomalous temperature, despite the fact that the summer and should be minus 10, the temperature actually now minus 45", - he said. Later, members of the missing still made contact.

Cost of the tour for the ascent to the peak of Vinson is $ 42 thousand. This RBC told the travel company of "7 Summits Club". It is at this price and it was acquired by Deptatami in this travel company, told RBC employee travel agencies and tour guide Olga Rumyantsev. According to her, such tours are redeemed for at least six months. "MPs have joined the team of the international group" - said Rumyantsev. She confirmed that the group did not come out on the day communication and that in this part of Antarctica is now colder than usual, and the wind, but the extreme conditions there.

The dollar six months ago, July 1, 2014, amounted to 33.8434 rubles., that is climbing in Antarctica then worth about 1.4 million rubles. This is without taking into account the flight from Moscow to Chile, specified in the travel agency. Prices of flights today are about 100 thousand. Rub. economy class and business class - about 300 thousand rubles..

The final declaration (in 2013) Savchenko, deputy income Set of 3 million 560 thousand 347 rubles, and the deputy Sidyakina -.. 11 million 719 thousand 299 rubles, without taking into account the wives of income... Thus, the cost of travel for New Year holidays in Antarctica was almost half of the annual income Savchenko (and at the current rate - all the income).

In the wake of the struggle for the improvement of labor discipline, including depotTats, such visits should be conducted in his spare time, told RBC deputy from the "United Russia", an activist of the Popular Front, Mikhail Starshinov. In addition, in his opinion, the voters may take contradictory to the fact that their entire annual income at the new rate of the ruble MP spent on such an expedition. Although, maybe he saved his whole life, adds Starshinov.

Other colleagues rebelled lack of Deputies at their workplaces. "Why are they in the week of committee is not at work, but somewhere in the Antarctic? We can not set up a commission, which checks the deputies who take time off from work. It is not known where they are, and the salary is received ", - said the deputy chairman of the Constitutional Committee and a member of the parliamentary commission on the ethics of Sergey Ivanov (LDPR), RIA Novosti reported. However, the high cost of travel of the deputy from the LDPR is not surprised: "And where they took the money for the journey - that's their problem. Maybe they hoarded it, maybe it was their wet dream. " For trips for personal purposes during the week of the deputies in the committees of negotiation with the leadershipfraction is not required, said a colleague in the faction Sidyakina Robert Schlegel.

"The deputies of the irregular schedule, they often work in their weekend. Sidyakin - active MP working a lot in the Duma and in the region. The timing is optimal, not the week of plenary meetings, then the time will not do "- he said. In addition, Schlegel notes, deputies also perform a representative function, the desire to raise the Russian flag and the flags of their respective regions on the highest mountain in Antarctica proper. "I wish them luck," - he added. And this is a personal deputy, he spends money, says Schlegel.

According to RBC's source close to the presidential administration, the Kremlin is unhappy with parliamentarians and officials travel to far abroad for the New Year holidays in a difficult time for the country. The former head of the Kremlin's control of domestic policy, the head close to the Civil Society Fund Administration Konstantin Kostin Wednesday even said "Russian news service" that "New Year spree governors will affect their ranking." According to him, in the currenteconomic situation, the heads of regions and the officials should work rather than go through the resorts. On Wednesday it became known that Sidyakin and Savchenko were in Antarctica, without the permission of the Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE), although, according to a law passed in 2012, it must do all Russian natural and legal persons. "I do not understand how the State Duma deputies were in Antarctica. I am absolutely certain that no legal or natural person does not request permission to work in the Antarctic in 2015, related to mountain climbing. To us they are not addressed, "- RIA Novosti said the head of the Russian Antarctic Expedition, Valery Lukin.