The Russian football is out of money

Russian football has never been commercially successful, but by the end of 2016 even those who had previously been willing to invest in the sport for free, have run out of money.  
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Premier League Teams do not pay salaries, sell players, and save on the market - and it's not some isolated cases, and the system.

Kogda-to, when oil prices were high, and the Russian company wanted to show the world its generosity in "Anji" Roberto Carlos could come and "Zenith" allowed himself to bring in the Russian championship Hulk with Axel Witzel, paying them almost hundred million euros. Now Hulk plays in China, Witzel (rumored) or going to the same, or in Italy, and news from the "Zenith" look something like this: "Zenith" offers Tsallagova for 300 thousand euros.

Clubs poorer "Zenith" and completely cease to pay the players wages. "Rostov", which is in the Champions League defeated "Bavaria" in the early years paid players regularly, and adjusted his position at the club only performance in the same Champions League. Those who are up to the Champions League has not grown, remained without means of subsistence, "Tom," advised the players to look for new clubs, because there is nothing to pay; "Anji" announced the sale of leading players. Some clubs - for example, "Amkar" - satisfied with the point of sale, just noting that there is no money.

Problems arise even in top clubs. No, of course, nor CSKA or "Zenith" or "Spartacus", or even "Krasnodar" not fighting for survival - but, say, CSKA has long been conducting large transfers, the net debt of the owner (company BlueCastle Enterprises Evgeny Giner) increases. And although in the CSKA rumors about financial problems refute, it is clear that it can not be all plain sailing at the businessman, whose main assets were in Ukraine.

In leagues lower class with a total lack of money we have faced for a long time: for the FNL is nothing new in the dissolution of the teams or the players do not have debt. But this year is special for FNL: it appears the titled Moscow "Dynamo" in 2016 emitted from the Premier League. Now the "Dynamo" is in first place, but the money from the club there too: VTB Bank wants to sell the team for the ruble, but even for the money to buy "Dynamo" with all debt accumulated over years of carefree, no one wants. As a result, "Football" weekly, the chances of the dissolution of "Dynamo" as 1 to 10.

In the "fat years" Russian clubs have not learned how to earn. State and regional authorities in times of crisis to help them no longer able to. In fact, the Russian football keeps on a few rich people who are willing to invest in the sport's own funds. And yes - even in one state company.