The second life of titanium: why the Urals billionaire spent all the money on medicine

Former co-owner of VSMPO-Avisma Vladislav Tetyukhin invested all his money in the construction of a medical center in Nizhny Tagil. Was the investment justified?
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The door of the hospital room swung open, letting an elderly man with a bouquet. Vladislav Tetyukhin, who served in 2012 153 th place in the Forbes list with a fortune of $ 690 million 153, decided to visit one of his first patients of the medical center. "She did not want to actively rehabilitate from knee surgery. I had to convince ", - says the businessman. Persuasion was simple: if the 82-year-old Tetyuhin will press 30 times, a woman obey doctors. Tetyuhin performed exercise. But it is not accustomed to heavy loads the patient has got to resuscitation. The treatment procedure to which the development Tetyuhin a hand, it was necessary to make changes.

All my previous life Vladislav Tetyukhin doing metal. Moskvich, after graduation, he was on the distribution of the plant VSMPO in the town of Verkhnyaya Salda. In 1976 he defended his doctoral thesis in Moscow in the early 1990s, the company has returned to the status of director. After privatization, they VSMPO with a business partner, Vyacheslav Bresht 112 became the owners of 60% of the shares. By the mid-2000s, the corporation "VSMPO-AVISMA" took about a third of the global titanium market, providing 30-50% of the needsawns in this metal giants such as Boeing and Airbus.

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The idea to build a medical center emerged after the sale of a controlling package "VSMPO-Avisma" state corporation "Russian Technologies" in 2006.

"Medicine - this is his first love after titanium and aircraft", - says Vyacheslav Bresht former partner.

In September 2014 Tetyuhin opened Ural clinical treatment and rehabilitation center. On this project, he spent much of his fortune - 3.3 billion rubles. Why Tetyuhin invests in provincial medicine?

Its land

Tetyuhin always believed that Verkhnyaya Salda does not look as it should look like the city in which the titanium giant, recalls Bresht. And always argued the then Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel, if reduce the tax burden on VSMPO, the plant will be able to invest more money in the development of the city. could not agree, and Tetyuhin decided to invest in the development of single-industry city itself.

In just a few years before him in Germany, had surgery on his knee. The clinic promised to put on your feet fora few months, allowing Tetyukhin time to prepare for the new ski season. It is a medical center and he decided to build in Verkhnyaya Salda. But the building of the local military hospital proved unsuitable for the modern clinic. The project moved to Nizhny Tagil - also not the most prosperous city, despite the presence of large enterprises.

Tetyuhin chose contractors who have had land with permission to build close to the station, and in April 2010 they moved 135 million rubles advance. But Rospotrebnadzor found that the land is not suitable for medical center Health Standards: too close to the industry. Return was only 98 million rubles. "It's good that this story is not repulsed his desire to continue the project," - said the mayor of Nizhny Tagil and former director NTMK Sergei Nosov. The city found a new, larger in land area (7 hectares), led to his communication.

In January 2012, construction starts. Designing dealt KBV German company, which is active in the Urals - to build private surgical clinic "UGMK-healthyrd "in Yekaterinburg, perinatal center in Nizhny Tagil, the hospital in Verkhnyaya Salda.

But soon after Tetyuhin found contractors who suits him, he ran out of money.

Businessman explains the lack of resources that the project has become more ambitious in Tagil.

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Startup Tetyukhin

After the deal with "Rostec" he left about 4% of shares of "VSMPO-Avisma", but they had to sell. "Now I have no shares, sold everything," - says Tetyuhin. He applied for state support.

In a renovated mansion in the presentation of the project Tetyukhin Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Health brought together almost all the departments management - Minister, his deputies, heads of departments. "We constantly had to land his plans he had grandiose" - says Deputy Health Minister Elena Chadova area.

Tetyuhin wanted to specialize in orthopedics, Spine (treatment of the spine) and engage endoprosthesis. For the region of such a center would be a salvation: annually in local clinics do 2000 endoprosthesis operations, 2,000 patients sent to other regions, but the line still is about 3,500 people. "Patients are more. You can live without a prosthesis, but if you do the surgery, the standard of living will increase, "- explains Chadova.

Tetyukhin project in the Ministry of liked, but he was encouraged to expand the specialization that is economically more profitable. Businessman did not object.

Following the approval of the Ministry of Health and local Duma of Sverdlovsk Region Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev personally told President Vladimir Putin on the draft of the medical center, which is the former head of "VSMPO-Avisma" building at his own expense, and reported that not enough of 1 billion rubles.

"Please consider. Good thing ", - Putin boldly written on the handle.

"Of course, the president is well treated. I do believe that this is a civil feat Tetyukhin, "- he said in an interview Kuyvashev Forbes. As a result, over 1.2 billion rubles, the state will receive 20-25% of the medical center. "He was ready to give the state more, just to finish the facility," - says the elder son Dmitry Tetyukhin.

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Money allocated through the "Development Corporation of the Middle Urals" - is the structure of the regional government, through which the region is involved in joint projects with private investors. "Patriarch of the titanium industry" to solve the problem of financing was easier than other high-tech start-ups. A couple of times when money was detained, he called Rossel, who helped to accelerate the process. Rosell also introduced him and Veronica Skvortsova, Minister of Health of Russia.

In August 2014 Ural Medical Center obtained a license and started doing surgery in September.

Two shifts

Bright walls medical center offices - each with its own color - covered with reproductions of Impressionist, who personally chose Tetyuhin. In such circumstances, he said, patients recover faster, and doctors to work more pleasant. Now Tetyukhin nearly 60 doctors, of which only four local. The fact is that other hospitals of the Sverdlovsk region was signed gentleman's agreement neperemanivanii professionals. "You can not prevent a person, if he wants to. Butno promotion no, "- says Tetyuhin. "The agreement indeed observed, no conflict was not" - confirms Elena Chadova. With nurses the situation is easier to have a medical school Tagil.

Where experts? In the center of several "colonies", as he called them Tetyuhin - Tomsk, Tyumen, Omsk, Trans-Baikal, Orenburg. Five doctors from Donetsk and Lugansk have moved to Nizhny Tagil after the start of the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine. Center doctors paid the way for an interview. "From the capital it is very difficult to attract professionals" - recognized Tetyuhin. But the chief doctor, he still found in St. Petersburg: the hit on the idea - "wanted to put a bullet in his career."

Tetyuhin built on the territory of the six-storey building for the medical center personnel. But wages are not at the center of the record.

"We warned that we can not pay the money to which they are accustomed. We are still building ", - says Tetyuhin.

The lure of experts? The opportunity to work with modern equipment and to continue his scientific work. Leading surgeons, according toiznesmena already visited the clinics in Germany and Slovenia.

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Business processes Tetyuhin rebuilt by European standards. Duty canceled. But loaded operating in two shifts. His son Dmitry explains that modern operating (there are at the center of five) "terribly expensive", so you need to minimize downtime.

According to the plan in the hospital must do 7,000 operations per year, 4,500 of them - joint replacement surgery, and musculoskeletal system. In the first four months of 1400 we have made operations. Clinic commercial, but for 1,100 Tetyukhin be paid from the budget - in July he signed a contract with the Ministry of Health by 133.5 million rubles.

However, the budget does not cover the full rehabilitation after treatment. It destroys the concept Tetyukhin: in the center of rehabilitation paid almost more attention than by transactions. The recovery process is divided into three stages. Week in the recovery room, and then the patient is transferred to the Department of Rehabilitation. At the final stage, patients living outside the hospital - in the hotel there. They engaged 20 trainers - to completeKit says Tetyuhin should dial the same number. Trainers selected the businessman personally: bought the latest models of the German and Italian manufacturers. "This is a typical approach engineer. What is the best now, in 5-10 years will be middling "- says Mayor Sergei Nosov.

Tetyuhin he developed the technique of rehabilitation, having studied the whole arsenal. Dmitry Tetyuhin recalls that during his visits to Moscow, his father took a medical bookstore for a whole trolley of books. "It's the same for the initial courses of students", - he tried to dissuade his father, but the books still went to Nizhny Tagil separate parcel. Several times a businessman spoke in Moscow with Sergei Bubnovsky, owner of the eponymous network of clinics. But his method seemed Tetyukhin too extreme. "We could not agree," - commented dryly Bubnovsky meeting. He did not want to give up their development in the hands of others without opening a local office.

According to the plan through the rehabilitation department Tetyukhin can take tens of thousands of patients a year. But you need to build a hotel on 550 seats, Ttyuhin now looking for funding. With the offer to become a co-investor in the hotel he even called his former partner Bresht in Israel.
"The first question is: Do I love my hometown. But the proposal itself was very vague. I asked for a business plan. More to this subject, he did not return. And do not call ", - says Bresht.

The city is ready to help with the hotel if it will stop not only private clinic patients. Tetyuhin believes that extra beds will not - go to it from all over Russia.

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For the future

Tetyuhin plans to raise a loan for 700 million rubles. Money is needed not only in the hotel. Finishing works are waiting for a six-story rehabilitation and procedural block with swimming pools and gyms, a hospital for the second stage of the rehabilitation of 120 seats, a cafe for patients. The plans - to build from scratch a hostel for students, a new home for the employees of 350 apartments, a transport unit and a helipad. All this Tetyuhin asks city land. "The problem is that the neighboring areas are already owners. We are trying to find a solution », & mdash; Nosov said.

Tetyuhin shares ideas on how you can save. The center already has its own boiler room in the plans - the installation of gas piston engines, which will supply electricity center. Businessman plans to reduce the cost of titanium prostheses from own production - is now 135 000, which the state allocates for one patient to the prosthesis takes half (60 000-65 000).

Bresht recalls that Tetyuhin in the early 1990s tried to run the production of implants. To this end, the partners established a company "Konmet" and tried to work with the Open Society "Medicine". Now, according to SPARK, JSC "Holding Konment" equally proficient Bresht Vyacheslav, Vladislav Tetyukhin and his two sons, Dmitry and Ilya. The company has two directions. The implants and surgical instruments made of titanium makes Dmitri (production is located in a former office "VSPMO-Avisma" in Moscow), medical furniture - Ilya Jr. (his bedside stand in the chambers of his father's center).

Production prosthesis will deal Dmitry. Under the department purchased unfinished onoutskirts of Tula.

"Sometimes I pin up my father. I say that it would be better for the hotel bought granddaughters - laughing Dmitry Tetyuhin. - But my father dreamed of a Russian factory. He thinks he understands better than anyone else in titanium. "

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Implants have to replace the knee and hip joints, titanium fine root in the body. "We used to make titanium for aircraft, and in medicine, we fail," - explains Tetyuhin. Now the implants are mainly purchased from foreign manufacturers. Market leaders - group Johnson & Johnson, Aesculap, Zimmer, Mathys. At the same time they often use the raw materials to the "VSMPO-Avisma". Tetyuhin Jr., for example, buys metal rods of titanium in the United States, which takes its supplier in Verkhnyaya Salda.

However, the prostheses in Russia will do with the participation of foreign partners. "We can make an exact copy, not worse quality. But it is necessary to study the use of experience, and no one put unknown implants do not risk, "- explains Dmitry Tetyuhin. The building in Tula is ready, it remains to bring the equipment. Negotiations on providing the technology and the brand is still in process. Swiss Mathys refused, so now Tetyuhin communicate with Zimmer and Aesculap.

Do Vladislav Tetyukhin be able to recover their investments and re-enter in the list of Forbes? According to Elguja Nemstsveridze, first deputy general director of the "CM-clinic" companies, the payback period can be 10 years or more. "For him, it is a social project, but every project is, of course, must be profitable," - says Tetyuhin Jr. The businessman on the return of the state does not count: the profits, he plans to invest in the medical center.

"If Tetyukhin possess the idea, it is outside the economic field", - says the former partner Bresht.

Altruism Tetyukhin impresses officials - Mayor of Nizhny Tagil has already promised to call after him stop at the medical center.