The shareholders of one of the Kremlin suppliers have been bogged down in legal battles

The former partners of the Soyuz corporation just can't settle their differences.
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The shareholders of the corporation "Soyuz", one of the largest manufacturers of specialized fat and oil products (the basis for the production of oils, confectionery, etc) in the country and the official supplier of the Kremlin can not divide the assets. Minority shareholder Andrey Baranov c share of 25% is litigation in the Netherlands with the majority shareholders, Sergei Vasiliev and Yuri warts, whose total share in the company is 75%.

Businessman Andrei Baranov says that former partners and Vasiliev Borodavko illegally removed from his control, and brought all the assets on their own or related entities, leaving its owner dummy companies. In turn, the former partners filed a counterclaim for abuse of office Director General Baranov in transactions and related damages.

In early November, the Central Court of the Netherlands, in which the shareholders were hoping to hear the case under an accelerated procedure, did not satisfy the requirements of any of the parties. Andrey Baranov told "Izvestia", which initiated further rassmotrenie case by a court in the Netherlands, but is no longer under an accelerated procedure, and to the investigation of partners both in Russia and abroad. The first hearing is scheduled for January 23.

Minority wants to punish their partner for breach of company law and its removal from the company's management, as well as to return its share, which is estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

The subject of litigation between shareholders became the company "Liderland TTM BV", to 2012 is the basis of the "Soyuz" holding. This company is 90% owned OOO "Corporation Union," 100% - OOO "Soyuz-TTM". As he told "Izvestia" a lawyer representing in court the interests of the minority shareholder, Managing Partner AstapovLawyers International Law Group Andrei Astapov, in 2012. "Liderland TTM BV" was reorganized by separating the three companies - Leaderland TTM I BV, Leaderland TTM II BV and Leaderland TTM III BV This was done with the consent of the three shareholders in order to share the tax burden and to facilitate the management of legal entities in the Netherlands, where they are registered.

Baranov remained genethe Director of business structures and retained its 25 per cent stake. Its task was, as before, to enter into contracts with European suppliers and provide logistics. Production of the final product while based in Kaliningrad, and the headquarters of the holding is located in St. Petersburg. Baranova partners continue to engage in doing business in Russia.

But soon after a personal conflict with Sergei Vasiliev as Baranov he said he learned about his dismissal from the post of general director of all three companies. However, he was not present, and assures the shareholders' meeting that the position of his actually suspended before shareholders adopted a general decision to change the general director.

Lawyer Andrei Astapov said that after the dismissal of his ward restricted by any information about the company, and this summer he learned that "Corporation" Soyuz "and LLC", TTM Union "derived from property companies Leaderland TTM I BV, Leaderland TTM II BV and Leaderland TTM III BV As says Baranov, sold without his knowledge structure associated with Yury Vasiliev and SergeiBorodavko. At the same time the sales contract did not lie with the three entities and one - "Liderland TTM BV".

Lawyer Natalia Medvedev, representing the interests of "Corporation" Soyuz ", told" Izvestia ", the court in Kaliningrad Baranov in making a claim denied, and in Holland his demands were not satisfied by the court. And the solution, he is, according to its information, did not appeal.

- All caused by Baranova claims are in the plane of civil relations, and, in our deep conviction, shall be settled in court. Corporation "Union" believes that all court decisions are currently taken, both in Russia and abroad are legitimate and justified, - said the lawyer.

She also noted that the trial between the shareholders had no effect on the activity and financial performance of the corporation "Soyuz".

With Yuri Vasilyev and Sergei Borodavko for failed to communicate in a new evaluation process perspectives.

According to partner Nektorov Saveliev & Partners Xiergeya Savelyev proceedings between shareholders in the Netherlands may affect the company's business in Russia. He notes that in situations of dispute between shareholders, suppliers, partners and credit organizations can be more careful and not to work on such favorable terms as before. For example, demand a prepayment of raw materials supply, to lend at high interest rates. But Saveliev said that if the Corporation management will make informed decisions in relation to creditors, suppliers and customers, the impact of the conflict can be minimized between the shareholders in the business.

A spokesman for President Administration Viktor Khrekov told "Izvestia" reported that the Kremlin's official suppliers are hundreds of companies - manufacturers is that won contracts for competitions, supplying products for the Kremlin or four of its food plants. In his words, Administrative Department can not take a decision on replacement of a supplier.

According to the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies, the corporation "Soyuz" it is a leader (12% market share, According to rough estimates, the annual turnover of € 100 million) for the production of specialized products for the oil and fat food production and divide the market with NMGK companies EFKO "RusAgro" and holding "Solar Products".