The State Duma recognized "pornography" on the 100-ruble bill

According to the deputy Roman Khudyakov, the image of the Apollo sculpture on the roof of the Bolshoi Theatre printed on the bill contradicts the law "On protection of children from harmful information."
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Design 100-ruble banknotes should be changed, as the picture on the note does not correspond to the law № 436-FZ "On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development," said State Duma deputy from the LDPR Roman Khudyakov. The corresponding letter to the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Regional Policy has sent the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina (there are at the disposal of "Izvestia").

As pointed out in the document of parliament, the bill shows "the intimate parts of the body shape" Apollo on the roof of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, so in accordance with the law bill shall be marked "18+". The law (. Article 1 of the Law № 436-FZ) provides only four exceptions, and notes do not fit under any of them, he says: bill does not have any scientific value, in itself is not a historical relic, advertising or product and the inadmissibility of restrictions on access to which is set separately. Therefore, provisions of the law № 436-FZ apply to it.

"Given the fact that this denomination banknotes often fall into the hands of children as pocketmeans, I urge you to assist in the cause of its release notes for design change or otherwise in accordance with applicable law, "- he said in a letter to Roman Khudyakov. The more that is currently on the banknote image does not correspond to the real sculpture - because "in the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theater all exposed places Apollo figures were covered," he adds.

Alternatively, the MP offers with the release of a new 100-ruble banknotes use the images "attractions of Sevastopol as a city-hero, as well as the strategic importance of the city." In late June, the LDPR faction in the State Duma plenary session offered to release a new 10000th bill dedicated to the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina promised to think about it, but in the beginning of July, its first deputy Giorgi Luntovsky said that such a bill will not be released.

According to experts, to make the central bank re-design bills will not be easy.

- Denomination of 100 rubles depicting Apollo factcally is printed and can really be regarded as "information of a pornographic nature" and "naturalistic image or description" (a term introduced by Article 2 of the Law № 436-FZ -.. "Izvestiya"), - the lawyer of "tax collector" Paul Ivchenko. - That is, it can be regarded as "the information provided in the form of naturalistic images or descriptions of sexual organs" or "image or description in any form or by any means a person, an animal, the individual parts of the human body and (or) animal acts (inaction), events, phenomena and their consequences with the fixation of attention to detail, the anatomical details and (or) physiological processes. " But it is unlikely the central bank will go to the design change: the removal from circulation all the old bills from the federal budget will require considerable expenditure that can make such a replacement is economically unjustified.

Moreover, to require the controller to change the design, you need a prescription Roskomnadzor (on him the duty to supervise fulfilliem Law № 436-FZ), adds the chief legal expert center Artem Nikolaev.

- In accordance with the Law № 436-FZ should be an examination of the bill that should organize Roskomnadzor, - he says. - And just in case, if the experts will make a conclusion about the presence of the banknote information harmful to health and (or) development of children, Roskomnadzor will make such an order. But the likelihood of this is low.

- As a matter of law laid uncertainty: it does not specify what information is harmful to children, and what - no, - agrees to the deputy chairman of the Moscow Municipal Bar Association Michael Kushnarev. - And if the experts come to the conclusion that this information is harmful, it is necessary to prohibit and school textbooks on human anatomy.

At the same time Art. 6.17 of the Administrative Code provides severe penalties for organizations that distribute harmful products to children - up to suspension of activity for up to 90 days, recalls Paul Ivchenko.

Roskomnadzor spokesman failureI comment on the letter of the deputy, noting that the supervision over the circulation of banknotes and design is not within the competence of the department.

- Considering the possible sanctions and the issue price, a change of design notes is only possible if the central bank wants to do it voluntarily, gradually replacing the old banknotes with new - sums up Artem Nikolaev.

Irina Rapoport, professor of Medical Sciences, Secretary of the Public Council of the Centre of medical and social problems of children of adolescent Health Ministry, said he did not see anything in the current hundred-ruble note could undermine the health of children.

- Sex education should start with children three years old, - she says. - In my opinion, nothing terrible, if you suddenly see a girl on bill of Apollo image at all.