The trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg has risen in price by half

The head of Avtodor Group Sergey Kelbakh said that the journey of a car on a toll road from Moscow to St. Petersburg will cost 2000 rubles. Earlier he talked about the price of 1000 rubles.
The chairman of the board of state-owned company Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh today called the total cost of driving a car on a toll road from Moscow to St. Petersburg. "The fare on the entire M11 route from Moscow to St. Petersburg for cars of the first tariff group - for cars - will be within 2000 rubles. This is a competitive price, "Kelbakh said (quoted by the Moscow agency). Earlier, Kelbach promised that it would not exceed 1000 rubles.

The whole route will be put into operation at the end of 2018, "Avtodor" presidium assured.

How expensive?

Now on M11 you can drive on three sections - on a 43-kilometer stretch from MKAD through the airport "Sheremetyevo" to Solnechnogorsk, bypassing Vyshny Volochok and bypassing Torzhok. According to the site "Avtodor", the travel of a car without a transponder from 208 to 334 km, bypassing Torzhok and Vyshny Volochok will cost 360 rubles. The site of the North-Western Concession Company (SZKK) - the concessionaire of the first section - gives a fare between 200 and 550 rubles. from MKAD to Solnechnogorsk, depending on the time of day. Thus, travel on 169 km (about a quarter of the full route) of the toll road costs from 560 to 910 rubles., Or from 3.3 rubles. up to 5,3 rubles. per kilometer.

In June 2015, Kelbah promised that the cost of travel for M11 for cars would be within 1000 rubles: an average of 1 rub. for 1 km. However, he warned that motorists will have to pay more at the entrance to St. Petersburg (2.3 rubles / km) and to Moscow (up to 5.5 rubles / km).

Ticket for the train "Sapsan" Moscow - St. Petersburg in the middle of the week now costs about 3000 rubles., A reserved seat in a passenger train - about 1500 rubles. ( service data). At aviasdiscounter "Victory" you can still buy tickets for the middle of April for 1000 rubles. (tariff "Standard"), and the bus between the capitals costs about 750 rubles.

The length of the M11 motorway is 699 km, the permitted speed is 130 km / h. Thus, a car journey between capitals can theoretically take less than six hours. A free understudy will be the route M10 (Leningradka), the capacity of which in some areas has already been exhausted.