The US imposed new sanctions against Russian oligarchs and officials

The new list includes 26 people and 15 companies. Among them are Oleg Deripaska, Viktor Vekselberg, Suleiman Kerimov, Alexey Miller and Andrei Kostin.
The US Treasury published a list of Russian businessmen and top managers against whom new sanctions were introduced. As noted in the message of the agency, there are only 26 people and 15 companies in the list.

The United States imposed new sanctions because of the situation in Ukraine, Syria, and also because of cyberattacks, but "first of all Russia's attempts to undermine Western democracy," the US Treasury said. The Russian government is involved in a number of conflicts around the world, including "continuing to occupy the Crimea and provoking violence in the east of Ukraine," supplying the Syrian army with weapons, the words of US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin are quoted in the message.
Who is on the list

The list includes the main owner of UC Rusal Oleg Deripaska (ranked 248 in the Forbes 2018 rating with a fortune of $ 1.9 billion), VTB's Andrei Kostin, Renova's owner Viktor Vekselberg (No.99, $ 14.4 billion) Gazprom Alexey Miller, Gazprombank's predecessor Andrey Akimov, senator Suleiman Kerimov (№265, $ 6.4 billion), co-owner of the Surgutneftegaz oil and gas company Vladimir Bogdanov, director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov.

The blacklist also included the son of Arkady Rotenberg, the chairman of the board of directors of the managing company NPP Engineering Igor Rothenberg (No. 1 999, $ 1.1 billion), the co-owner of SIBUR Kirill Shamalov (No. 1,650, $ 1.4 billion), and the deputy State Duma and co-owner of USM Holdings Andrei Skoch (No. 404, $ 4.9 billion).

Sanctions have also been imposed on 15 legal entities: Agroholding Kuban, Basic Element, B-Finance Limited, En + Group, GAZ, Gazprom Bureniye, Eurosibenergo, Renova Group, Rosoboronexport, RUSAL PLC , Gallistica Diamante, Ladoga Management, NPV Engineering, Russian Machines and the Russian Financial Corporation bank.
Than it threatens

New measures against Russian citizens are introduced in accordance with the law on counteracting US adversaries through sanctions (CAATS). The principal difference of this sanction regime is the sanction not only against the defendants, but also against their counterparties, if they conducted "significant transactions" in the interests of the persons on the list.

Contractors are threatened with restrictions on the export of goods from the United States, the ban on receiving any financial services in the US and attracting funding with the participation of US banks and investors, the introduction of restrictions on property ownership in the United States and the ban on visas and entry to the US company management and its controlling shareholders . Those who fall under the sanctions will be almost impossible to get out from under them: CAATS enables Congress to block the president's decision to lift the sanctions.

The list of Russian businessmen and top managers under the sanctions:

1. Andrey Akimov, Gazprombank's predecessor

2. Vladimir Bogdanov, co-owner of the oil and gas company Surgutneftegaz

3. Oleg Deripaska, the main owner of UC Rusal

4. Alexei Dyumin, Governor of the Tula Region

5. Mikhail Fradkov, former Prime Minister

6. Sergei Fursenko, president of the football Zenit

7. Oleg Govorun, head of the presidential administration department

8. Suleiman Kerimov, member of the Federation Council

9. Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of Internal Affairs

10. Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the International Committee of the Federation Council

11. Andrei Kostin, VTB Presidium

12. Alexey Miller, Gazprom's Presidency

13. Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia

14. Vladislav Reznik, State Duma deputy from United Russia

15. Igor Rotenberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Managing Company "NPV Engineering"

16. Kirill Shamalov, co-owner of SIBUR

17. Yevgeny Shkolov, Assistant to the President of Russia for Personnel Issues

18. Andrei Skoch, State Duma deputy

19. Alexander Torshin, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia

20. Vladimir Ustinov, presidential envoy to the Southern Federal District

21. Timur Valiulin, Head of the Department for Combating Extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

22. Viktor Vekselberg, the owner of Renova

23. Alexander Zharov, Head of Roskomnadzor

24. Victor Zolotov, Director of the Russian Guard

In addition, there are two foreigners on the list:

25. Leon Martinez

26. Perez Alvear