The weapon barons of Russia: Kalenov, Isaev, Mikheikin

The export of Russian weapons brings billions not only to the treasury, but also to state sales managers.
The portfolio of orders of the state company Rosoboronexport exceeds fifty billion. And not rubles - dollars. A substantial amount, so the profit from the sale of Russian military aircraft or air defense systems abroad significantly replenishes the budget. That's just the budget is not necessarily state.

Albion for a billion

Do you like puzzles? So. That was in the summer of 2016. In Foggy Albion, in the capital city of London, another company associated with Russia was registered - JSC Rosoboronexport Ltd. The statutory documents indicate that its original shareholder is the state corporation Rostec, registered on Usacheva Moscow Street. True, officially no information about the creation of the overseas “daughter” of Rostec was seemingly announced anywhere, but it surprises anyone. We are going further.

The directors of the British company turned out to be not one or two, but several people at once: namesake Anatoly Isaykin, the then general director of Rosoboronexport, a member of Rostec, and namesakes of people from his circle — Ivan Goncharenko, Vadim Vostokov, Boris Kalenov, Sergey Goreslavsky, Andrey Kondratiev, Igor Sevastyanov and Sergey Ladygin. Some of them still work in the state-owned company, but nothing is known about their London business.

It would seem, you think, maybe there’s a business for a penny. But no. The declared capital of this British fog-covered company amounted to £ 1 billion last year (10 million common shares of £ 100 each), and it is not clear who controls it. That is completely incomprehensible. The dates of birth of Boris Kalenov and Vadim Vostokov, indicated in the documents, for example, do not coincide with the passport ones, and Vostokov died a few days after the creation of the company, but continues to manage it.

Rosoboronexport did not respond to a request from the Interlocutor about all these vague facts. Such a riddle with eight not very famous.

Roof for Kalenov

However, one of these little-known ones is already a little known to our readers. In No. 15-16, we casually mentioned that the son of the deputy received the post. The general director of Rosoboronexport, Boris Kalenov, Kirill, literally this year acquired an exclusive apartment in one of the most expensive new buildings in Moscow - on Malaya Bronnaya. There Kalenov Jr. offers panoramic windows, a “smart home” system, a wood-burning fireplace and a front hall decorated with marble and boiserie (as Wikipedia explains, it is such a “decorative decoration with carved wooden panels of the palaces and houses of the richest citizens”) ...

For this pleasure, on the fifth floor, the son of the arms seller had to pay up to half a billion rubles. True, the young man does not have his own business with such capital; he covered himself a long time ago. But there is a dad. And dad, you guessed it, does not live in Khrushchev.

The Kalenovs family have at least three apartments with a total value of up to 500 million pe (the one apartment is registered for the state manager himself, the others for his sons Dmitry and Cyril) in the House over Water residential complex on the Rostov embankment of the Moscow River.

But that is not all. Not the gunsmith you attacked. In the club house "Sytinsky" on the Patriarchs (built in Baroque style, the basement is decorated with natural Indian granite) Kalenov (more precisely, Boris Kalenov and Irina Kalenova) owns two floors in one of the entrances - three apartments with a total area of ​​700 square meters. m. At a cost of one meter in this house, sometimes exceeding 2 million per square meter, only Sytinsky property of the family will draw another billion and a half.

Add to this the country estates of Boris and Kirill Kalenov on Rublevka, which even before the Interlocutor had found the “Project” - a 1400-meter cottage in the village of “Country-Pro” and a 1600-meter mansion in DS “Ranis” (with a guest 373-meter home) ... A nice collection comes out.

So we’ll not even take into account more modest real estate of Boris Kalenov, like a 114-meter apartment in Bolshoy Palashevsky Lane, for just a million dollars. The listed property of this weapon baron can already cost almost 4 billion rubles. Of the sellers, only sellers of drugs and medical masks can probably afford such happiness.

"Ruby" for Isaikin

Anatoly Isaikin, already known to us from the London company, who headed Rosoboronexport until December 2016, also went on a well-deserved vacation with a strong rear. According to his latest public declarations, the family of the former state manager, in addition to the 269-meter apartment in NATO Bulgaria (namely, in Varna), started some real estate in Russia.

This time we will not take into account apartments (neither Anatoly Isaykin himself - in Veshnyaki, nor his son). Well, what is 75 million rubles for 164 square meters. m on Vernadsky Avenue! Kalenov laugh. But the country estate at the Isaikins is extraordinary. If only because it is not on Rublevka.

SNT "Rubin" is located already in the Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow region. It was there that a 653-meter mansion was decorated in the name of Anatoly Isaykin. A bit crowded? Do not worry. Literally across the road in the same "Ruby" stands a three-story palace with an attic. It is written in the name of the general’s wife, Tatyana Isaykina, however, we could not find traces of this property in the reports of the former merchant. Although it has been owned by the general since 2011. But the house is not small, 1243 square meters. m, a whole arsenal can be arranged. Moreover, strangers here do not climb over the fence. Literally.

A certain Alexei Alyoshin settled over the fence from Isaikin. Today, he modestly leads Rostekhnadzor, but before, he earned his own mansion as Deputy General Director of Rosoboronexport. Alyoshin’s “Rubin” has a house of 680 square meters. m. Moreover, he turned out to be the Isaikin’s neighbor also in Varna, where Alyoshin’s wife bought an apartment of 287 meters.

In general, you can list for a long time, but is it worth it? And without that it is clear that it is sellers in stores that live from paycheck to paycheck. State-owned sellers living from the budget live from an elite apartment to a suburban mansion.


Discord around Mikheev

Last year (in No. 39), the Interlocutor wrote how the son of the head of Rosoboronexport, Alexander Mikheev, a year after dad came to this state-owned company, acquired a 1,200-meter British-style mansion worth up to a billion in the neighborhood of the Rotenberg brothers rubles.

At Mikheev Sr., a little earlier, Open Media found in Razdori an even more luxurious estate - 2.8 hectares of their own land. Such a site alone costs somewhere around 2.5 billion. But even on it the state manager turned out to be crowded. According to the Interlocutor, immediately after that OM publication, Mikheev’s wife rented another one and a half hectares of forest from the Russian Federation.

A grandiose construction site is still in full swing at the estate of the arms dealer: the main palace has not yet been registered with the cadastral register, but in a brand new garage of 437 square meters. m can easily accommodate a whole tank company. Here is a bargain!