Tinkov will not be taken to the USA voluntarily

The US prosecutor’s office allegedly issued a preliminary arrest warrant for the founder and owner of Tinkoff Bank Oleg Tinkov, who is conducting legal proceedings with the US tax service.
Origin source
The publication claims that the businessman escaped extradition to the United States by making a pledge of £ 20 million. The representative of Tinkoff Bank does not comment on this information.

What happened?

On Friday, February 28, Tinkoff Bank's parent company, TCS Group Holding, disclosed information about court hearings involving the founder and shareholder of the bank, Oleg Tinkoff, initiated by the US tax service. The company did not provide details of the claims to Tinkov, but reported that the hearings would be held in London in February – April of this year and the banker would participate in them as a private person.

On Sunday, the British tabloid Daily Express, without specifying a source of information, reported that the US prosecutor's office issued a preliminary arrest warrant for Tinkoff, and now a businessman in London is contesting extradition. According to the publication, he had to make a pledge of 20 million pounds. In addition, Tinkoff is supposedly required to be constantly monitored (using an electronic device), and from 19:00 to 7:00 - can not leave his apartment in the London Kensington area. In addition, he had to hand in all his passports, and three times a week he had to check in at the police station.

The size of the collateral paid by Tinkoff, the publication calls one of the largest in history. Daily Express also claims that, according to US tax officials, Tinkov provided false information about his income for the period during which he had American citizenship. It is known that Tinkoff refused him in 2013.

In the United States, the Reed amendment is in force, according to which former citizens are prohibited from entering the country if their renunciation of citizenship was motivated by tax benefit.

Tinkoff Bank on Friday emphasized that Oleg Tinkoff is involved in this process as a civilian, and this does not affect the operating activities of the group's companies. Despite this, quotes TCS Group Holding PLC in London on Friday fell 7.2%. Capitalization fell to $ 4.64 billion.

The representative of Tinkoff Bank did not comment on the Daily Express, Forbes writes.