Total debt of SU-155 is more than 300 billion rubles, said the special manager bank

This threatens the plans of Russian Capital to finish the projects started by the developer.
Total debt of construction holding "SU-155" is about 315 billion rubles. when the value of assets 204 billion rubles., told "Vedomosti" Mikhail Kuzovlev, predpravleniya Bank "Russian capital", sanatoriums designated construction company (see. the interview on p. 08-09). The audit is not yet completed, he added. The main debt includes, according Kuzovleva, liabilities, "SU-155" to the equity holders and investors of projects (more than 120 billion rubles.). Another 50 billion rubles. the company should municipal customers and the Chief management of troops everything (part of the "Oboronstroy"), more than 30 billion rubles. - Banks and about 15 billion rubles. - The tax authorities. This "SU-155" owed the remaining 100 billion rubles., Kuzovlev said.

What can you sell

8600 - so many unsold apartments cost about 20 billion rubles. have "SU-155", said previously the senior vice-president of "Russian capital" Marat Oganesyan

Financial problems at one of the largest Russian developers have begun in 2014, the Company was unable to in time to redeem its bonds, followed by ECki from creditors for the recovery of debts and the recognition of the company, its structure, and its owner, Mikhail personally Balakina untenable. In March 2016, the court entered a procedure for monitoring in respect of the head of the holding structure. In the meantime, Moscow and the region have stopped issuing permits for holding new projects. In December 2015, the sanatorium "SU-155" has been appointed "Russian capital" - "daughter" of the Deposit Insurance Agency; the bank will have to finish building 147 apartment buildings in 14 regions of Russia. He began by saying that combined all assets, "SU-155" in the holding company "RK-asset" for the completion of existing objects created a general contractor, "SU-151", and for the construction of new - real estate development company "RK-operation." The latter can be built on, "SU-155" areas, not burdened with obligations to equity holders, 1.5-2 million square meters. meters of housing, says Kuzovlev. It is possible to build much more - about 5 million square feet. m, previously told "Vedomosti" a person close to the "SU-155".

The amount of debt called Kuzovleva, surprised a former employee of the Department of Economic Development, "SU-155 &raquo ;, who took part in the preparation of proposals for the restructuring of the group. Even if we assume that the company has debts of 300 billion rubles., About 250 billion rubles. - A mutual debts of the companies within the holding company, he said.

For example, "SU-155" should be one of its plants, and the - the head structure. "Russian capital" also takes into account only the debt, "SU-155", and the reciprocal obligations - for some reason not explained the interlocutor of "Sheets", adding that more than a hundred legal entities within the holding.

On the question of whether enough "Russian capital" means the completion of the ongoing projects, "SU-155" Kuzovlev answers evasively: has assets of 200 billion rubles, but to send them entirely on completion of housing can not be..

Yesterday, July 20, "Interfax" reported, citing a source close to the bank, that "Russian capital" has addressed to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev for the support measures for the completion of financial recovery, "SU-155". The Bank analyzed the situation at the enterprises of the group and found the value of their net assets negative and revealed no evidencethe use of funds holders, estimating a deficit of 30 billion rubles., confirmed the "Vedomosti" the people saw the letter addressed to the prime minister. The Government has instructed the Ministry of Finance to deal with this.

On completion of the construction can send funds from the sale of available apartments, says Kuzovlev such receipts Bank estimates at 16-18 billion rubles. In addition, "SU-155" has a more industrial assets and land bank, whose value is specified.

Total for completion should be about 40 billion rubles., Says a former employee of "Su-155". After selling completed apartments, you can earn 25-30 billion rubles., He said. The difference was supposed to compensate for the industrial assets and land bank, confirms the source "Vedomosti", but it does so on the land began to build new projects, and industrial assets are loaded with new orders. If such a program has been implemented, "Russian capital" would have received about 70 billion rubles. arrived, but he did not want to invest in new projects, he says.

The representative of "Russian capital" it did not comted officially, but people close to the bank said that the discussion as the sale of existing projects, as well as participation in new investments, but profit of 70 billion rubles. he considers exorbitant.

Get comments Balakina and arbitration manager, "SU-155" Alexei Belokopytov failed.